How to use the RV complete app while on the road?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “How to use the RV complete app while on the road?” We will talk about the features of the RV complete app, including the Free Zone Wifi. We will also describe the benefits and list some of the other apps that are essential for motorhome lovers.  

How to use the RV complete app while on the road?

You can use the RV complete app while on the road in mainly three ways, which include:

  • The Freezone Wifi 
  • As GPS
  • As a Route Planner

By using the RV complete app in the above-mentioned manners, you can make your experience on the road easier and a lot more efficient.

FreeZone Wifi from the RV complete app

The FreeZone Wifi in the RV complete app can be a great tool when traveling overseas. Free zones around the world provide strong wifi signals and are an excellent way to stay connected on the road. Whether you are in the United States, Europe, or Australia, the FreeZone Wifi app can help you stay connected on the go.

  • You can also choose from a monthly plan or pay-by-usage plans.
  • There are several different WiFi connectivity options for RVs, including satellite internet, cell phone carriers, and WiFi boosters.
  • The FreeZone Wifi in the RV complete app offers a free WiFi hotspot for up to five devices.
  • Depending on the length of your stay, you may need to install a separate dish in your RV.
  • You can simply turn your phone into a mobile WiFi hotspot that will connect to a Wi-Fi network.

Whether you are traveling to an international destination or just need to stay connected in a campground for an extended period. The FreeZone Wifi in the RV complete app is a useful tool to ensure uninterrupted service while away from home. It features a large touchscreen and is easy to use.

It can be paired with an iPhone or Android device and will enhance the signal from both the cell data signal and campground WiFi. The FreeZone Wifi can keep track of all the free WiFi connections in the area you are visiting. This feature is also a time-saver since it keeps offline records. Whether you are traveling for business purposes or a leisure trip. Having a reliable internet connection is essential. This is a must-have app for RV enthusiasts.

GPS through the RV complete app

If you plan on using your RV as a full-time residence, you should invest in a GPS unit. GPS units come in handy in many situations, but many RV lovers do not use them. Manually using a GPS requires you to focus on planning your route ahead of time and keep your eyes on the road. You should choose a GPS device with built-in navigation features to make your life easier.

Easy navigation

An RV GPS is one of the most essential accessories for an RV. GPS helps you navigate safely and effortlessly. It also helps you avoid tight spots and bridges.

Route information

Without route information, you may miss a turn or find yourself stuck in a tight spot. With GPS, you can avoid these problems and focus on enjoying your vacation. It can even help you locate your campsite.

Locality information

An RV GPS travel system comes preloaded with millions of points of interest. It can guide you to restaurants, shopping centers, and even health facilities. Moreover, many of these systems have FM radios and Bluetooth connectivity.

Real-time traffic and weather updates

If you are using the GPS while traveling, you can also access real-time traffic and weather updates.

The GPS in the RV complete app will ensure your safety and satisfaction while traveling. You can even keep track of your progress while using a GPS device, so you can plan your next trip. When choosing a GPS unit for your RV, you should make sure that the screen size is at least five inches. Some GPS models have larger screens because they are easier to use.

Make sure to mount the GPS unit in a way that will not obstruct your view of the road. Once you have chosen a GPS, you need to consider its user interface. You can change the settings on the device to suit your preferences.

Route planner through the RV complete app

An RV GPS app will allow you to plan a trip in a matter of seconds. The app will ask for some basic information, including the length, weight, and propane status of the RV. From there, you can choose from multiple destinations. You can also set multiple destinations for your trip. If you are using an iPhone or Android device, you can install Google Maps on the device.

  • You can set a destination by entering its address or the location of a landmark.
  • Then, you can choose a destination by adding the start and finish points and entering your vehicle’s specs.
  • After you have entered your data, you can set up your destination, download maps, and select route-specific options.
  • A road trip planner allows you to create a detailed itinerary and keep track of expenses. You can input the mileage, the number of days you plan to travel, and any other details you want to include.
  • The app also includes information about the location of camping facilities and nearby points of interest.
  • Many RV trip planning apps will allow you to input details like height, weight, and preferred travel distance. And most of these apps allow you to input information like intended travel stops.

RV complete app additional features

In addition to the features explained above, the RV complete app offers even more features that can be superb for any RV owner.

  • This app has a built-in trip wizard that lets you plan your route, allowing you to save your favorite campgrounds along the way.
  • Once you have saved these campgrounds, you can easily access them in the route planner, and find a location that matches your preferences.
  • You can then download the entire trip to your GPS or print out a summary of your itinerary.

Overnight RV Parking App

Another popular RV parking app for finding free overnight parking is called “Allstays”. The app offers a database of free and paid parking locations, with detailed driving directions. The app also features information on trucker discounts and nearby points. Users can also search for nearby points by map. Allstays is a free app with paid upgrades available.

  • This free app also contains a directory of over 15,000 places to park your RV overnight.
  • You can also search for nearby public parks by using GPS. You can even find parks that allow overnight parking if you are going boondocking.
  • This app is also very useful for finding quick rest stops. If you are traveling for business or pleasure, it’s the perfect app to help you find free parking near your destination.
  • In addition to parking lots, the app also provides descriptions of campgrounds and RV parks. It includes details such as the amenities available, contact information, and average rating.
  • You can also filter listings by categories such as free camping, RV parks, and even beach camping.
  • The app also offers tips on how to find the closest restaurants and gas stations. Of course, you have to keep in mind that not all businesses are RV-friendly, so you may want to call ahead before you plan your trip.

While free overnight RV parking can be useful in some cases, it is best to check with the local campground or park manager before making your reservation. A lot of state and national parks do not allow overnight RV parking. But there are plenty of free places to park your RV, so it’s well worth the trouble. You can even use your phone’s GPS to find a parking space.

Roadpass Pro

In addition to a GPS navigation system, the Roadpass Pro RV app also includes personalized features such as trip planning. By entering your RV’s size, you can build a route that is tailored specifically to your needs. In addition to mapping routes, the app lets you check the status of active recalls, perform RV maintenance, and check RV checklists

  • Roadpass Pro also includes a collection of useful resources, such as a community feed for RV owners.
  • The Roadpass Pro RV app offers a suite of RV apps, including Togo RV, Campendium, RVillage, and Roadtrippers.
  • Roadpass allows you to save places you have stopped at during your trip and adds them to your route.
  • It also lets you read the latest RV living articles. This app is also a great tool for boondocking RVers. It shows the nearest tower and provides the strongest signal in that area.

While several apps are created for RV lovers, the RV complete is one of the best since it comes with most of the features. The RV complete app allows you to keep a tab on your entire trip from start to end. Be sure to download the RV complete app to enhance your camping and traveling experience.


In this blog post, we answered the question: “How to use the RV complete app while on the road?” We have talked about the features of the RV complete app, including the Free Zone Wifi. We have also described the benefits and listed some of the other apps that are essential for motorhome lovers.  


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