Is CL booking worth it?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “Is CL booking worth it?” We will discuss the benefits of joining CL booking along with some of their key features. We will also discuss the CL site facilities. Additionally, we will talk about the CL booking owners group and the exclusive support for members.

Is CL booking worth it?

Yes, CL booking is worth it. CL booking is possibly the best option to find motorhome and caravan sites across the UK. CL booking is widely used by caravan and motorhome owners across the UK. You get to view and book a pitch in no time from anywhere. You can also use the CL booking app for both apple and android devices.  

Benefits of joining CL booking

Being a part of the CL booking community is sure to bring various benefits. Registration is free and it is easy to set up an account. You also get to connect with thousands of motorhome and caravan club members. The good news is that you get a free trial and still reap the benefits. Here are some of the benefits of joining CL booking.

Find the perfect campsite

  • CL booking has plenty of options when it comes to campsites. You get to know some of the best-certified locations across the country. 
  • You also get to compare and choose according to your requirements and convenience. CL booking helps you find the best camping site based on availability and preference.

Convenient search options

  • The CL booking websites or application has convenient search options. It helps you to find the best campsites according to the place, village, town, or postcode. You can also find campsites according to the name and narrow down the search further.
  • CL booking has multiple filters that you can apply while searching for a campsite. You can find a campsite based on the type of hookups and other features. You can find campsites that have additional accommodation, WiFi features, and more.
  • You can also filter out the pet-friendly campsites and look for other facilities that are situated in the surrounding area.

Easy booking

  • The booking process with CL booking is pretty easy and it hardly takes a couple of minutes to get the perfect certified location. You can fill in information like the arrival and departure date and get your booking confirmed in no time.

Competitive prices

  • CL booking offers competitive prices to their members and their prices are pretty transparent. With all the information available on the website and application, you can filter out the sites according to the price.

Featured sites

  • One of the best benefits of CL booking is the featured sites. These featured sites are a small selection of fabulous places to stay. The prices are mentioned on each of the featured sites and you also get to check the availability and features before booking.

Join a large community

  • One of the major benefits of as a CL booking member is being a part of the CL network. You get to join close to 80,000 members and counting. As a member, you get access to the best sites and also get to build your network.

Free trial booking

  • With a free trial of two weeks, you can explore the site or application and find out if it is a good fit for you. You can sign up for free and use CL booking in the test mode. Two weeks is more than enough to evaluate the service.

Valuable information

  • CL booking provides valuable information based on their sites and all the features and amenities that they offer. 
  • The website also has a blog section that provides information and insights into camping. You get information like CL facts, member discounts, etc.

Value for money

  • Another huge benefit of a member of CL booking is value for money. There are no hidden pitch fees or extra fees for amenities. You are sure to get great value for money and the overall experience is great. Members have rated CL booking also has a great rating and

Those were some of the benefits of being a part of the CL booking community. There are several other benefits and the most important benefit is that you get to save money and be a part of a huge community. CL booking is also open to everyone in the UK and it is worth it, especially if you go out camping often.

CL site facilities

  • CL booking offers some of the best facilities to all their members. Most of their sites have more than the basic features and amenities. Some of them include electric hookups, chemical disposal, fresh water, rubbish collection, etc.
  • The CL sites are also conveniently located near public transport, villages, towns, and other basic requirements. These sites are easily accessible and also get to know the payment methods that are accepted at every site.

CL booking owner’s group

  • CL booking is not only for people who need campsites but also for owners who want to post their listings. If you have a campsite you can combine it with CL bookings and promote your site.
  • Your site will soon be available to thousands of motorhome and caravan club members who are already CL users. You are bound to get more bookings and also increase the occupancy of your campsite.
  • Being a part of the CL booking owners group helps you promote your campsite online and reduce all unnecessary marketing calls. The good news is that you get to use the features for the trial period just like the other members.
  • CL booking offers the “try before you buy” feature for campsite owners and you are sure to get a minimum of one inquiry before signing up.
  • If you plan on listing your site online, the process is easy and it takes just a few minutes. All you need is some good pictures of your campsite. There are no commissions like pitch-up sites and other listings.
  • CL booking has a minimal price range of 12.50 pounds per month to get your site up and available to thousands.

Exclusive support

  • CL booking also provides exclusive support to all its members and site owners. With the help of their support, you can easily set up your account and get your campsite listed.
  • CL booking also provides full control over your listing by providing full access to your profile and listing. There is proper information provided for each listing that comes via CL booking. Note that members are prevented from booking multiple sites at the time of CL booking.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “Is CL booking worth it?” We have discussed the benefits of joining CL booking along with some of their key features. We have also discussed the CL site facilities. Additionally, we have talked about the CL booking owners group and the exclusive support for members.


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