Is State Farm RV insurance good?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “Is State Farm RV insurance good?” We will talk about State Farm’s off-road and customized RV insurance options. We will also discuss the comprehensive insurance options and talk about their free insurance quote. Additionally, we will discuss the benefits of RV insurance.

Is State Farm RV insurance good?

Yes, State Farm RV insurance is good. State Farm is one of the largest insurance companies in the US that offers some of the best insurance policies for RVs. The company has an extensive range of services for RVs, motorcycles, cars, and more. You can also get personal insurance coverage with State Farm insurance.

State Farm RV insurance coverage

State Farm RV insurance is well-known as they have a good reputation. This insurance company is widely spread across the US with close to 20,000 agents. Finding a State Farm RV insurance in your area is pretty easy. This insurance company has enough options when it comes to RV insurance. Here are some of the RV insurance coverages by State Farm.

General RV Insurance

  • State Farm covers all aspects of RV insurance. The general RV insurance coverage of damage and loss caused by common risks. This means your RV will be covered with insurance from storms, fires, collisions, and theft.
  • Damage to your RV caused by an accident is covered including vandalism. They also cover other losses even when your RV is in storage.

Emergency roadside assistance

  • State Farm RV insurance offers 24-hour emergency roadside assistance. You will get towing and labor services when your vehicle is disabled. Once you request assistance, a service provider will be dispatched to your rescue.
  • The good news is that you will not be required to pay any up-front payment if your coverage is verified. However, you will need to bear certain costs for replacement items like batteries, tires, and gas.
  • The 24-hour emergency roadside service includes towing, jumpstart, locksmith, jumpstart, and other services.

Covering inside your RV

Another benefit is that you get coverage inside your RV as well. This insurance coverage includes the items as follows.

  • Bicycles
  • Fishing equipment
  • Jewelry
  • Cameras
  • Golf clubs

You can also opt for extra protection and include coverage on other items that you feel are necessary.

Personal articles policy

  • The personal articles insurance policy is also an incredible coverage that is offered by State Farm RV insurance. This policy lets you go beyond the normal coverage by getting all your articles insured. This will help you to get all your valuable items replaced and it is one of the best ways to protect your assets.
  • The personal article insurance policy has worldwide coverage on personal property. This means the coverage is applied anywhere in the world even while you go on a vacation. However, note that fire art items are only covered within the US and Canada.
  • The replacement cost coverage is one of the biggest advantages of the personal articles policy. State Farm Insurance will either replace or repair your articles that have been damaged with a depreciation deduction.
  • Those were the key aspects of State Farms RV insurance coverage. You also get to file or track a claim or check the status of an existing claim. RV insurance also covers property damage that is caused by an accident while driving. It also covers bodily injury to someone else and bodily injury to yourself due to an accident.

State Farm’s off-road insurance options

  • Apart from RVs and motorhomes, State Farm also offers off-road insurance options. These insurance policies give you insurance coverage for your snowmobiles, golf carts, ATVs, and other off-road vehicles.
  • The off-road insurance covers property damage, and bodily injury to someone else while driving your snowmobile, golf cart, and other off-road vehicles.

Here are the types of off-road vehicles that can be insured by State Farm.

  • Trail bikes
  • Minibikes
  • Snowmobiles
  • Golf carts
  • Dune Buggies
  • All-terrain vehicles
  • Camping trailers.

You will need off-road insurance to cover you even when you are on your property. The homeowner’s policy does not extend to your vehicles. Hence, you are required to have a separate insurance policy for your off-road vehicles. Apart from these, State Farm insurance covers campers, travel trailers, boats, and motorcycles.

State Farm’s customized insurance options

  • One of the major advantages of State Farm is that you get customized insurance options. State Farm provides you with a customized quote that has personal liability, medical payments, emergency expenses, and personal effects coverage. 
  • You can also opt for the personal articles insurance policy if required. State Farm is not restricted to RV insurance for recreational RV use only.
  • If you are a full-time RV enthusiast, you might want to consider getting additional insurance options. The extra coverage will help you even while you are on a vacation. 
  • State Farm also has a variety of discounts based on insurance coverage. When it comes to the pricing, most people have stated that they save an average of $800 after switching to State Farm.

Comprehensive insurance options

  • State Farm has comprehensive insurance options that will also cover your vehicle from water damage. This comes in handy when you experience any hail, flood, and other damage caused by natural disasters. State Farm is also one of the few insurance companies that have extensive RV insurance coverage in the US.

State Farm’s free insurance quote

  • State Farm also offers a free insurance quote for all your needs. It’s easy to get a quick quote from an experienced State Farm field agent.
  • The process is simple and there are three easy ways to get a quick quote. First, you can enter your zip code and find an agent. The second step allows you to call State Farm insurance directly. The third step is where you fill in your details and have an agent contact you directly.

Benefits of RV Insurance

  • RV insurance brings you several benefits and it is also a must-have as you cannot drive your RV around without any insurance.
  • The first benefit is that you get to be financially prepared for any emergency or accident that can take place.
  • Most RV insurances cover the cost of medical bills if you experience any physical injury in a collision accident. Note that this depends on the type of insurance coverage you choose.
  • RV insurance protects you from accident liabilities and lawsuit claims. Comprehensive coverage will protect you from theft and other non-collision damages.
  • You can be entitled to get a replacement for free or get the damaged part repaired. RV insurance allows you to protect your passengers and the surrounding property. This also includes campsites and other accessories.
  • You get to safeguard your possessions and your vehicle. Just be sure that your RV has the basic coverage for all the essential features. You can choose to upgrade your insurance at any time if necessary.

State Farm’s RV insurance is one of the best in the country since it has a wide reach and thousands of satisfied customers. State Farm has positive reviews by real customers, who claim their process to be hassle-free. The 24-hour emergency roadside assistance has proved to be a major benefit for several people.

With State Farm RV insurance, you get personalized service options nationwide. These are reliable services and are one of the largest insurance providers in the US. You also get your claim handled promptly and reliably. In case of any emergency, you can take advantage of the 24-7 roadside assistance coverage or call up State Farm to get better clarity on things.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “Is State Farm RV insurance good?” We have talked about State Farm’s off-road and customized RV insurance options. We have also discussed the comprehensive insurance options and talked about their free insurance quote. Additionally, we have discussed the benefits of RV insurance.


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