How wide is a static caravan door? (how to measure)

In this article, we will answer the following question: How wide is a static caravan door? We will tell you how to properly measure a static caravan door and how to dismantle and reinstall one step-by-step. 

How wide is a static caravan door?

Most static caravan doors are around 28 inches wide. But depending on the model of the caravan and how old it is, the measures may vary. 

Replacing or repairing doors in a mobile home can help the structure maintain its structural integrity and decorative appeal. Before placing doors in a mobile home, measures must be taken to ensure proper installation. 

The door measurements in a mobile home are not the same as typical house foundations. Due to the variation in mobile home door styles and designs, proper measurements must be taken prior to remodelling the space.

Here’s how to measure doors in a static caravan: 

  1. Measure the size of the opening in the wall. Imagine the space as if the entire door were completely removed and measure the opening from wall to wall. This measurement offers a rough starting point for calculating the perimeter of the door. They do not measure the outer door frame, as mobile home door frames vary based on different manufacturer specifications.
  1. Determine if the static caravan door is the standard of the door that moves outward. For an outward-opening door, measure the entire opening from the inside of the house. Mobile home doors are only available in 2-inch high and 2-inch wide measuring increments, so the entire opening measurement provides the closest guess for door replacement.
  1. Check to see if the mobile home door opening is a standard size. The most common size for a mobile home door is 32 inches by 76 inches. Old mobile homes that were built before 1980 have slightly smaller doors. The standard for doors is normally 32-72 inches. 
  1. Determine if a combination of the door with a storm door and toward the desired standard door swing centre. Measure the entire opening in the same way as if it were a standard outward-opening door. Also, measure the inside of the opening that includes the door frame.
  1. Include the wooden frame in the combination of the door measurements. Mobile home combination doors have a wood frame that is approximately 1/2 inch thick on each side and on the top and bottom of the door than the metal frame that normally accompanies a standard that opens out of the door. 

Include the additional 1/2 inch of measurements all the way around when measuring the inside of the opening. 34-36 is one of the standard sizes for the combination of mobile home doors.

How to install a static caravan door?

If your main goal is to install a static caravan door, we have you covered.  A humble front door that constantly swings open and closed has to be the most consumed part of the home. We demand a lot from our doors. 

They should fit snugly into your jambs and avoid heat and cold, swing easily but quietly through the hinges, cast a welcoming aura into the home and withstand incredible amounts of wear and tear and remain intact.

Of all doors, however, static caravan doors are trapped by the saddest fate of all. Cheap designed and prone to mishap, they have to be replaced quite frequently. So, how do you install an exterior door on your mobile home or replace your squeaky, battered old one? 

Things you will need to install a static caravan door:

  1. Use your tape measure to determine the size of the door hole. This refers to the width and height of the space that the door leaves on the wall once it is removed from its hinges.

Please note that standard doors come in predefined sizes. Most likely the door you get will not fit your mobile home door opening. Therefore, choose between three options: increase the size of the door frame, buy a door and saw which opening fits, or order a custom door over the Internet.

  1. Glue the new door onto its frame. Keep it as level and straight as possible.
  1. Secure the door by drilling three screws on its left and right side. These should be at waist level. You can make this task easier with a levelling device, which can be used to align the door from top to bottom to make sure it has not gone out of line.
  1. Step back and review your artwork. If the door looks completely straight, get more screws and drive them to the left and right side of the door (below and above the ones you previously made).

We remind you that static caravan doors should fit snugly into your jambs and avoid heat and cold, swing easily but quietly through the hinges, cast a welcoming aura into the home and withstand incredible amounts of wear and tear and remain intact.

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FAQ on How wide is a static caravan door?

What is the standard size of a caravan door?

The standard size of a caravan door is between 1420-1908mm in height and from 575-815mm in widths. 

How do you remove a door?

To remove a door, follow this step-by-step procedure:

  1. Remove the bolts from the bottom up. It is easier to remove the bolts than to try to remove the hinges entirely.
  2. Place the screwdriver as a lever at the bottom of the door. 
  3. Remove the door carefully.

How to remove a door hinge?

You can loosen and then remove a door hinge by tapping it gently with a hammer. If this method doesn’t work, try driving the pin with the hammer a few times. To keep the door stable, you must first remove the lower hinge and then the upper one.

How much does a carpenter charge to install a door?

A carpenter can charge you between $100 to $300 to install a door. It will all depend on the type and the size of the door, but also how heavy it is. 

How do you adjust a caravan door?

To adjust a caravan door, you just have to open and grasp it down as low as possible then gently lift the door. 


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