Is it worth double glazing a static caravan?

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: Is it worth double glazing a static caravan? We will explain what double glazing is and whether it is better than other types of isolation. 

Is it worth double glazing a static caravan?

Yes, double glazing a static caravan is completely worth it. Here are some of the reasons why it is a good idea:

  • Thermal isolation: Due to their composition, double-glazed windows are designed to isolate both heat and cold, assuming in both cases significant energy savings.
  • Acoustic isolation: The acoustic insulation capacity of this type of window is very effective in isolating our house from the annoying noise from outside, especially if we live in areas with a lot of noise pollution.
  • Environmental savings: Glass contributes to the environment both in its manufacture and in its recycling. When manufacturing it, natural elements are involved, such as sand, and technological processes are used to make it possible to minimize the environmental impact. In addition, it can be recycled.
  • Other advantages: Windows are elements that, once installed, will last a long time in our homes, so it is very important to know how to choose the best combination of glazing and profile, in order to enjoy the benefits and savings that this will mean for us long term.

What is double glazing?

Double glazing is one that is composed of two or more sheets of glass separated by a chamber of dehydrated air or gas, thus it can offer much better thermal and acoustic insulation than simple glazing and also than other window systems. Not only the glass sheets that have the double glazing that we put at home influence the insulation we want to obtain, but also the thickness of the air chamber. 

In general, the greater the thickness of the space between the two, the more insulation will be achieved, and therefore, as we have pointed out, greater energy efficiency and more savings.

There is no specific distance that gives us the best of the formulas, but the most optimal thickness of the chamber is 16mm.

There are many options on the market to choose from, and varied distributions or combinations of double glazing, such as: double glazing combinations 4-16-4 (two 4mm glasses with a 16mm chamber), or 6-16-6 (two 6mm glasses with a 16mm camera), etc. The greater the thickness of the chamber, the greater the thermal insulation.

This double glazing, prefabricated insulating glass with the air chamber, is inserted in a carpentry. Most of them can be included in home renovations of all kinds. 

However, it should be noted that double-glazed windows with an air chamber have a very specific carpentry because they are thicker, so it is easier to place them in newly built homes or in renovations that include the complete renovation of the frame of the window.

Profiles for double glazing a static caravan

Good glass is useless if we do not accompany it with a good profile. The properties of the glass will be nullified if the profile in which it is installed does not have similar properties. In this way, if we want to give our window good thermal insulation, the profile must be equally insulating, if we do not want the outside temperature to seep into the house.

And the same will happen with acoustic insulation since it is very easy for noise from the outside to filter through the gaps of poor carpentry.

The best insulating profiles that we can find in the market are PVC profiles, wooden profiles and aluminum profiles with thermal breaks greater than 12 mm, any of them being the ones that we should always install together with double glazing.

Window opening type. It is important to know the types of windows that we can find in the market as well as their properties. Sliding or sliding windows are worse insulators than operable ones. These types of windows have a pressure closure that prevents air from entering the house, so if we install double glazing with insulation in mind, it would be best if we did it in a practicable window.

In addition, not all window systems will allow us to add the glass of the thickness we want, since there are some profiles that are smaller than others or others with less force than would not support too heavy glassware.

For this reason, it is important to know the profile systems well and the benefits and characteristics of each one.

Double glazing vs double pane window for static caravans

Change of scenery, partial or complete reform, energy-saving, economic saving, or simply if you want to increase the soundproofing and the level of thermal insulation of your mobile home, whatever your reason, there are generally two possible solutions to install the windows: Double glazing and double windows.

What is the double pane window?

It is the establishment of new glazing on the inside or outside of the existing window. That is, put another window on the inside or outside of the existing window. The double window, therefore, is made up of two independent windows, each one placed with its own frame and frame. 

In case of renovations, they can be placed, as we have indicated, indistinctly, there is no need to have a specific type of window that is the exterior and another the interior.

It is an efficient system to achieve static caravan insulation, but not the best. Reduces filtrations by conduction and convection and thermal bridges (up to 3 W / m² ° C). The loss of heat from the home is reduced because the air chamber between the two windows acts as an insulator (both by conduction and by convection) to prevent not only the cold from entering but also the degrees of heat that are lost. 

Which is the best option for static caravans: double glazing or double window?

In terms of energy and economic savings, with both solutions, we will notice an improvement. Although it is true that composition in the high range of CLIMALIT PLUS double glazing provides higher values, in addition to gaining in aesthetics and practicality for maintenance and cleaning.

Energy savings are reflected in the improvement of our home in terms of thermal comfort, with the considerable reduction in energy loss when having to increase the degrees of heat in our home. Therefore, less energy expenditure and the same level of thermal comfort.

As for the economic savings, it will also be notable, because by not needing more heating or air conditioning, depending on the season of the year in which we are, we will make less consumption, and therefore, we will have to pay less in the monthly bill. of the light.

Windows with double glazing generally tend to give better results in terms of thermal insulation.

However, as the saying goes: to taste the colours. In choosing between a double window or double glazing, the best option will depend on the specific needs, the situation and orientation of the home, the enclosure to be used and the exterior conditions of the home. Our recommendation is that you go to a specialized installer who can offer you specialized advice.

However, if we can point out that when choosing we must take into account at least these 5 points:

THE SPACE: The space in a double window and in double glazing is not the same. In the double window, the space it covers is the entire enclosure of the facade, while in the double glazing, it is not.

THE CONDITIONS OF THE ENCLOSURE: The orientation, geographical location, types of enclosure, and weather conditions of the area where the house is located, are factors to study to make a successful choice.

THE QUALITY OF THE CARPENTRY: the better the qualities for which we bet in terms of material, air permeability, resistance, etc., the higher the qualities that our window offers, and therefore, the greater our savings.

THE QUALITY OF THE GLASS: The quality of the glass that we install in our windows, as well as the type, thickness, chamber thickness, etc., will determine the final quality of our window, and we will achieve a higher quality of the window, again, greater savings.

THE THICKNESS OF THE AIR CHAMBER BETWEEN WINDOWS: In the case of choosing a double window, our savings will be increased in proportion to the width of the chamber that we leave between both windows. The greater this width, the greater our insulation, therefore, the more the quality of the double window installation increases, and the greater our savings will be.

Final recommendations

There are many advantages of insulating your static caravan, as you have (probably) read in this article. It is not a complicated process, it can be done quickly and with relatively low funds, but it will bring you so much comfort no matter the season. 

Do you have any thoughts or comments about this subject? Please let us know!

FAQ on Is it worth double glazing a static caravan?

What are the benefits of windows built with double glass?

In summary, a double glass provides the following advantages and properties to a window: It increases the thermal insulation of the glazing by more than 100%. Reduces the consumption of air conditioning energy due to losses through the glass. Cancels the “cold wall” effect by increasing comfort next to the window.

How do dual pane windows work?

The dual-pane window is made up of two glasses in the middle of which a separating profile is located, delimiting an air or gas-tight chamber. The most common composition that these types of windows usually present is 4/12/4, which means that the two glasses measure 4mm and the air chamber 12.

What are the advantages of double-glazed windows?

Double glazing is one that is made up of two or more panes of glass separated by a chamber of dehydrated air or gas, which offers much more effective thermal and acoustic insulation than simple glazing or another window system.


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