Is Hymer the best motorhome? (a complete review)

In this article, we will discuss: Is Hymer the best motorhome? We will review the Hymer Group and discuss three of its most sold models. 

Is Hymer the best motorhome?

Hymer is indeed among the best motorhome manufacturers.  It is one of the large groups that make up the caravaning sector, occupying the first position in Europe. It is located in Germany. 

This group is made up of two main lines: 

  1. The brands belonging to the HYMER family (Dethleffs, Sunlight, LMC and TEC)
  2. And the brands belonging to HYMER AG (Bürstner, Laika, Hymer, Carado, Niesmann and Bischoff). Due to the size of this group, it has its own aluminium sheet lamination plant for the walls.

THE HYMER Group covers all motorhome and camper segments. Regarding the camper segment, and despite not reaching much market share, Dethleffs manufactures most of these vehicles.

The Hymer family

For the segment of profiled motorhomes, the HYMER group has a wide variety of models and brands that meet the needs of its customers. As for campers and in a continuous decline in the production of these models, Dethleffs and Laika cover the high range, while Sunlight and Carado compete in lower ranges. HYMER’s flagship product is integral motorhomes.

The most important brands that make up the HYMER group are Bürstner, Dethleffs, Hymer, Laika and Sunlight.

BÜRSTNER: German manufacturer with a long and recognized track record in the manufacture of caravans and motorhomes. Brand of recognized prestige for bringing many innovations in the caravanning sector.

 It is a pioneer in the manufacture of the capuchin motorhome. Another major innovation was the successful incorporation of a roof-mounted drop-down bed into motorhomes. One of the models that have revolutionized the motorhome market by creating a new market niche is the Ixeo model.

DETHLEFFS: German brand of recognized prestige in the caravanning sector, with a wide range of motorhomes. Under the McRent brand, it is engaged in motorhome rental in more than ten countries throughout Europe.

HYMER: Founded in 1923 and a brand that has received numerous recognitions in the sector. This German brand is characterized by giving value to its brand by manufacturing a motorhome with quality, comfort, equipment, safety and its desire to innovate. It is the benchmark brand when we refer to the  Hymer Group motorhomes.

LAIKA: Manufacturer of motorhomes since 1964 and since 2000 this Italian brand belongs to the Hymer group. Laika covers the high-end motorhome segments, with special emphasis on the family segment. Its models are characterized by elegant designs, with a homely interior design.

SUNLIGHT: The motorhomes of this brand come less equipped than the brands described above, but without sacrificing safety and innovation, with mid-range interior and exterior designs at a cheaper price.

Hymer’s design

If we talk about the design of the Hymer caravans, it is inevitable to do it from two brands such as Fiat and Mercedes. The reason is simple: most of these recreational vehicles integrate the chassis of the Fiat Ducato and in the case of motorhomes that of the Mercedes-Sprinter, which include superior finishes and attract attention for their ride comfort and a safety package. exclusive.

Hymer models

In the Hymer catalogue, we can find up to 16 different options, including two motorhomes (Hymer Exsis-t and Hymer Class B) and one camper (Hymer Free). Let’s get to know them up close.

Model: Fiat Ducato 3,5 T | 2.3 MultiJet – 118 hp | Euro 6D

The Hymer Exsis-t fuses the lightness of its chassis with a good level of comfort. The weight reduction is due to the use of materials such as a lightweight fibreglass floor, a lightweight AL-KO chassis and brand-specific PAUL bodywork.

This motorhome has four approved seats and a capacity for two or three people to rest in it. The living room has a table that can be rotated 360 degrees and moved in a longitudinal or transverse direction.

 Furthermore, by means of an additional cushion and making use of both the driver’s seat and the table, this area can be converted into an extra bed. A rest area that is completed with the one located at the back where a double transverse bed or longitudinal single beds can be installed.

Depending on the layout chosen, the Hymer Exsis-t can be equipped with a spacious side kitchen or a corner kitchen with freely distributable drawers and a large worktop. Both options are equipped with a 90-litre refrigerator. The bathroom has a toilet and shower, separated from the rest by a folding screen, and an insulated and heated 100-litre sewage tank. The clean water is 20/100 litres.

