Is Charmin safe for RV? (Q&A)

In this short guide, we will explain: Is Charmin safe for RV? We will answer all your questions regarding Charmin toilet paper, and tell what type of toilet paper is best for a chemical RV toilet. 

Is Charmin safe for RV?

According to the manufacturer, Charmin toilet paper is safe for RV use. Charmin is fully tested to ensure that it will settle in a septic tank and then biodegrade in the tank. 

Here’s our verdict:

The latest model of Charmin toilet paper is declared unsafe for RV as most users declared it more prone to clog the RV toilet tank. We thus do not recommend using it!

Q&A about Charmin toilet paper for RVs

If the toilet paper doesn’t come apart as soon as it reaches the water, can it get stuck in the toilet or in the drainpipe? No. In fact, if the toilet paper is not immediately disassembled it stays intact during use and protects your hands. Charmin toilet paper is strong enough to protect your hands, and then it comes apart once you flush it down the toilet and into the drain pipe. 

Can I flush Charmin Freshmates wet wipes down the toilet? Yes! Charmin Freshmates wet wipes are disposable and safe for sewers and septic systems. For best results, discard one or two wipes at a time. 

Why do toilets or drain pipes sometimes get clogged? There are many reasons why toilets and drain pipes get clogged: children can accidentally dispose of toys or even tree roots can grow into the drain pipe. 

If a drain pipe cracks (for example, in a home installation or due to heavy equipment working on the pipe), tree roots will seek out the water and grow into the crack, eventually obstructing the flow. materials in the drain pipe. 

What causes problems in the septic tank? Septic tanks require regular maintenance, such as pumping them every two to four years, depending on the size of the home and usage. Another common problem is clogged drain pipes from plant roots or excessive use of water preventing solids from settling in the tank.

What is the best toilet paper for RV septic systems?

Charmin, Angel Soft, Coleman and Scott Quick Dissolve Toilet Paper is safe to use with a septic system. Camco, Green Forest, and Seventh Generation are other brands of toilet paper safe to use in a septic system.

Angel Soft, Green Forest and Seventh Generation toilet papers are made from 100 percent recycled materials and are safe for septic systems. Coleman toilet paper dissolves quickly, is free of perfumes and dyes, and is available online (but hard to find in stores). 

Scott Quick Dissolve Toilet Paper dissolves quickly and is single-ply to prevent clogging. Charmin is a single layer and free of perfumes, dyes and inks. Camco has two layers, dissolves quickly and does not clog.

Can you use normal toilet paper in an RV?

You can use normal toilet paper in an RV, as long as the regular household toilet paper quickly dissolves into fine particles. If, on the contrary, the normal toilet roll becomes a kind of a paste in contact with liquids, do not use it in your caravan or RV.

Here are the top five recommended caravan toilet paper brands:

  • Camco RV TST 2-ply Toilet Tissue
  • Freedom Living Septic Tank Safe Toilet Tissue
  • Scott Rapid Dissolve Bath Tissue
  • Thetford Aqua-Soft Toilet Tissue
  • Valterra Q23630 Softness 2-Ply Toilet Tissue.

The toilet of an RV, the toilet of a motorhome, or whatever you want to call it, does not work the same as the one at home. It is similar, yes, but in the WC of these “house vehicles,” the waste does not go down the drain but remains in a receptacle called a sewage tank, which has a hermetic lock that, in most of them, has a manual system.

The toilet of caravans and RVs has the same shape as a normal toilet in a house, but it is smaller and is usually made of plastic or some type of fibre, instead of being ceramic. Under it is ‘hidden’ that removable receptacle that is the sewage tank. To use it, you simply have to use the thread or lever that opens the gate and relieve yourself.

After having used it, it must be closed so that no bad smell comes out and, obviously, so that nothing that is inside comes out. In all this, before doing your business, a specific chemical product for caravan toilets should have been added that will take care of undoing waste and also eliminating bad odours.

You can use toilet paper, without any problem, but what is not recommended is to use wet wipes. It is recommended to proceed with the emptying of the tank every three or four days approximately, and the emptying should be done in special areas that we have available both in campsites and in most rest areas on the road.

These types of liquids cannot be released freely on the road, in the street or in the sewers, but as we mentioned previously, the sewage must be released in places specially enabled for it. And it is recommended to be careful when emptying for obvious reasons. But if you’re really new to this, just take your precautions because it might splash you and it’s not too pleasant.

Final advice

If you use heavy toilet paper, the septic tank of your caravan may fill up faster than it should. Usually, you will notice a lump of toilet paper with the scum stuck in the grease.

Come to think of it, it is still the solid material that is returned the most towards the septic tank. We must therefore make sure that it does not harm the system.

Additionally, too thick toilet paper can cause plumbing blockage issues. Choose toilet paper that is thin and will break down easily in your septic tank.

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FAQ on Is Charmin safe for RV?

What toilet paper for an RV toilet?

For chemical RV toilets, it is best to rapidly use biodegradable toilet paper. Thetford Aqua Soft has been specially developed for this type of toilet, so it dissolves faster. We recommend that you use special toilet paper as there is a very high risk that normal toilet paper will clog the toilet. In addition, it makes emptying the toilet easier.

How to clean chemical toilets?

To clean the waste tank of your toilet, it is best to use the cassette tank cleaner and to clean the exterior of the toilet, we recommend that you use the bathroom cleaner. These products are specially designed for this type of toilet. If you use normal household products, the risk is far too high that rubbers and plastics will be affected.

How to maintain chemical toilets?

If you maintain your toilet properly, it will last longer. This is why it is important that you use the right cleaning products. The maintenance of rubbers is also very important. For this, it is better to use silicone spray. With this, you lubricate, maintain and protect the closures.


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