Is living in a trailer safe? (3 essential Tips)

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: Is living in a trailer safe? We will discuss the essential gear one must have if living in a trailer, no matter if it is long-term or short term. We will give you simple tips that will keep you safe anytime and anywhere. 

Is living in a trailer safe?

Living in a trailer can be plenty safe, it all depends on you and how well you prepare for it. In order to relax and enjoy a vacation in your trailer, we recommend that you put these tips into practice to avoid bad times and loss of money:

  • Some mobile apps such as Park4night, warn of red zones where it is more likely to be robbed. It is also advisable not to spend the night in gas stations, open fields or on highways.
  • Today there are many anti-theft devices to protect our vehicles, here are some of the most efficient. But first, as a summary, we detail some things you should avoid so as not to be the victim of a robbery.
  • Avoid places that are not exclusive to spend the night, service stations are not recommended.
  • Before spending the night, leave doors and windows tightly closed with a latch and activate alarms, if any.
  • Do not leave anything that attracts attention inside and outside the vehicle.
  • Avoid carrying the original documentation of the vehicle inside the trailer.
  • Avoid leaving the trailer unhooked without first putting an anti-theft device, which prevents it from being coupled to another vehicle.

Depending on the recreational vehicle you have there are some anti-theft systems or others, here we will talk about most of the devices that are used in trailers, motorhomes and campers. It is also important to know necessary safety aspects beforehand, such as knowing what a stabilizer is.

  • The stabilizers are safety devices that are added to the hitch located on the part of the lance that protrudes from the chassis of the trailer and that is coupled to the ball of the towing vehicle.

Stabilizers are highly recommended because they improve the safety of towable vehicles, such as trailers. Since they prevent the vehicle from losing stability due to external conditions, such as strong side winds, road defects or overtaking on the road.

How do you prevent your trailer from being stolen?

It is one thing for them to enter the trailer and steal things that we have inside, which is already a distressing situation, but it will be worse if the entire trailer is stolen.

When we unhook the trailer it will be exposed to another vehicle being able to tow it, to avoid this we can add an anti-theft device that is added to the stabilizer or to the hitch.

They are security locks, the AL-KO brand manufactures a universal anti-theft device, a giant padlock that is attached to the head blocking the trailer, they are valid for most hitches and have an affordable price, they are used for when the trailer is in the parking lot or on the plot.

They also sell anti-theft housing for trailer hitch heads, they are compatible with some AL-KO stabilizers, so it is important when buying one to know the type of stabilizer and if they are compatible with the head. They are ideal for when the trailer is stopped, it should not be used in circulation.

To reinforce the security provided by the locks, you can add the Safety-Ball anti-theft ball (it is a solid plastic ball) that is placed on the hitch preventing the trailer from being coupled to another vehicle.

The prices of these locks or security locks for trailers can cost between $ 25 to $ 50, as you can see there is not much expense considering what you can save if your trailer is stolen.

How to protect your trailer

Besides the already mentioned preventative measures and tools, here are other ways to protest your trailer and to sleep safe and sound:

  • Traps for trailer wheels. Another option to prevent the trailer from being stolen is to place a clamp on one of the vehicle’s wheels, there are different versions on the market, they are suitable for trailers and motorhomes.
  • Protect doors and windows of the trailer and motorhome. There are multiple types of anti-theft locks, we can find locks with a locking key for doors, garages and chests or anti-theft devices that at the same time serve as support to get on the trailer. They are in different shapes, sizes and colours and are always secured from the outside.

For the windows, the normal closures can be replaced by push-button closures that are locked from the inside and unlocked by pressing the button while opening the window. Before installing them, it is necessary to check whether the user of the trailer or motorhome is right-handed or left-handed to buy them according to the hand that is going to be used.

If you do not want to change the blinds, you can add some levers that block the route and are valid for all types of recreational vehicles.

Another way to block access for criminals is with a door lock bar, when staying overnight or when parked, even though they invalidate the front of the vehicle. The most popular brands to buy trailer safety locks are Fiamma, Thule, and AL-KO.

