Is the Isabella Thor chair good for camping?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “Is the Isabella Thor chair good for camping?”  We will discuss the Isabell Thor chair features and specifications. We will also describe the Isabella add-ons and talk about the other Isabella camping accessories. At the end of this post, you will get to know everything about the Isabella Thor chair.

Is the Isabella Thor chair good for camping?

Yes, the Isabella Thor chair is good for camping. The Isabella Thor chair is a versatile chair that was built for camping. This chair can also be used at home either indoors or outdoors. However, it is perfect for camping since they are easy to transport or carry around. The Isabella Thor chair is not just a camping chair, but a comfortable camping chair.

Isabella Thor chair features

  • The Isabella Thor chair was developed with some of the best features for a better camping experience. It also has a reasonable price range and there are various types of models to choose from. 
  • These are quality-made camping chairs that can be used on the beach and on all types of terrain. Here are some of the features of the Isabella Thor chair described below.

Neck support

  • This is not just an ordinary camping chair as it arrives with a complete neck pillow to give you the best support. This feature makes your feel comfortable while camping by giving you the best experience.

Various positions

  • The Isabella Thor chair also arrives with various positions. There are no less than eight positions to keep you comfortable. You can choose the best position for you to bring out ultimate comfort. You can shift to other positions with ease.

Quality material

  • This chair has fabric material at the back and the support is built with top quality durable poly-weave material. The neck support is also built with the best quality materials to enhance comfort levels.

Easy storage options

  • The major advantage of the Isabella Thor chair is the easy storage options. This chair can be folded away conveniently and stored in a small place.

Additional footrest options

  • If you still want more comfort, you can opt for the additional footrest. This footrest is hooked onto the frame of the chair to provide extra support and comfort for your legs.


  • Not all camping chairs that are comfortable are lightweight. The Isabella Thor chair weighs 5.5 Kg, but given the comfort level is it pretty lightweight, and easy to store and carry around.

Isabella Thor chair specifications

Those were the key features of the Isabella Thor chair. This chair also arrives with some of the best specifications. Here are some of the specifications described below.

Aluminum chair frame

  • The chair frame is built with aluminum to last long and keep it light. The aluminum chair provides reasonable strength and it is also maintenance-free.

Strong poly-weave material

  • The material of the Isabella Thor chair is made up of strong poly-weave. It has a 60 percent PVC coating with 40 percent polyester. This material is durable and is built to last long. The strong material and aluminum frame is built to withstand up to 120 kilograms.

Arrives in three colors

  • This chair arrives in three colors for you to choose from. It has Dark Grey, Light Grey, and Blue. The measurements of this chair are 118 x 63 x 14 cm approximately.

Isabella Thor chair add-ons

The Isabella Thor chair is not any normal chair, there are various other add-ons that you can consider for your convenience.  

Side pocket

  • The side pocket is one of the add-ons that most people prefer. This is a handy accompaniment that can be fixed with ease and it can be used to store small items like your mobile phone, a couple of books, sunscreen, and water bottles. 
  • This side pocket can be attached to the armrest and it comes in all three colors to match your chair. The price for this side pocket is only 10 pounds.

Side table

  • The side table is another advantage and an essential add-on that can be fixed with ease. You can use to table to place your drinks, snacks, and other small essentials. It is also perfect for reading and it can be fixed to the armrest with ease.

Isabella towel

  • The Isabella towel is used as an absorbent layer between you and your chair. This is required mainly if you are going down to the beach for a swim. Since this towel is built for the chair, it will not slip down even if you lean forward. 
  • It also gives you more comfort and absorbs water from your beach clothes. The material is made up of 100 percent organic cotton.

Isabella footrest

  • The Isabella footrest brings you more comfort while camping. This can be connected under the seat with ease and it is handy and neat. The footrest also has the same matching fabric as the chairs. 
  • The footrest weighs around 1.1 kg and it has measurements of 90 x 48 x 36 cm. It is easy to install and it is one of those essential add-ons if you want to relax and enjoy your camping experience.

Those were some of the best features, specs, and add-ons for the Isabella Thor chair. Isabella has some of the best camping gear and various models. These camping accessories are made from top-quality materials and are built to last long. Having a couple of add-ons is sure to make your life more comfortable while camping.

Isabella mini chair

The Isabella mini chair is a must-have if you have toddlers around. The mini chair is built for children from eight months to five years. This is a foldable chair and it arrives with chick-closure straps to keep your kids safe. It has a detachable cushion that makes it suitable for kids from 8 months. This foldable chair is easy to carry and it consumes less space.

Other Isabella camping accessories

Apart from chairs, Isabella has other camping accessories to make your camping experience comfortable. These accessories are not too expensive and they are easy to store. If you are camping in a caravan or simply driving down to spend the day at the beach, these are must-have accessories to add to your collection.

Isabella single folding cupboard

  • The Isabella single folding cupboard is just right to organize all your camping gear. This cupboard can be folded into a small suitcase and packed away with ease.
  • There are three shelves that have mesh vents and it has a hard top. It also arrives with a storage bag for easy transportation and it can hold up to 30 kg of weight.

Isabella folding table

  • The camping folding table from Isabella is lightweight and is built with an aluminum frame. The measurements are 60 x 80 x 10 cm. 
  • The table also has corner protectors and it is perfect to transport with a weight of only 7.1 kg. It can be used as a dining table on the go and also used to keep some accessories. It can handle up to 30 kg of load.

Isabella folding kitchen

  • The Isabella folding kitchen is a perfect option for cooking outdoors. This kitchen arrives with a small table to keep your gas stove and it also has spacious shelves to store pots and other cooking items. 
  • It also arrives with a windshield and adjustable legs. There are hooks to hang your utensils and it comes with a foldable lid and storage bag.

Isabella folding wardrobe

  • The wardrobe keeps you organized by providing enough space to keep all your holiday clothing. These wardrobes are detachable and can be joined together for extra storage space. 
  • It is easy to assemble and dismantle. It is also lightweight and it comes with durable aluminum and plastic material that can hold up to 30 kg.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “Is the Isabella Thor chair good for camping?”  We have discussed the Isabella Thor chair features and specifications. We have also described the Isabella add-ons and talked about the other Isabella camping accessories. Drop us a comment below and let us know if you own any Isabella products.


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