How well do Skoolies sell? (examples included)

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: How well do Skoolies sell? We will give you a few popular examples and tell you how much they are sold, we will also tell you where you can sell your Skoolie, and finally give you a few tips on how to make a sale of a Skoolie and how to get the best price possible. 

How well do Skoolies sell?

How well your Skoolie will sell depends on various factors: the size of the converted bus, the quality of the craftsmanship, the number of amenities installed, whether it’s furnished or not, the bus engine size, number of miles, in one word: the condition of the bus itself. 

You can expect to sell a Skoolie anywhere from a few thousand dollars to $75000+. Let’s see in the table below a few popular Skoolies that are now on the market. 

Popular Skoolies Selling Price*

Skoolie ModelSelling Price
1994 Ford E350 Short Skoolie$23000
2007 Thomas Off-Grid Skoolie$45000
2001 International IC 40′ Gutted Bus$6500
1996 Ford E350 Short Bus$22000
2000 Ford E-450 Finished Shuttle Bus$65000
1999 GMC Blue Bird$39000
2000 Ford E450 Finished Shuttle$16500
1976 Vintage Chevy GMC V8 6000$7500
2005 Ford E450 Super Duty$72000

*All prices are actual for September 2021 and were collected from 

As you can see, depending on the year, size and bus model, you can sell a Skoolie for as low as $6000 or as high as $72000. These are just a few models, of course, as the final price will always depend on both the seller and the customer. 

Where can you sell a Skoolie?

There are several options to sell your Skoolie. After all, a converted bus is considered an RV, thus many RV selling places will deal with Skoolies as well. It’s all a matter of market research, after all. 

Here are a few popular options for places where you can sell a Skoolie:

  1. – This is a 100% commission free place to sell a Skoolie. It is the first on our list because it is a specialized website and among the most trusted and recommended by fellow Skoolie owners.  
  1. RV Trader – it is widely recognized in the recreational vehicle industry as a popular means of finding the best deals on new and used RVs for sale. 
  1. Classy RV – Rated top eBay seller and with offers all over the country, this is one of our favourite places to recommend. Not to mention that their website is user-friendly and really easy to navigate; 
  1. Conversion Trader – It has a large database of  camper vans, Class B or C RVs, sprinters, buses, skoolies & more;
  1. RVUSA – This is the place to search for the ideal RV that will meet your family’s needs. Just fill in the form and check the results!
  1. Visit a dealer near you – Try searching on google maps: RV dealership near me. If you befriend the deal in your area, that’s even better for a good deal. 
  1. Facebook Groups – This is also a great place for tips and advice from experienced RV owners.
  1. eBay  – try eBay auctions for better deals.
  1. Craigslist – The reason why Craigslist is last on our list is that although you can get great deals on this website, many of the ads prove to be scams. So be careful with this one, especially when someone wants to offer you a free RV!

Tips for selling a Skoolie

There are currently several ways to offer a converted school bus on the market. Anyone who wants to sell a second-hand Skoolie can do it personally or have the sale done by a dealer. Obviously, if the sale is entrusted to a merchant, he will demand a commission that will be deducted from the sale price. If he wants to sell the Skoolie and close the deal as a private individual, he should know that he can come across some tricks.

Selling a Skoolie, as a private individual and without intermediaries, is easier than you think. 

Private sellers can post an ad in the newspaper or on an online second-hand vehicle portal. Anyone who opts for the ad in the newspaper should know that practically only interested parties from a certain region will read it. 

However, if you want to sell a Skoolie and post your ad online, you have many advantages: there is usually more space for a more detailed description and representative photos can be added. By the way, photos are most effective when taken in a suitable environment and in good weather.

If you sell your Skoolie, either online or through an advertisement in the newspaper, you should describe the Skoolie as precisely and accurately as possible. Do not create expectations that the second-hand Skoolie cannot satisfy. To more easily convince, it is important to present the vehicle to the potential buyer in a clean and neat condition. 

Therefore, before meeting in person, it is advisable to clean it thoroughly, since this measure positively influences the impression caused by both the vehicle and the price.

It is difficult to establish a firm price with a private seller. Of course, the seller can find out about the usual prices in the market, however, he should be receptive to possible negotiations. Therefore, it is prudent not to set any fixed price but to indicate that the sale price should be considered a starting price for the negotiation.