The standard equipment includes, among others, garage doors on both sides, LED interior lighting, multi-zone cold foam mattresses and an extensive safety package with airbags, ESP and Hill Start assistant. In addition, space has been used to the maximum for storage: not in vain, the staircase leading to the bedroom is one of these spaces.

Model: Hymer Free

The Hymer Free is a camper designed for spontaneous users. It boasts a modern design and a spacious interior suitable for all types of travellers, which, in addition, can be complemented with details, complementary packages and extras such as the folding roof that will increase the capacity of the camper.

With four approved seats, it can accommodate two to five people. Its interior is divided into a living room with a table that can be extended and a seating area that can be converted into a single bed with an additional cushion. 

The kitchen block is equipped with a combination of sink and hob with two burners and a compressor refrigerator with a capacity of 70 litres and a double opening. The bathroom, for its part, has all the necessary elements: a toilet, a fixed sink, a wardrobe with a mirror and a shower function.

At the time of resting, it has two single beds in the back with a retractable slatted base and cold foam mattresses. The optional folding roof, with an area of ​​2 x 1.35 meters, allows you to have an additional bedroom with two more places.

Hymer Class B: Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3,5 T 314 CDI | 207 hp | Euro 6D

The Hymer B-Class is the result of the collaboration between the German brand and Mercedes. A union that resulted in the first profiled motorhome to combine the new powerhead of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter with the SLC Hymer chassis developed for this purpose.

It has a particularly light and stable body that has large doors on both sides and a floor that, at 36 centimetres high, fulfils a double function: it is the base of the passenger compartment and has a deep compartment that is accessed from the inside. to gain storage. 

Inside (with LED lighting and a capacity that varies between two and five seats) the sense of space has been taken into account: the layout is slightly oblique to clear and create a greater sense of spaciousness. It has a multitude of storage spaces, heating and a table that can be rotated and extended.

The kitchen has a front-end operation, a sink with a cutting board and tall spigot, and a 142-litre Smart Tower refrigerator. The bathroom has two visually separated sections: on one side there is the shower with a useful height of up to 1.94 meters and on the other the sink with a bench-type toilet and an integrated sink with a side shelf.

The sleeping area is located at the rear and can be equipped with double or two single beds. Optionally, a folding bed can be incorporated that offers a sleeping area for two people with enough free space up to the ceiling. All have a multi-zone cold foam mattress and high-quality mattress topper.

The bottom line

To speak of Hymer is to speak of one of the largest groups in the sector: it is one of the market leaders and its star product is full-length motorhomes, which it has manufactured in series since 1972. 

What are the characteristics that have led Hymer to obtain similar ratings? 

Its catalogue includes integral and profiled models with capacities ranging from two occupants to five. In addition, the different versions (Comfort, Extra Comfort, Superior and Deluxe) stand out the wide customization options in terms of the interior layout, materials and finishes. Design aside, the most outstanding attribute of Hymer motorhomes is safety and technology.

If you have any questions or comments about Hymer motorhomes, please feel free to share them!

FAQ on Is Hymer the best motorhome?

What are the best motorhome brands?

Here is a list of the best motorhome brands nowadays:

  1. Dethleffs.
  2. Hymer.
  3. Adria. 
  4. Benimar.
  5. Burstner.
  6. Challenger. 
  7. Carthago.

What is the best-selling caravan?

The brand that sold the most caravans in May 2019 was Sterckeman, with 71 units, followed by Caravelair (41), Adria (34), Hobby (21), Weinsberg (21), Knaus (19), Burstner (12), Across (8), Fendt (6) and Dethleffs (5). Jun 2, 201

What types of motorhomes are there?

In general, the most common motorhome types are those known as nasturtium, profiled, integral and camper. There are also motorhomes adapted for people with reduced mobility, which have a lifting platform and accessories conveniently prepared to facilitate their movement.


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