Is a box truck a good investment? (5 things to consider)

In today’s blog post, we will discuss: ​Is a box truck a good investment? We will discuss five important aspects that will help you choose the next box truck for your business. 

Is a box truck a good investment?

The purchase of a box truck is an investment in all respects both for a small company and for a self-employed person. Choosing a product that does not reflect your real needs can lead to a number of practical problems, it can lead to costs in the future and even damage, because you do not have a vehicle suitable for carrying out your professional activity. 

Choosing well, therefore, is really important. But what must be taken into account when choosing a box truck? Here are some useful tips you shouldn’t forget when it comes to buying a box truck.

5 tips for a good investment

Here are five important aspects to think about if you want to buy the best box truck:

  1. Is it better to buy a new or used box truck?

The first intersection that we find ourselves having to cross concerns the choice between new and used, each with its strengths and disadvantages. This essentially depends on your budget and on the type of work that the vehicle will have to carry out on a daily basis.

If your company carries out removals or transport of goods, we warmly advise you to opt for a new vehicle, the miles that the vehicle will have to grind are really many and you would risk blowing up a profitable working day just for an engine failure. If on the other hand, you intend to make only sporadic outings or in any case towards nearby destinations, you can orient yourself on a used vehicle. 

Be very careful and do not try to save too much, an engine with too many years behind it will immediately begin to present the first problems, and the final repair costs could exceed the purchase costs; An excellent idea would be to ask your trusted mechanic for a quick inspection of the vehicle before purchasing, an expert eye will immediately realize the potential repairs around the corner.

  1. What should the overall dimensions of the box truck be?

Size is another important feature of the vehicle, which will greatly affect your company’s earnings at the end of the month; it is useless to specify that a larger and more capacious vehicle will be able to work with much more autonomy, without having to go back to the office each time to load the goods. 

If the previous choice between new and used could have been made by thinking about your type of business, when it comes to dimensions and commercial vehicles there is no doubt: you need a very large vehicle. 

We know very well that at first glance it may seem a strange statement and without any logic, but think carefully, how many times have you happened to have to transport objects and work materials to your factory?  How many times have you been forced to rent a van because the subcompact was unable to perform the task correctly? 

Don’t be afraid and start looking for a vehicle with a high capacity, which will be able to come in handy even in the most difficult situations. If you’ve already spotted a good truck or van, but don’t have the necessary license to drive it on the road, it’s time to get back to driving school and upgrade your skills. Remember this is a great long-term investment, the end results of which will be able to amaze you.

  1. The power and engine of your box truck

We know very well that the box truck is not intended for outings or outings with friends, however, we must not completely underestimate the power side of power. Being able to move at a fast pace on the street will allow you to increase your productivity and consequently the success of your business, without letting yourself be overtaken by the competition. It will happen many times that you have to travel with the van completely full, and in these cases, a weak and lazy engine will only complicate the situation. 

Try to find a vehicle that can travel at high speeds without suffering engine damage; this obviously does not mean that you will have to do car races in the city putting other road users in danger, but you will have that little push that is able to make a difference on certain occasions.

  1. Take into account the consumption of your box truck

Surely you were waiting for this paragraph of the guide with great impatience, on the other hand, it is useless to lie, we all want to save on fuel, an expense that is not cheap at all. Generally, the vehicles that are able to offer the best consumption-performance ratio are petrol ones; you will not spend as much as for a normal car, but compared to diesel and LPG you can save a lot of money. 

Don’t forget to check the vehicle emissions before signing the deed of purchase; many times those low prices in front of which we remain open-mouthed are precisely due to the fact that the vehicle is no longer allowed to circulate as it is too polluting, and between us, to find yourself with the keys to a van that can only be used on the track. It is certainly a beautiful emotion. 

Special attention must also be given to the capacity of the tank: even if it will not directly affect performance and consumption, it will force you to stop too many times, making you waste precious time.

  1. How to choose the brand of your box truck

Here we are at the end of this long guide to the choice during which we have analyzed all the main aspects to be taken into consideration in choosing the right commercial vehicle, there is only one last thing left: the brand. Fasten your seat belts well because we are about to surprise you, especially if you have already read promotional articles around the web; when it comes to a box truck, the brand does not matter, each production company has its best and worst models, there is no real renowned leader in the sector to rely on. 

If you want concrete proof of our success, just take a look on the street, where all types of work vehicles circulate, starting with Iveco, passing through the most famous Mercedes, and ending with the more common Fiat. 

Each entrepreneur chooses the best vehicle based on his personal history, not that of his company; a van with many miles, even if it belongs to the most prestigious car manufacturer in the world, will always remain an old vehicle that no one will buy for fear of ending up in a series without interruption of visits to the mechanic.

Final advice

A fundamental aspect of a box truck is its set-up, that is, the provision of personalized spaces inside the truck to be able to carry out their professional activity in the best possible way. The set-up can be carried out by companies specialized in the sector, who can listen to all your wishes for customizing the box truck and proceed to make it unique for your professional activity, as you have always dreamed and desired. All you have to do is ask for a quote!

If you want to know how exactly you can make money with your box truck, check our article on the same subject! And if you have any other questions about the process of acquiring a good box truck, please let us know. 

FAQ on Is a box truck a good investment?

What is good mileage for a used box truck?

Good mileage for a used box truck would be under 100,000 miles for gas engines, and under 200,000 miles for diesel engines. There is no need to retire the box truck after you hit this mark, but you will, however, need to pay more attention to its maintenance and you’ll definitely take it to service more often.

​​Do box trucks need authority?

Yes, box trucks need operating authority from the Federal Motor Car Safety Administration (FMCSA) in order to be able to cross boundaries or to carry goods for delivery purposes. 

What is the most reliable box truck?

The following are the most reliable box trucks:

  • Scania
  • DAF 
  • MAN
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Iveco
  • Volvo
  • Renault.

How to choose a box truck?

To choose a box truck make sure you respect the following criteria:

  • Fast delivery. 
  • Reasonable costs.
  • Efficiency.
  • Security. 
  • Precision. 

How do box trucks make money?

There are countless ways to make money with a box truck. Some of the most common methods are renting, advertising, freight services, private courier services or moving services. 


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