Is a pop-up camper better than a tent?

In today’s blog post, we will answer the following question: Is a pop-up camper better than a tent? We will discuss the pros and cons of both tent camping and travelling with a pop-up camper. 

Is a pop-up camper better than a tent?

Whether a pop-up camper is better than a tent for your travels is true, a matter of personal choice. A pop-up camper and tent are two different styles of camping: the pop-up camper is comfortable and also allows you to take advantage of all of its utilities, while the tent is the more classic version of camping and you can be more in contact with nature.

What are the biggest differences between the two and which one to choose between a pop-up camper or tent?

Here are some useful tips to take into consideration to organize your next vacation according to your tastes and needs.

Choosing the pop-up camper over the tent

If you choose the pop-up camper, you can choose to use your own vehicle or to rent one only for the holiday period. The facilities equipped for camper parking are many and have pitches that are also ideal for caravans.

The equipped facilities offer a series of very useful and comfortable services:

  • secure parking;
  • common areas;
  • toilets and showers;
  • connection to the electricity network;

You can also use the free parking in an area near the campsite. In this case, however, it is advisable to check the permits in advance, to avoid fines.

The pros of a pop-up camper

The pop-up camper offers advantages such as:

  • complete freedom: You can go to any place when you want and how you want, avoiding the high season;
  • on board, there is everything you need. In small, there are: kitchen, living room, bathroom and everything you need in terms of services to rest assured;
  • the amortized cost of accommodation and meals. Often, on vacation, you pay a lot for both food and accommodation. With the camper, the expenses for the vacation are reduced;
  • it is perfect when vacation days are few and for long weekends. Even those who are very busy do not have to organize themselves very far in advance and can also enjoy a 2-day holiday;
  • Keep your equipment safe. Those who love photography need to carry a lot of equipment that they can’t carry in their backpack. The camper solves the problem.

The cons of a pop-up camper

  • a pop-up camper costs even when not in use. In fact, in addition to road tax, full and insurance, there are the purchase cost and the fact that, as with the car, it tends to reduce its value as time passes;
  • checks and tests. The camper must make a series of checks, which are also related to safety on vacation. These are services that only specialists can offer and that have a considerable cost.

Choosing the ten over the pop-up camper

If you choose a tent, you love nature and are willing to face the absence of all the comforts of the case, as well as the unexpected. In fact, it is not possible to install a bathroom system in the tent (although it is still possible to equip yourself with a portable chemical toilet for camping) and you must be prepared to face unexpected events such as insects, rain, etc.

Fortunately, there are equipped camping areas and modern camping tents guarantee ever greater comfort, even in less than perfect terrain.

The pros of a tent

What are the advantages of the tent?

  • The costs are lowered, as is the case for the pop-up camper. Here too, room and board are easier to manage in terms of costs. In the picnic areas, there are some additional services, but nothing so unsustainable from an economic point of view;
  • Contact with nature. That’s the reason you go camping, isn’t it? The tent can be set up anywhere and, with a guide, you can cross different paths;
  • We are not alone and lost. Today, technology helps campers. There are rugged smartphones for those who love the mountains, tablets and tools to have fun when it rains, survival kits, new generation tents, etc .;
  • A new way of living. In the tent, there are no phone calls, e-mails, problems … You find the intimacy of a couple and you also get a new way of communicating with your neighbours. We tell stories, we live in a slower and more serene dimension;
  • Clean air. Well, you are immersed in nature, you might as well enjoy it.

The cons of a tent

What are the cons of the tent?

  • A family with small children is more in trouble. There are shared services, but children are not very used to being outside, especially if it rains. In addition, the picnic areas are often stormed …
  • The bad weather. If you are in a tent, no matter how technological and with state-of-the-art systems, it cannot withstand a storm. For this, there are emergency shelters.

What to choose between a pop-up camper and a tent?

Between a tent and a pop-up camper, the choice depends a lot on the person. For experienced and non-expert campers who love contact with nature and who don’t mind the lack of comfort, the tent is definitely the perfect option.

For people who cannot do without some comforts or who are just starting out, the pop-up camper is preferable to be more peaceful and avoid the possible unexpected events typical of a holiday in nature with a tent.

The downsides of one or the other “style” of camping are easily eliminated. For the pop-up camper, you can choose a rental camper, while for the tent, you can choose to go to facilities equipped in case of bad weather.

The costs are lower if you use the tent because a four-person tent costs only once up to a maximum of 200 dollars. On the other hand, a camper for four people costs and also always costs, because there is maintenance to be done.

In short, it all depends on how you want to experience the trip. Why not try them both?

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FAQ on Is a pop-up camper better than a tent?

Why buy a camper?

The camper is an ideal vehicle for a holiday in freedom, guaranteeing maximum autonomy in movements and times. The “on the road” journey, itinerant and the possibility of changing the route along the way, fascinates many people. 

What does a pop-up camper mean?

As the name suggests, the pop-up camper opens as soon as it is taken out of the bag and the band is released. This is an ideal way for campers who like to take the least amount of things with them on camping trips. It is also ideal for those who continue to explore alone or as a couple.

What to know before buying a motorhome?

Before buying a motorhome you must know:

  • Travel and crew needs.
  • Motorhome model and size. 
  • Mechanics of the camper. 
  • Interior spaces and living areas. 
  • If you want a new or used camper.
  • Age of the camper. 
  • State of the facilities.
  • Private seller or dealership.

What are the best brands of camping tents?

The five best camping tents are:

Ferrino, Proxes, Tent, Unisex. 

Coleman Coastline Camping Tent, 2 Man.

Skandika Gotland 6 Family Camping Tent.

Camping Gaz Ridgeline 4 Plus Tent. 

Ferrino Tent Kalahari 3 Places Mod.

How to buy a used camper?

To buy a used camper, a good investment could be to have your trusted mechanic accompany you, at the cost of paying him for the time you commit. In any case, after the purchase, it is a good idea to have a complete and scrupulous service carried out, and this applies regardless of the age of the camper used.


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