Is now a good time to buy a motorhome?

In this blog post, we will discuss: Is now a good time to buy a motorhome? We will debate whether summer or winter is the best time to buy a motorhome, and give you a few essential tips on negotiating the best price for your future house-on-wheels!

Is now a good time to buy a motorhome?

Now may not be a good time to buy a motorhome. The best time to buy a motorhome is at the end of the tourist season and during clearance periods. This is the time when the supply is surplus and buyers have a wide choice of models and brands. For used vehicles, it is easier to negotiate the selling price.

Typically, the motorhome “season” begins in early to mid-spring (when the good weather returns) and ends in the fall, when the days get shorter and the weather gets cooler and wetter.

So, if you start your research at the beginning of November, you are more likely to find the rare pearl at a suitable price, for 2 main reasons:

  1. Motorhome enthusiasts who have spent the summer traveling may decide to change their vehicle to a newer or more comfortable model.
  1. Motorhome operators often decide to sell their motorhome at the end of summer to avoid having to pay for the wintering of their vehicle and then have it ready again in the spring.

Dealers can end up with vehicles on their hands, taken back as part of a sale of a new motorhome. And that vehicle is always parked in the parking lot and most of the time clutters them up more than anything else. They are then likely to grant attractive discounts. This is also an opportunity to take a look at new vehicles by the way, some destocking promotions can be very interesting.

Why buy a motorhome in winter

Winter is definitely the best time to buy a motorhome, especially in colder northern climates. Contrary to what one might imagine at first glance, many motorhome operators live in the north. They travel by motorhome to warmer destinations, usually in the South, Italy, Spain, Portugal or Morocco.

Some northern RV dealers will offer discounts on their winter inventory, that’s for sure. Motorhomes can be difficult to sell out of season, especially in colder climates.

Many motorhome operators who wish to change models or trade-in are also likely to place an advertisement during this period.

Why buy a motorhome in summer?

We now review why buying a motorhome in summer is a great idea:

Price: It is not an exact science, but it is true that motorhome manufacturers are well aware that the best time to sell a vehicle of this type is summer. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is a season in which they get good deals, or at least they provide payment facilities. In addition, although the price is maintained, many people charge an extra payment in summer, if this is your case, it may be a perfect time to make this investment.

Profitability: The money you invest in staying every time you go on vacation does not come back. It is true that you have the memory of what you have enjoyed, but that’s it. However, if you buy a motorhome you will have accommodation for many years, which you will have paid for only once. Of course, you will have to count on the expenses of the campsite where you place your caravan, which compared to those of a hotel will be minimal.

Possibilities: With a motorhome, the possibilities multiply. Many people love cruises because they can visit different cities without having to pack their bags. Saving the distances, the same thing happens with a motorhome, and also, in the long run, it is much cheaper.

Availability: It is possible that at some time you have wanted to go on vacation, for the weekend, to a concert … and you have not found decent accommodation. It is difficult for this to happen to you with your motorhome, you will always find a place to park it.

Facilities: Once the economic crisis is over, banks are much more open to granting credit. Take advantage of this moment, and if you want to buy a motorhome and need financing, the chances that the entity will approve the operation are very high.

Enjoy with the family: When you have children, motorhomes are perfect. You are with them all the time, they can enjoy nature, you have a kitchen and bathroom, it’s quite an adventure… If you still don’t know what to do this summer, you already have the perfect option.

Buy a motorhome before the release of new models

It’s something that few people think of. Check the classifieds sites when the motorhome news is hot. The release of a new model will always be accompanied by an increase in listings.

Do not forget that some motorhome operators take the opportunity to renew their mobile homes because they can benefit from advantageous take-back conditions, credit, insurance, etc.

When researching, limit your choices to some popular models, then watch out for new release dates.

Tips for negotiating the price of a motorhome

Now that you know the best time to buy a used motorhome, here are some tips to help you get the best price!

  1. Avoid weekends – Weekends are generally the busiest time to find a motorhome. People move easily on the weekends, and if you’ve spotted a used model in the dealership, you might find yourself waiting for a salesperson to become available.

And it may also be a little more difficult to negotiate if other buyers have shown interest in the vehicle. Better to go early in the week when the crowds are not too high. Same thing for an individual. Favour visits during the week. If the motorhome is still available, you are sure to be the first or one of the first to visit.

  1. Avoid spring or be on the lookout – Now that you have come to this paragraph, I imagine you can imagine why it is better to avoid spring to start your RV research. Spring is the starting point of the high season for motorhomes.

Potential buyers are gearing up for the summer and their next trip. Demand, therefore, grows stronger and sellers can tell themselves that they will sell to the highest bidder. Difficult to negotiate in these conditions.

And many buyers will make a quick decision because they are in a hurry to get on the road. There may be times when you find a great deal in the spring, but the chances are slim.

And it’s the same for the second-hand dealership market. Unless they really need to make space in the parking lot, a seller will be less inclined to bargain in the spring, unless they want to make room for newer models that usually hit the market in the spring.

If you haven’t found what you are looking for yet, shop around for concessions. We never know. You can find promotions on new not elapsed or a big discount on a recent occasion.

  1. Compare the prices – It might seem like a no-brainer but be sure to visit multiple dealerships or individuals! View a variety of products from manufacturers so you can narrow down your perfect choice by model, floor plan, make and price.

Note the price fluctuations from dealer to dealership, ad to ad. Also, check the reputation of the dealership, read customer reviews, especially on after-sales service.

This way, you will get an idea of ​​the real value of a model and which dealers are offering good sales support. You will be able to make a wise and measured decision at the time of purchase.

  1. Dealers or private sellers – Obviously, when we talk about a used motorhome, it is important to look at the advertisements for sales between individuals. After all, individuals don’t have to worry about fees or VAT when selling their motorhome. Chances are you will find much more reasonable prices than at a dealer!

However, make sure you have financing in place (if necessary) before you look into private sales. Many lenders have stipulations on the age of the vehicle, and the terms of your loan may require a larger down payment or a higher interest rate.

The advantage of buying from a dealership is that you will have a warranty, often 6 months of parts and labour, plus the after-sales service that goes with it. And if you ever come to renew your vehicle later, the dealership will remember you …

Either way, pro or private, take the time to thoroughly inspect the motorhome, even if you are less likely to have surprises in the dealership, although …


There are many factors to consider when buying a used motorhome. Some of them have to do with timing, and most depend on how much information you have before you pull the trigger. 

Even though winter is still the best season to buy, nothing prevents you from browsing the ads and dealerships to find the model of your dreams and wait for the right window to buy! And if you are unsure of yourself, and don’t know if a motorhome is right for you, rent an RV first!

Please let us know if you have any comments, questions or suggestions when it is the best time to buy a motorhome. 


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