Is Practical Caravan any good?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “Is Practical Caravan any good?” We will talk about the features of Practical Caravan and describe all its benefits. We will also look into some of the key features of Practical Caravan. At the end of this post, you will get to know all about the Practical Caravan and its best features.

Is Practical Caravan any good?

Yes, Practical Caravan is good. Practical Caravan is one of the UK’s best-selling caravan magazines. Practical Caravan is also one of the oldest and most reputed caravan magazines in the UK. Practical Caravan has been around since 1967 and they continue to provide valuable information to caravan enthusiasts across the UK.

The Practical Caravan website has been functioning since 2001. For more than two decades, Practical Caravan has been delivering valuable information for caravan lovers. With a highly-experienced editorial team, Practical Caravan gives you more than just information. Practical Caravan also has a huge community of caravan lovers.

Practical Caravan Features

Practical Caravan has numerous features that will help you stay updated in the caravan world. It also has exclusive tips and information on travel and buying guides. Below are some of the features of Practical Caravan.

Caravan reviews

  • Practical Caravan started by providing reviews on caravans throughout the UK. They provide reviews about the latest models that are available on the market. The ultimate goal of Practical Caravans is to help readers choose the right caravan.
  • If you are purchasing a caravan for the first time, or you are an experienced caravan owner looking for the latest models, this is the right place to be.
  • The caravan reviews section has various reviews on the latest caravans, tow cars, accessories, and more. There are several reviews on various caravan brands.
  • You also get a detailed description of the model and features of a particular caravan. The reviews section is one of the best features of Practical Caravan.

Advice from professionals

  • The advice column on Practical Caravan has something for everyone. Even if you are an experienced camper, you are sure to find valuable information in this section.
  • You get good advice from professionals and experts. You also get to download free ebooks from the website. From installations to general advice, you are sure to get it all.
  • Additionally, you will get information on caravan parks. You can also get a guide to buying a used caravan, and more.
  • This column is going to be worth every minute as it provides excellent information and tips from some of the top experts.

News section

  • The News section is something interesting with Practical Caravan. Under this section, you get all the latest news and achievements in the industry.
  • You will also get a deeper look into the newly launched cars, caravans, and accessories that are related to caravans.
  • This section also covers shows and events that are organized by caravan clubs. You get to know about caravan festivals that are taking place across the country.
  • There are the latest updates about the best tow cars, caravan parks, e-bikes, and daily news about caravans. You can have all the information about Practical Caravan at your fingertips.

Buying guides

  • The buying guides section provides information and guidance on buying a particular caravan, towing vehicle, or accessories.
  • You are likely to find a buying guide for almost every accessory that is related to caravans. There are buying guides on various caravan models, small towing cars, caravan awnings, extensions, etc.
  • If you are looking to buy a compact caravan, you can go through the list of buying guides to make the best purchase.
  • The buying guide provides information on the pros and cons of a particular product. It also provides the reason why you should avoid buying a product.
  • This clearly outlines the differences between various products and brings out their advantages and disadvantages for you to compare. Hence, you are sure to get the right information even before a purchase is done.
  • The buying guide also gives you all the details like the features and the specifications.

Travel guide

  • Many caravan enthusiasts consistently read Practical Caravan for the travel guide feature. This feature provides the best routes and regional travel guides.
  • It provides multiple locations in a particular area and a proper guide to travel with a caravan.
  • You will get information about each region and its travel opportunities. It also gives you a list of caravan sites that a near to a particular location.
  • You also get information about multiple facilities like campfire options, adults-only campsites, car hires, camping pods, etc.
  • The Practical Caravan website provides filter options to narrow down your search to a specific place or region. One of the biggest perks is that you get to download the top 100 sites guide every year.

For sale column

  • This column is a dedicated place to find thousands of caravans that are up for sale. This column also allows you to advertise for free. If you are planning on selling your caravan, you can go ahead and advertise and find a potential buyer.
  • You can manage your ads and even list a specific item for sale. This column shows all the ads that are placed by owners. You can filter the ads on the website according to the region, brand, condition of the product, year of registration, price, and more.
  • You can also find static caravans that are up for sale. All products that are available on the “For Sale” page are sure to have the price listed. All products will also have images and detailed information about the product including the specifications.


  • Practical Caravans also have a community of their own. You can get to be a part of a huge community where you can interact and get to meet new people.
  • You will have access to the Practical Caravan forum where you can ask questions and the experts would answer.
  • Being a part of the Practical Caravan forum is a huge benefit as you get the latest information and also share your experience and knowledge. In return, you will get answers to all the questions that you ask.
  • There are multiple sub-forums under this section that discusses equipment, overseas parking, touring, etc.
  • There is a separate section for motorhome owners to have their discussions. The motorhome accessories section is also similar.

Back to basics column

  • The back-to-basics column is another platform that is valuable information about driving, DIY, maintenance, and more. This column also provides information about accessories information on protecting your caravan, etc.
  • There are hundreds of topics under each category and you get to learn several tips on the back-to-basics forum.

Practical Caravan newsletter

  • The Practical Caravan newsletter also provides information regularly. By just filling in your email address, you will get access to some of the latest content, news, and offers with this newsletter.
  • You can also enter competitions and get to win a couple of prizes. Practical Caravan provides the opportunity for all readers to participate in their activities. 
  • As a part of Practical Caravan, you will be able to participate in all competitions and surveys. You can also share your opinions in the annual owner satisfaction survey and help others with your ideas.

You can also follow the Practical Caravan on social media pages. Being a part of the Practical Caravan community is sure to bring you some benefits. Most importantly, you will get enough valuable information on caravans and other related accessories. This is a perfect place for all caravan enthusiasts in the UK.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “Is Practical Caravan any good?” We have talked about the features of Practical Caravan and described all its benefits. We have also looked into some of the key features of Practical Caravan. Drop us a comment below and let us know if you are a part of the Practical Caravan.


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