Is Leer better than Snugtop?

In today’s blog post, we will answer the following question: Is Leer better than Snugtop? We will briefly review Leer and Snugtop camper shells. We will also give you a few essential tips on how to choose the right shell for your pick-up truck. 

Is Leer better than Snugtop?

Leer camper shells offer better after purchase service and overall are considered to have a better design than Snugtop camper shells. Snugtop, on the other hand, are more versatile and have better hinges than the competition (Leer or A.R.E). 

When it comes to deciding if one truck cap is better than the other, we have to mention that both Leer and Snugtop shells:

  • Are made out of fiberglass 
  • Have 31% tinted safety glass 
  • Are painted with a base clear coat paint. 

So, the construction of Leer and Snugtop is pretty much very similar. What it comes down to are model options. There are several different models of camper shells with different options and budgets! 

Truck Cap BrandUnique featuresAvailable Models
LeerOptions: Cab-high; Mid/High-rise; Commercial.Tinted side windowsInsulated roof Fibreglass base railsLimited lifetime warrantyGas door propsLEER® Twist Handle Lock with Flip-up Weather Cove J-Bolt Installation Clamps100R100XR100XL100QX100XQ SPORT180180XL122100RCC180CCDCCDCC-MT3
Note: The price for Leer truck caps will differ depending on the size of your pick-up truck. Please request a quote on the Leer website
SnugtopSNUGRUG Interior Shell HeadlinerFibreglass Cloth Overlay in High-Stress AreasBuilt-In LED Brake LightKey Operated Lock With Remote ControlLifetime Warranty on Paint and StructureHidden Mounting System – (“J” Hooks) Heavy Duty Hinges and HardwareSport Hi-LinerSuperSportExpoCab-HiXtra VisionRebelHi-LinerGB Sport
Note: The price for Snugtop truck caps will differ depending on the size of your pick-up truck. Please request a quote on the Snugtop website.

The Snugtop caps – a short review

Snugtop is a great name that has been around for a long time. The manufacturer is known for making good-quality and reliable truck caps. 

All Snugtop caps are carpet lined and come with a fixed front window, have plenty of headroom and are easy to install- features which add to design and commodity. 

The downsides of Snugtop caps are that their parts are very hard to find and very expensive to replace. Many customers believe there is a design problem with these shells because if you look from the side, the angle of the window doesn’t really follow the side of the shell very well, so when you stand back and look it doesn’t blend in and give that nice shape. 

Another downside of the Snugtop is the button knobs on the back and on the side windows. Well, you’re buying an all-glass look camper shell for a reason( because you want that clean look design). 

The Leer caps – a short review

Leer caps are durable, secure, modern-looking and versatile. The brand is known for high-quality truck caps and tonneau covers for mid or high pick-up trucks. 

Leer camper shells are all glass and offer a clean look. They all have a trim piece on the bottom that’s made to fit around the factory tailgate. Perhaps what makes Leer better than Snugtop is its warranty offer and customer service. It is easier to get a replacement park for your Leer cap. As long as you have the serial number of the product you can get delivery in just a few days, no matter where you are placed. 

Regarding the downsides of this camper shell, we can mention that they are not carpeted and much harder to maintain clean. Next, Leer uses a different type of knob on their rear door compared to Snugtop, but it is still not as good and as clean-looking as A.R.E camper shells. 

6 tips for buying the best truck cap

Buying the right truck cap for your pick-up is not difficult, however, depending on whether you have a short bed truck or long bed truck you may or may not want a certain type of truck cap.

Here are our top six tips for buying the best truck cap for your pick-up:

  1. Define its purpose. If you use the pick-up for moving things around, a truck cap with windows can be an idea. This makes it easier to monitor the items. On the other hand, if you transport heavier and thicker materials, a truck cap without windows is a better alternative, it offers greater safety and resistance by not having glass that can break.
  1. Check the make and model of the pick-up truck. Today, there are truck caps that adapt to different vehicles, however, it is important that when looking at the options you consider the make and model, and test the options until you find the one that fits perfectly. The level of security offered by the truck cap will also depend to a large extent on its proper fit.
  1. Consider buying a waterproof truck cap. A waterproof truck cap protects the truck bed and its contents from dust or water. If you use the truck in extreme climates, it is necessary that the truck cap has this add-on. The quality must be verified since we require that it be flexible, resistant to wear and temperature changes and that it be completely waterproof.
  1. The truck cap must be sturdy and secure. It is important to verify the material with which they are made so that they can offer adequate security and protection to your cargo. It must not be easily opened or removed, and it must withstand geological and climatic changes.
  1.  Made from light materials. This will depend on the size and functions of the truck, however, it is best that it be made with lightweight materials so that it does not bounce off unstable surfaces or impede the correct handling of the driver.
  1. The truck cap height is important. The higher the truck cap is, the more space you will have in your cabin, so it is necessary to consider how wide you want it to be, depending on the activities to be carried out, to determine the height.

The bottom line

Leer or Snugtop, both manufacturers make good-quality camper shells, with a lifetime warranty on the paint and structure. To decide which camper shell is best for you, you have to look at the cots, at the availability and versatility of the shell.

Choosing the right truck cap is not a difficult task, but necessary if we want it to give us the protection we are looking for for our cargo. That is why it is important to consider aspects such as materials, vehicle brand, height and more so that it meets the expected quality standards.

Please let us know if you have additional questions or any comments on the content!

FAQ on Is Leer better than Snugtop?

Are camper shells useful?

Yes, camper shells can be useful. They offer extra space to store your equipment and also protect the truck bed when driving. There are different types and sizes of camper shells, so make sure you choose the one that fits your needs best. 

How much do Leer camper shells cost?

Leer camper shells can cost between $1200 and $1800, including the costs of installation. Leer camper sheets are made from aluminium and are very popular caps for pickups. 

What is the best truck cap brand?

The best truck cap brands in 2021 are from A.R.E, Snugtop, Leer, Jason, ATC, Ranch, Raider, Unicover and Century.

Do truck caps improve gas mileage?

No, truck caps do not improve gas mileage. In fact, for what it’s worth, truck caps lower your mph due to the extra weight. Another fact that we must address here is that truck caps do not improve your truck’s aerodynamics.

How much does a truck cap weigh?

On average, a short bed truck cap weighs 170 lbs, while a long bed truck cap weighs 200 lbs. As for other measures, truck caps have height and length variations depending on the type of pick up where they will be installed.

What is a tonneau cover?

A tonneau cover is a soft or hardcover placed over the bed of a truck to improve aerodynamics and protect cargo. It comes in different styles: some can be retracted or raised, while some can be folded back. There are also different materials used to make tonneau covers, such as vinyl, leather, canvas and polyester for soft covers, and fibreglass and aluminum for hardcovers.


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