Is the Tera Apex camper any good?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “Is the Tera Apex camper any good?” We will also talk about the features and specifications of the Tera Apex campers. We will touch upon the unique features and the various floorplans and models that are manufactured by Coachmen. At the end of this post, you will learn all about the Tera Apex camper.

Is the Tera Apex camper any good?

Yes, the Tera Apex camper is good. Coachmen manufacture the Tera Apex camper, one of those successful models with versatile and top-class specifications. These campers can be used for all types of camping purposes. The Tera Apex is perfect for off-grid, boondocking, and the usual camping lifestyle.

One of the major benefits of the Tera Apex camper is that they are easily towable due to its compact size. These campers are broader than the usual models but lightweight and can easily be towed by an SUV or small truck. The Tera Apex camper has a gross vehicle weight of 3,500 pounds.

Characteristics that make the Tera Apex Camper good

The latest Tera Apex camper that was produced by Coachmen has incredible features and specifications. The Tera Apex 15T turned out to be a huge success. Here are some of the features and specifications described below.

Spacious floorplan

  • The Tera Apex camper has an excellent floor plan to provide all the essentials for a successful camping trip. There is enough space, storage options, and all the amenities to keep you loaded on the road.
  • The seat bench can be converted into a solid 60-80 bed. It also has 30 x 74 bunks at the rear. The entry of the camper is at the right, and it goes straight through the living area. Plenty of storage shelves exist, including an under mount sink and a fully-functional kitchen.
  • The refrigerator is large enough for all your groceries and other essentials. The camp kitchen can be used outside; the micro is just below the kitchen top. Some of the other specs are the pass-through storage options.
  • The length of this camper is 18 feet and seven inches. The dry weight is 2,600 pounds, and the width is seven feet. The weight capacity for cargo is 900 pounds, and there are two propane tanks with a six-gallon water heater capacity.
  • The freshwater tank has a capacity of 50 gallons. The Tera Apex 15T can easily provide up to four people with comfortable sleeping space.
  • The good news is that there are two types of floorplans to choose from the Tera Apex 15T and the Tera Apex 16T. The Tera Apex 16T is a little longer, with a length of 19’8” when compared to the 15T, which is 18’8”. It can easily sleep up to four people comfortably.
  • There is a slight difference in the dry weight and payload capacity. The hitch weight and the GVWR differ from the Tera Apex 15T. However, the rest of the features and specifications are standard. There are also a few minor changes in the floor plans.

Luxurious interior features

  • Regarding the interiors, Coachmen has kept it simple but luxurious at the same time. The company has not compromised on quality, providing the best interior features. It has a simple galley with a two-burner gas stove and a small sink.
  • The counter space is more than enough to work and complete all the cooking tasks. The bunks can be used as an extra storage area when not in use. The six cubic-foot refrigerators is one of the perks.
  • In the bathroom, there is a small bath and shower. The vent is in the right place, and the skylight above the shower is one of the best features. There is enough natural light that comes through the skylight.

Excellent exteriors

  • The Coach Tera Apex camper arrives with an exterior gas barbecue point. It has an exterior 230v socket and a power awning to provide shade and protection during rain. There is also an awning light that adds to the beauty of this camper.
  • There are exterior speakers to enjoy your music outside. These speakers come through storage options. The exteriors are perfectly planned with the Tera Apex camper. There are gutters in the right positions to keep water from pouring out.
  • The outdoor kitchen comes under the exterior of this camper. This low-maintenance outdoor kitchen has a stove connected to the propane tanks. There is extra storage on the outside for enjoying your meals.
  • This camper is designed for off-road enthusiasts. Hence, they have incredible features for off-road camping.

Lightweight construction

  • Due to its lightweight construction, the Tera Apex camper is easy to tow. It has a sturdy construction with a one-piece aluminum skin that is fully bonded for extra protection.
  •  It also arrives with a 10-year body shell warranty from Coachmen. Since this body is built with timber-free construction, the Tera Apex camper is built to last long.
  • Since it is an off-road vehicle, it arrives with 15-inch all-terrain tires. The spare tire location is mounted, and the rear brakes have an electric drum. Other notable features include an automatic 13,500 BTU air conditioner and automatic heater.

Perfect off-grid package

  • The Tea Apex camper is also known for its perfect off-grid package that arrives with the camper. This is known as the Wilderness package, with 15-inch all-terrain tires with aluminum rims. There is also a front bike rack to carry your bike while camping.
  • The toy lock and dual LP tanks with covers are some other features. The 100-watt solar panel with a 10 AMP control charger is just the right power source to keep you powered up and running while camping. There is no need to depend on shore power; you can power up several appliances.
  • There are also 12-volt black, grey, and freshwater tank heat pads. The Tera Apex camper is the ultimate model for off-grid camping. These campers are also a perfect fit for boondocking.

Coachmen has come up with various other models, including the Coachmen RV Apex Nano 16R, which is the latest model. The Manufacturer has developed their overall features and specifications with the latest technology. Overall, the Tera Apex camper has received positive reviews from satisfied customers, and it is one of the best campers by Coachmen.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “Is the Tera Apex camper any good?” We have also talked about the features and specifications of the Tera Apex campers. We have touched upon the unique features and the various floorplans and models that Coachmen manufacture.


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