Some cautious trailers put metal grilles on windows and skylights, this already goes to things of taste and needs.

  • Installation of alarms for trailers and motorhomes. On the market there are two types of alarms, volumetric and perimeter, the first detect movement and activate an acoustic and light signal, they are used mainly for interiors and the second is used for doors and windows, to detect if they have been forced from the outside.

There are different prices and services, the important thing is that the alarm has at least sensors for doors, garages and chests. There are alarms specially created for trailers and motorhomes.

It depends on the type of alarm or alarm kit that we buy, the installation must be done by someone specialized.  

  • GPS locator for motorhomes and trailers. If we have been unlucky enough to arrive and not find our vehicle, know that there is still an alternative to recover it. With the help of a geolocator, this allows the vehicle to be tracked if it has been taken away, it does not require installation.

Another good practice that can help us in this situation is to have the license plate printed on vinyl glued to the ceiling, this will facilitate the search for the police.

The downside is that most of these services are associated with the payment of a monthly fee.

How to keep the documentation of the trailer safe?

It should never be left inside the vehicle, it is best to carry a certified copy and keep the original in a safe place. If there is no other option and we must bring the original documentation, it is advisable to keep the documents in a small safe.

And as the last tip, something that you must have yes or yes is insurance, we already talked to you before about how to choose insurance for your trailer.

We cannot stop enjoying this type of tourism for fear of being robbed. In life, we ​​will always be exposed to this type of situation. It is best to be cautious and prepare everything before making our trips.

So if you still don’t have your trailer and you already feel ready, look for the trailer or motorhome that suits you best, and enjoy the trip.

Everything you must have to travel safely in a trailer

 Enjoying a trailer trip is one of those experiences that you must try at least once in your life. Now, if you get on the trailer, you will most likely want to repeat. Freedom and contact with nature are its main points in favour. But if you want to try this type of tourism, we tell you everything you need to know to enjoy the tour without giving up travelling safely.

What things should you keep in mind before travelling by trailer?

  • You must make sure that both the car and the trailer are in the best condition. You will have to check the wheels, the cooling system, the oil, the water or the condition of the lights. Also do not forget to make sure that the hitch, safety chains or parking brakes are in good condition.
  • Don’t overload the trailer. Make sure you don’t carry too much more than you need to balance. In addition, if you carry heavy items, take them in the drawers below, if possible, aligned with the axis.
  • Don’t forget the warning triangles, reflective vest, and spare wheels. And of course, not the toolbox that can be very useful in case of any mishap.
  • It is advisable to bring a 10-litre can of water. It can be crucial to refuel water at any time.
  • Optimize your luggage, not only not to have too much weight, but also to make the most of space.

If you are going to travel abroad, it is important that you worry about knowing the traffic regulations of the countries where you are going to drive. And pay special attention to speed limits and places where parking is prohibited. It’s better to prevent than to cure.

The most important thing of all is that you have all the necessary documentation at hand such as the trailer insurance.

Please feel free to share your own thoughts and techniques to stay safe in a trailer. 

FAQ on Is living in a trailer safe?

Is it dangerous to live in an RV?

Living in an RV is not dangerous as long as you take some precautions. Whether you opt for a camping holiday in a caravan, motorhome or tent, thefts are frequent. Although campground operators try to stem this phenomenon, it is impossible for them to eradicate it completely. In addition, the structure of some rentals favours theft. 

How to defend yourself in a trailer?

To protect yourself in a trailer, take all the necessary precautions. Perimeter protection, carried out by magnetic sensors, concerns the exterior protection of the motorhome, it is effective day and night. The alarm is triggered when an attempt is made to force the doors of the driving position and the front door, but also bays or gates.

What alarm to use in a trailer?

Here is a list of the best alarms for trailers and motorhomes:

  • Tiiwee A2 – A motorhome alarm with a motion detector. 
  • Kerui – An inexpensive motorhome alarm.
  • Tiiwee Alarm Kit – A good alarm for motorhome.
  • Beeper – Good alarm for wireless motorhome.
  • Beeper TSX99 – A volumetric and perimetric alarm for motorhomes.


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