The used vehicle market also has black sheep among buyers.

In the case of the private sale, one of the tricks we mentioned may be an attempt to scam the buyer. One trick is to write too high a figure on the check. The buyer apologizes for the confusion and asks for the excess amount to be refunded. Whoever, acting in good faith, returns this money before cashing the check, will never see his money again.

The seller of a Skoolie must take special care when delivering the vehicle documents. These documents must be delivered to the seller personally once the purchase process has been correctly concluded and when the seller has already received the money from him.

Vehicle documents should never be sent in advance by data transfer, even if required by the buyer. There have already been cases of scams in which the digital transfer of documentation has been used to falsify it.

How to sell a Skollie step-by-step

If you plan to sell your Skoolie on the internet in order to obtain greater visibility but do not really know how to go about it, continue reading. From the creation of the ad to the transaction, here are some tips to facilitate the sale of your used Skoolie and carry it out under the best conditions: quickly and with confidence.

  1. Create the Skoolie sales ad. Create a complete ad, carefully crafted and embellished with relevant photos. Be careful not to omit any information: type of vehicle, carrier, make, model, mileage, year of entry into service, GVWR (total authorized weight), number of vehicle registration and sleeping places, dimensions, fuel, consumption, gearbox, vehicle location but also equipment and options. 

The body of the ad must be written in a clear and airy manner in order to facilitate reading and increase the chances of arousing interest. This will also help you avoid repeated requests for information.

  1. Attract the eye of your potential buyers. Choose the photos that will highlight your Skoolie. To do this, don’t skimp on quality or quantity! Take the time to take a picture of your vehicle from the outside (front 3/4 view, rear, side) but also from the inside (driving position, dining area, kitchen, bathroom, toilets, beds). 

Equipment, options or any other relevant element may also be photographed for the purpose of being highlighted. And yes (future) Skoolie drivers are curious!

  1. Choose the selling price of your Skoolie. If you want to sell your Skoolie quickly, set a fair selling price that is fair to its general condition! Too high, the price will be a brake on the purchase, too low, you will arouse suspicion as to the condition of the vehicle. 

To do this, take the time to gather the following information: the value of the Skoolie at the time of purchase, age, discount, condition of the cell, any repairs carried out … and estimate the right price according to these criteria. 

  1. Transparency on the condition of the vehicle. Communicating frankly about the general condition of the vehicle is important. The technical control, the waterproofing, the maintenance booklet or the invoices for the “work” carried out on the Skoolie are all elements that will reassure the buyer. 

To ensure that the Skoolie is functional, have a technical expertise of the vehicle carried out by a specialist, who will thus draw up a complete report on the condition of the carrier and the cell of the Skoolie and check the latter for leaks. The results obtained reassure the buyer, avoid hidden defects and provide information on the points of vigilance to be monitored.

  1. Mechanical warranty: a real plus for the buyer and for the sale. Take out a mechanical breakdown guarantee and promise your future purchaser safe Skoolie trips after the purchase! Facilitate the procedures by providing the mechanical failure guarantee, which will protect the buyer from the costs generated by the mechanical failure. 

You will have an advantage over other ads and gain confidence with the future owner.

  1. A secure transaction to sell your Skoolie. Make sure you choose the right site to sell your used Skoolie, van or campervan between individuals. Scams are unfortunately very common on classifieds sites, however, secure platforms allow them to be avoided and the vehicle to be sold with confidence.

The bottom line

Selling a Skoolie is not as difficult as you may think, or at least we hope this is the conclusion you got to after reading our in-depth guide. Remember that strong negotiating skills and good maintenance of your converted vehicle will always ensure you get the best deal!

If you have any questions or comments on this content, please let us know. 

FAQ on How well do Skoolies sell?

Are Skoolies a good investment?

Skoolies are a good investment as long as you are willing to commit to the conversion process and are ready financially speaking. A Skoolie can become a great RV, or even a more permanent home. 

How much is a Skoolie worth?

A Skoolie is worth $20,000 to $30,000 for the initial build-out. Depending on the amount of amenities and modifications that you are going to make, the worth of your Skoolie will increase significantly. 

Is a Skoolie considered an RV?

Yes, A Skoolie is considered an RV. They have become popular recently and are nothing more than converted school buses. They are spacious and offer plenty of room to decorate and furnish as you may please. 


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