Is the Emovis tag worth it?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “Is the Emovis tag worth it?” We will discuss the cost of the Emovis tag and list the steps to install the tag. We will also describe the things to consider while using the tag. Furthermore, we will describe how to use the Emovis tag for motorcycles in France, Spain, and Portugal.

Is the Emovis tag worth it?

Yes, the Emovis tag is worth it. Emovis tags are a must-have if you are planning on traveling in Spain, France, and Portugal. There is no need to stop on European motorways if you have the Emovis tag. This tag provides UK customers with automatic payment options when passing through motorway tolls.

The Emovis tag helps you save time and money. Most people who plan of driving through France, Space, or Portugal ensure to get an Emovis tag for their vehicle. The Emovis tag was created to benefit travelers and people who love camping. It works well both ways and if you are planning on taking those long trips in these countries, the Emovis tag is a must-have.

What is the cost of the Emovis tag?

The Emovis tag is not too expensive and it is certainly worth the price. Below is the pricing for the Emovis tag.

  • You will need to pay an application fee of 10 pounds plus the value-added tax.
  • Apart from the application fee, you will need to pay a refundable security deposit of 20 pounds. The security deposit will be refunded once you return the Emovis tag.
  • You will also need to pay an annual account fee of eight pounds. This fee is payable every year on the subscription anniversary date.
  • The final price you will pay is five pounds per month only when the tag is used.
  • With the Emovis tag, you can use the automated lanes on motorways. This helps you to save time and reduce the hassle of paying tolls manually in euros.
  • All toll charges are included and they will be directly debited in pounds. The Emovis tag can also be used for motorhomes and caravans.

Once you apply for the Emovis tag, you should get it within one to two days. However, if you apply for the tag on weekends, it might take a little longer than a couple of days. You will need to enter the right address and provide proper proof for the tag to be delivered. The application process is easy and you can get it done on the Emovis tag website.

Steps to install the Emovis tag

Installing the Emovis tag is pretty easy if you follow the steps listed below.

  • The Emovis tag needs to be placed at the right spot in your vehicle. The tag has to be visible from above.
  • Be sure to place the tag in the mottled or shaded area behind the rear vision mirror.
  • The tag has to be installed on the inside of the vehicle.
  • Note that some vehicles might not have the shaded area in the center-top of the windscreen.
  • Avoid installing the outside and avoid installing the tag at the corner of the windscreen.
  • If your vehicle does not have a shaded area, be sure to place the tag behind the rearview mirror.
  • Just be sure that there is no other equipment on the windscreen that blocks the tag. The signal should not be blocked by any metallic coating on the glass.
  • If your vehicle has any equipment in the mottled area like rain sensors etc. Be sure to fix the tag on the clear windscreen glass near the casing of the equipment.
  • The tag must face forward towards the barrier and not upwards to the sky.
  • In the case of a motorhome with a Luton, just be sure that the tag has a proper line of sight.
  • If you have a metallic windscreen, you are required to fit the tag in the black spotted area.
  • The most important part is to activate the tag once you receive it. You will need to visit the website and go to your account to activate the tag.

Things to consider while using the Emovis tag

Using the Emovis tag is easy as there is nothing much to do once you have it installed. However, there are a few things that you need to remember while using the tag.

Speed limit

  • The first and most important thing is to approach the barrier slowly. Never drive fast as the tag will not be detected. Approach the barrier at a walking pace for the barrier to open. 
  • Remember, the transaction needs to get completed and the tag will beep. After which, the traffic light will change from red to green and the barrier will open allowing you to pass.
  • In some lanes, you will be able to drive at 30 km per hour. Ensure to read the sign boards with the speed limit and do not cross the speed limit.

Which lanes to use

  • It is good to have an idea about the types of lanes that you are bound to come across. In France, you are allowed to use any lane that has the symbol if your car or trailer is under 2m.
  • For motorhomes, caravans, and motorbikes that are between 2m and 3m tall, you can use the lanes that have the Libert-t symbol that is illuminated.
  • In Portugal and Spain, cars, caravans, motorhomes, and motorbikes up to six tonnes can use lanes that have the VIA-T symbol. In Portugal, you can also use the Via-Verde symbol.

The battery life for the tag

  • While this might not be an immediate concern, it is still good to know the battery life for the tag. The good news is that the battery life for the Emovis tag is designed to last for a minimum of five to seven years. This also depends on the usage and how you maintain your tag. 
  • It is advised not to leave the Emovis tag in your vehicle for a long time if it is unused, especially during winter.
  • You can check the tag battery on the Emovis tag website under “My Account.” You will get an indication if the battery is near expiry or expired. Be sure to order an additional tag and return the old tag.

How to use the Emovis tag for motorcycles?

Using the tag for motorcycles is different from cars and other four-wheel vehicles. When using the automated lane for motorcycles, be sure to hold the tag up to the gantry. The tag needs to be detected properly. You can also place the tag on your top jacket pocket, but the better option would be to hold the tag up.

France motorcycle Liber-t tag

  • Note that there are a few roads that have restrictions for motorcycles. The A86 tunnel is not meant to be used with a motorcycle. 
  • You should also remember that the Pont de Normandie and the Pont de Tanarville have different lanes for motorbikes. 
  • Be aware that there is no other vehicle in the lane since you might get charged for a car. In that case, you will need to request a toll adjustment on the website. 
  • Note that a toll adjustment request will be taken into consideration only if you have used the non-height restricted Liber-t lane.

Portugal and Spain motorcycle VIA-T tag

  • For Portugal and Spain, it is pretty simple as the same rules follow. Just ensure that you are in the middle of the lane and there is no other vehicle behind you. You must be right up to the barrier for the tag to get detected.

The Emovis tag is worth every penny and there are several positive reviews of satisfied customers. If you are taking that long road trip to France, Spain, and Portugal, this is a must-have. Be it a bike, car, trailer, or caravan, the Emovis tag is perfect for all. It helps you save time and you don’t need to stop and pay manually at every toll booth.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “Is the Emovis tag worth it?” We have discussed the cost of the Emovis tag and listed the steps to install the tag. We have also described the things to consider while using the tag. Furthermore, we have described how to use the Emovis tag for motorcycles in France, Spain, and Portugal.


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