Is the RV life pro worth it?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “Is the RV life pro worth it?” We will talk about the features that arrive with the RV life pro. We will also discuss the RV life pro price and discuss some of the benefits of the RV user guide.  At the end of this post, you will get to know all about the RV life pro and its benefits.

Is the RV life pro worth it?

Yes, the RV life pro is worth it. The RV live pro gives you additional benefits and features. The RV life pro is an excellent application that can be used on your smartphone. This RV life pro app is built for all motorhome enthusiasts. This app provides valuable information to enhance and simplify your camping experience.

The RV life pro helps you plan your trip better. It has advanced integrated software that is used to help you find the best routes while traveling. You also get various benefits like discovering new campgrounds and other locations. On the other hand, you get RV-safe GPS on your smartphone to keep you in sync at all times.

RV life pro features

The RV life pro arrives with several features that are sure to help you out, especially while traveling to remote places. The good news is that you get to check the app out with the seven-day free trial. The RV life pro has a free version as well that also gives you some of the best features. Here are some of the features that are available on the pro version.

Safe GPS

  • One of the major benefits of the RV life pro is the safe GPS option. There is no need to worry about low clearances, mountain passes, or propane-restricted tunnels. You can turn your phone into an RV-safe GPS.
  • This app enables you to customize your route based on the size and height of your motorhome. You will get the best routes based on your vehicle’s specifications.
  • This app helps you navigate with the help of a voice. It has a lane-guidance feature and it best part is that it works even if you are offline. Hence, there is no need to worry about unstable internet connections.

Trip wizard feature

  • The trip wizard feature is one of the key benefits of the RV life pro app. This feature is more of a visual planner and it provides advanced features to plan your trip efficiently.
  • Some of the options include distance rings to bring out the exact location. You also get to choose the best places to stop.
  • The trip wizard feature also helps you to set your driving distance. You get to look at your entire trip visually and it gives you a great sense of timing.

Campground reviews

  • With accurate data, the RV life pro gives you trusted campground reviews by real RV enthusiasts. You get to know some of the best RV campsites on your route including popular and trusted ones.
  • The campground reviews also include reviews of RV resorts and RV parks. You get to sort out the reviews according to the route. This excellent feature helps you to check all the amenities that are available at specific campgrounds.
  • You also get to view photographs of these RV parks and look into some of the frequently asked questions and answers. Finding a campground has never been easier with this excellent feature. You can find some detailed information about electricity, hookups, access to water, dump stations, and more.
  • These campground reviews are accurate, and unbiased, and are submitted by real RV enthusiasts who have stayed at these campgrounds. You also get to know the layout and the no of sites that are available at each campground.

Maintenance tracker

  • The maintenance tracker is one of the most valued features that come with the RV life pro. This feature helps you to determine if your RV is in good condition on not.
  • This is a cloud-based service that can be used on your smartphone, computer, and tablet. It helps you to track the upcoming maintenance dates and also lets you know what needs your attention.
  • Once you get the RV live pro version, you will get a detailed email of this RV live maintenance tracker. It records the last time you performed a task or repair along with the price and all the other related documents.
  • Another key feature of the maintenance tracker is that it turns data into reports and it allows you to access documents.

RV masterclass

  • The RV masterclass is a huge plus that comes with the pro version. There are signature courses that help you to learn everything about RVing and camping.
  • You get instant access to these courses where experts share their tips. From purchasing an RV to boondocking, the masterclass is sure to have something for everyone.
  • It gives you the best information and training to get you started on your RV journey. These tips and information are provided by expert RV enthusiasts.

RV life communities

  • One of the other major benefits is that you get to be a part of an interesting RV community. This huge community of RV enthusiasts provides valuable information for your RV lifestyle.
  • There are more than 20 RV forums in this community and they provide accurate information based on their real experience.
  • You get to meet new people in the RV life communities section and you also get to learn the best valuable information that will help you on the road.


  • The RV life pro app is user-friendly and it has an easy navigation system. It also runs on popular web browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.
  • The cloud storage option gives helps you to share your trip with others if necessary. You can also keep your family and friends informed about your whereabouts.
  • You can save your trip date for future reference and you can also decide on what data you want to share with others.

Multiple tools

  • The RV life pro provides multiple tools under one platform. You can also get to leave a review after camping in a particular campground. The reviews will help other members to choose their camping preferences.

RV life pro price

  • The RV life pro comes with an affordable price range of just $59 per year. With a minimal and affordable cost, you get some of the best features that are not included in the free version. 
  • You get access to the pro tools, RV life trip wizard planner, and maintenance tracker, and you also get to view fewer ads. On average, the RV life pro costs less than $5 per month.
  • The free version also provides valuable features and gives you access to RV forums. You also get access to the RV classifieds with the free version. 
  • The 7-day free version will surely help you to determine the benefits of the RV pro app. Overall, it is worth the price as there are thousands of satisfied users.

RV life user guide

  • The RV life app has an exceptional user guide that helps you to get started with the application and all the required information.
  • There is a table of contents section that guides you through the process of getting started and setting up your account. You also get to create our RV life ID and search through the application basics.
  • The RV life user guide gives you information on how to use directions. It also helps you to sync with all the campground reviews.

Another huge benefit of the RV life pro is that you get help and support options. There is a huge FAQ section where you get valuable information on downloading offline maps and using RV-friendly directions. Overall, the RV life pro is worth it with several incredible features and benefits for pro members.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “Is the RV life pro worth it?” We have talked about the features that arrive with the RV life pro. We have also discussed the RV life pro price and discussed some of the benefits of the RV user guide.  Have you used the RV life pro version? Drop us a comment below and let us know what you liked.


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