How to turn on a power outlet in a Dodge Caravan?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “How to turn on a power outlet in a Dodge Caravan?” We will discuss the power outlet locations and the uses of a power inverter. We will also discuss how to reset the power outlet in a Dodge Caravan. Additionally, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a Dodge Caravan.

How to turn on a power outlet in a Dodge Caravan?

To turn on a power outlet in a Dodge Caravan, you will need to follow a few simple steps mentioned below.

  • Locate the 12 Volt (13 amp) power outlet on the lower instrument panel to turn on the power outlet in a Dodge caravan. 
  • The power outlet is usually situated below the open storage bin. 
  • There is an ignition switch that is used to control the power outlet by the driver’s side. These power outlets are designed to access plugs and you must avoid inserting any other object.
  • There is also an additional 12 Volt power outlet that should be located on the left rear trim panel. This can be found right behind the second row by the left passenger’s seat. 
  • The power outlet that is located in the lower instrument panel has a direct line from the battery. Hence, it is important not to connect any appliance that has a heavy load. This can prevent the engine from starting.
  • Not using the power outlet in the right manner can spoil the outlet or cause damage. These power outlets can remain active for up to 10 minutes after ignition. 
  • Try not to use the power outlet when the engine is not running. This can also drain out the battery. Be sure to check the manual on how to turn on the power outlet in a Dodge caravan.

Dodge Caravan power inverter and outlet 

There is a 115 Volt AC/150 W power inverter located in a Dodge caravan. If you are looking for this outlet, you should be able to find it right behind the passenger seat. This is the outlet that is used to charge electronics such as cell phones and other devices. Note that you cannot charge anything that is more than 150 watts.

To turn on this power outlet in the Dodge caravan, you are required to press the switch that is located right at the center of the instrument panel. This will turn on the power at the power outlet. By pushing the switch again, you should be able to turn off the power outlet. You should be able to view the status indicator of the AC power inverter.

Power inverter and its uses

The power inverter is used to protect against any overload. If you plug in any device that is more than 150 watts, the power inverter will automatically shut down. The moment you remove the electronic device, you will be able to see that the power inverter starts to reset and automatically. Avoid using appliances that are more than 170 watts since you might need to power up the inverter manually.

Resetting the power inverter manually in a Dodge Caravan

  • Resetting the power inverter manually is an easy task and all you need to do is unplug the device and plug it in once again. 
  • It is always advised to check the number of watts on the appliances you plan to use. This will avoid any overload in the circuit. 
  • The easiest way is to check the electrical devices and their power ratings.

Power outlets and their locations

  • The Dodge caravan has four 12-volt power outlets. 
  • Two of these outlets are situated at the lower instrument panel near the storage bin. 
  • The third one is located in the removable-floor console which is connected directly to the battery. 
  • The other one is located at the rear quarter panel next to the liftgate. This outlet can be controlled by the ignition switch.

Now that you know the locations of the power outlet, it is easy to turn on these outlets in a dodge caravan. Just be sure not to overload these outlets. In case you are struggling to find these locations, you can still refer to the dodge caravan manual. The manual will have diagrams as to where these power outlets are located.

2022 Dodge Caravan features

The 2022 Dodge Caravan is known as the 2022 Chrysler Grand Caravan. This vehicle is a seven-seater with runs on gasoline. It has a 287 horsepower @ 6,400 rpm. This Grand Caravan has only one trim model and it is one of those efficient vehicles. The fuel capacity for this vehicle is 71 liters and it has all the required safety features.

The Dodge Caravan is one of those popular minivans and it has had a high reputation since it was introduced in 1984. The 2007 Dodge Grand Caravan was one of the best models of all time. Over the years, Dodge has manufactured some of the top models and they have continued to do so. Recently, Dodge is now merged with Chrysler and is called the Chrysler Grand Caravan.

Advantages of buying a Dodge Caravan

There are many advantages to buying a Dodge Caravan. Many people opt for this vehicle because of its versatile features and comfort. The Dodge Caravan has improved its features by adapting to the latest technology. While there might be a few disadvantages, there are plenty of advantages to this excellent vehicle.

Affordable price

The price range for the Dodge Caravan is not too expensive and with several trim models available, you can get the best vehicle to suit your needs. Dodge has some of the best SUVs that are priced at a reasonable rate. If you are looking to save money, the Dodge Caravan is one of the best options. Despite the price, Dodge has not compromised on its quality.

Excellent interiors

The interiors for the Dodge caravan are excellent. With 156.1 cubic feet, Dodge Caravans are one of the best minivans with sufficient legroom. Some of the best trim levels have incredible legroom. The space behind the fort row can touch an easy 144 cubic feet. Behind the third row, there are 33 cubic feet of proper space.

Smooth handling and powerful engine

Dodge is also known for its smooth handling and powerful engines. The front struts and torsion-beam suspension at the back make maneuvering easy. Most of the Dodge trims have a powerful V6 engine with 283 horsepower. It also has an incredible towing capacity of 3,600 pounds. It is also good for various terrains.

Excellent seating and storage capacity

One of the other advantages of the Dodge Caravan is the excellent seating and storage capacity. This vehicle was designed to seat up to seven passengers. There are two seats behind the drive and the front seat and three seats at the back. The seals in the middle can be folded and you can use the space for storage.

Disadvantages of a Dodge Caravan

  • Though there are several advantages, every vehicle has its disadvantages. The Dodge Caravan is a little slow to accelerate despite having a powerful engine. 
  • The other disadvantage is that it also takes a lot of gas. With an estimated 17 miles per gallon, some people find it a little too less. While driving on highways, the Dodge Caravans is said to give around 25 miles per gallon.
  • The lack of driver-assist features has also been said to be a disadvantage. 
  • An automatic emergency braking system, blind-spot monitoring, and a few other safety features might not be found in the previous models. 
  • There is no smartphone integration and hands-free calling technology is not available in the previous models.

Apart from the disadvantages, the Dodge Caravan has some of the best features. It is also good for both off-road and on-road driving. Turning on the power outlet in a Dodge Caravan is not too difficult. All you need to do is locate the outlet. The only important thing to remember is never to overload the power outlet.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “How to turn on a power outlet in a Dodge Caravan?” We have discussed the power outlet locations and the uses of a power inverter. We have also discussed how to reset the power outlet in a Dodge Caravan. Additionally, we have discussed the advantages and disadvantages of a Dodge Caravan.