Is the Alko ESC worth it?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “Is the Alko ESC worth it?” We will discuss the functions of the Alko ESC system. We will also describe the benefits of the Alko ESC system. Additionally, we will list out the approved caravan suspensions that can be used with the Alko ESC systems.

Is the Alko ESC worth it?

Yes, the Alko ESC is worth it. The Alko ESC is an electronic brake actuation system that responds to the driving behavior of the caravan automatically. The Alko ESC is used for caravans and trailers and it brings the best electronic stability control. The Alko ESC is designed to bring out the best response in an emergency.

The Alko ESC can be attached to your caravan or trailer to monitor dangerous lateral movements while traveling. The Alko ESC will take preventative action immediately by applying the electric brakes of the caravan. This will help you maintain the road position and it brings out the best towing experience with the best safety.

Alko ESC functions

The ALKO ESC turned out to be one of the best innovations. The primary reason for the Alko ESC is to provide safety in a sudden situation. Here are the functions of the Alko ESC system described below.

Helps to maneuver easily

  • The Alko ESC helps to maneuver easily without any hassle. In case of an emergency where you need to avoid a car or an animal on the road, the Alko ESC is sure to come to your rescue. It helps to reduce the speed of the caravan or trailer in sudden emergencies.

Reduces sway

  • Towing a caravan or a trailer is not a simple task, especially if you are driving under harsh wind conditions. Caravans and trailers are known to sway due to wind and weight. The Alko ESC helps reduce sway and keep you safe in critical towing situations.

Off-road stability

  • The Alko ESC also gives you off-road stability, especially when driving on corrugated gravel roads and rough terrain. The Alko ESC kicks in and operates effectively by keeping you safe.

Reduce lateral movement

  • The Alko ESC system is designed to operate in tough driving circumstances. It helps to reduce sudden lateral movement.
  • The Alko ESC system is equipped with lateral acceleration sensors to detect lateral movements. The Alko ESP brakes all wheels on the caravan simultaneously as soon as a dangerous sideways movement is detected.

Provides better control

  • It provides better control for the driver by dropping the speed and stopping the distance in the shortest possible time.

Maintains stability

  • Stability is vital when it comes to towing a caravan or trailer. In most cases, the wind and climatic conditions cause such dangerous situations. The Alko ESC provides stability for the towing and the towed vehicle.
  • It helps your car and caravan operate as one unit by giving you more stability. It helps you to avoid jack-knifing and helps you get back on the side of the road.

Identifies critical situations

  • One of the major functions or advantages of the Alko ESC system is that it identifies critical situations. The whole purpose of the Alko ESC is to identify such situations. 
  • By detecting sudden lateral movement with the acceleration sensors, it helps you to get out of large swings and identifies critical situations.

Benefits of the Alko ESC systems

The Alko ESC system is an electronic braking system and the chances of failing are pretty less. On the other hand, this acts as an extra safety measure for towing caravans and trailers. Hence, multiple benefits come along with the Alko ESC systems. Here are some of the benefits described below.

Safe technology

  • Alko ESC systems use safe and advanced technology. These systems are purely designed for emergency towing systems and it provides more than just sway control. Electronic technology has proved to be worthwhile after standing the test of time.

Excellent for off-road conditions

  • The Alko ESC systems are not just for off-road conditions, they provide excellent stability for these conditions.
  • The Alko ESC does not deactivate when you switch or drive in off-road conditions. The system continues to work effectively and keeps working to keep you safe at all times.

Brakes all wheels together

  • This system is constructed to brake all wheels to bring out maximum control in all stages. It brings out maximum control in an emergency and brakes all the wheels to drop the speed in an even manner. 
  • This helps to reduce the stopping distance and also provides a smooth stoppage even in crunch situations.


  • The Alko ESC systems are customizable according to the caravan, make, and model. These systems are fully calibrated and customized to each caravan’s specifications. Hence, there is no need to worry even if you have an old caravan or trailer.
  • Alko ESC systems do not compromise on safety in their customization process. They ensure to bring out the best at all times.

Wide support network

  • Alko ESC systems have a wide support network that provides technical support to more than 200 certified installers. You can easily connect to any of these networks to get your Alko ESC system installed.

Can be used with hydraulic brakes

  • The good news is that the Alko ESC can be used with hydraulic brakes. It can be used with a 299mm disc and an Alko hydraulic caliper. This is applicable when used with the Alko IQ7 or Dexter EH1600 actuator device.
  • Many alternative drums are compatible with these systems and 12-inch brakes. The Alko ESC system is perfect for 10-inch and 12-inch Dexter electric brakes.

Registered warranty

  • Once you install the Alko ESC system, you will need to register to get your warranty. Alko systems provide top-notch quality and they provide a warranty for all their products that you purchase.

Independent operating system

  • The Alko ESC system operates independently of the tow vehicle’s stability and the trailer sway control systems. It can also be used in extreme 4 x 4 towing conditions without any hassle. 
  • Note that this is an independent operating system and the brake lights will not illuminate when the Alko ESC is activated during a sway.
  • The stop light illumination is not appropriate here since the operation of this Alko ESC is to apply brakes on the caravan and correct the alignment.

Note that the function of the manual brake controller will not be affected by the Alko ESC. One of the biggest advantages is that the Alko ESC system detects any sway even before the driver has the chance to manually apply the caravan’s brakes. There is no need to override the existing electric brake controller.

Approved caravan suspensions for Alko ESC

It is important to know what caravan suspensions are compatible with the Alko ESC systems. Multiple suspensions can be used with the Alko ESC systems. However, remember that a few changes might be required. Here are the types of suspensions that are compatible with the Alko ESC systems.

  • Alko Enduro X
  • Alko Enduro outback
  • Alko Enduro cross country
  • Alko Enduro touring
  • Alko independent rubber suspension (IRS)
  • Alko beam axle and leaf springs
  • Jayco J-tech suspension
  • Simplicity
  • Cruise master
  • Control rider (heavy duty)
  • Control rider (light duty)
  • Austrak
  • Coromal knee suspension
  • Roadrunner coil suspension
  • Vista RV – MS series independent suspension
  • Withers sugar glider suspension.

Those are some of the compatible suspensions that are perfect for Alko ESC systems. Installing an Alko ESC system is not too hard and it can be installed quickly. The Alko ESC systems also arrive at an affordable rate and they are a must-have for caravans and trailers, especially if you are going on long distances and travel frequently.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “Is the Alko ESC worth it?” We have discussed the functions of the Alko ESC system. We have also described the benefits of the Alko ESC system. Additionally, we have listed out the approved caravan suspensions that can be used with the Alko ESC systems.


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