How to repair caravan floor delamination from underneath?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “How to repair caravan floor delamination from underneath?” We will discuss the steps to repair caravan floor delamination by elevating the caravan. We will also talk about a few essential tips to maintain the underneath of the caravan floor.

How to repair caravan floor delamination from underneath?

To repair caravan floor delamination from underneath, you must follow the steps described below.

  • Identify the delaminated area
  • Elevate the caravan
  • Remove the damaged parts
  • Repair the delaminated area
  • Address the issues
  • Reinforce the floor
  • Reinstall the components

Identify the delaminated area

  • First, identify the delaminated area to repair the caravan floor from underneath. Look for soft spots or sagging areas on the caravan floor. Check if the floor is unstable and mark the sections that need repair.
  • Delamination can occur anywhere on the caravan floor. First, you must try to identify the delaminated areas inside the caravan before accessing it from under. You can move on to the next step once you mark the delaminated areas.

Elevate the caravan

  • The next step is to elevate the caravan to identify the delamination from underneath. You can skip this step if you have enough space to crawl under the caravan. However, elevating the caravan will provide more space to repair the delamination from underneath.
  • You will need to use a heavy-duty jockey wheel and clamp to elevate the caravan. You can also use a trailer jack or an electric trailer dolly. It’s not necessary to elevate the entire caravan together. You can elevate one portion at first to access the delamination from underneath.
  • Remember that elevating the caravan can be a complex and dangerous task. Ensure to get help and support from another person while working on this project. Having someone stick around while you work under the caravan is also advised.
  • Park the caravan in a place that is level. Ensure that there are no slopes or ups and downs. The caravan must be straight and secure.

Remove the damaged parts

  • Once you elevate the caravan, you can access the delaminated floor from underneath. Wear safety equipment like gloves and safety goggles.
  • Next, you must remove the damaged parts of the delaminated floor. Determine the extent of the delamination and check to see if it has extended to other parts of the floor. If more than 50 percent of the floor is damaged, replacing the entire floor would be better.
  • Carefully remove the damaged parts with the help of any tool that you see fit. Each caravan floor varies, and it is essential to remove the other components.
  • You must remove the insulation, belly pan, and other materials to access the underside of the caravan floor.
  • While removing the other components, note their placements for reinstallation. Be cautious while removing the other components, and use the right tools.
  • Place the components aside and remove the delaminated area. Avoid damaging the other areas while removing the belly pan and insulation.

Repair the delaminated area

  • Next, you must repair the delamination area on the caravan floor. There are a few ways to repair the delaminated area for the caravan floor.
  • If the area is small, you can quickly repair it by injecting adhesive or epoxy into the affected area. However, if the delaminated section is too large, you must cut and replace the entire section.
  • Cut the damaged area and replace it with a new piece of plywood. Ensure that the plywood has the same thickness as the flooring. Secure the plywood with the help of screws or adhesive. Ensure that the replaced area is fixed securely.

Address the issues

  • After repairing the caravan floor, you must address the issues that cause the delamination. In most cases, water damage can be the underlying factor that causes delamination.
  • Address the issues to prevent them from occurring in the future. Repair the leaks, if any, and take appropriate measures to prevent damage in the future. The most important part is finding the cause and a solution for this particular issue.

Reinforce the floor

  • Next, you will need to reinforce the floor of the caravan. This depends on the extent of delamination. Determine the present condition of the floor and check if it needs additional support.
  • You can add support beams and extra layers of plywood to reinforce the floor. Adding another layer of plywood will be one of the best options.
  • Replace the affected sections with new plywood. Sometimes, it might not be delamination, but the wood can still be damaged. Use plywood or composite material and reinforce the caravan floor. Remember, the replacement materials must match the thickness and dimensions of the original floor.

Reinstall the components

  • Replace the other components, including the belly pan and insulation. Ensure that they are replaced correctly in the same manner as they were removed. Reattach the belly pan and all the other accessories removed on the underside of the floor. Double-check to see if they are sealed and secured thoroughly.

You can test the floor of the caravan to check its stability. Walk on the floor or apply weight to the repaired areas to check the stability. It is also essential to monitor the repaired sections of the caravan floor. Consult an expert or professional if you need help to work on this project. An expert will be able to help you complete this project.

Tips for maintaining the underneath of the caravan floor

The caravan floor is always prone to damage over a point in time. However, a few steps will help maintain the caravan floor underneath.

Regular inspection

  • Regular inspection will help maintain the underneath of the caravan floor. By inspecting the floor often, you will know if there are any chances of delamination. You will also know if there are any leaks from the plumbing systems. Water leaks are the biggest enemy of caravan delamination.

Add proper insulation

  • The insulation of the caravan plays a vital role in preventing delamination, especially for the floor underneath. Ensure that the caravan is adequately insulated. This will provide extra protection during winter as well.

Add a coat of paint

  • Adding a coat of waterproof paint to help protect the caravan floor from delamination is also good. Waterproof paint will provide extra protection from mildew and mold. Use some sealant to block all the areas and edges.

Those were a few steps to maintain the underneath of a caravan floor. Repairing delamination from underneath the caravan can be a challenging project. However, once the caravan is elevated, removing the other components and replacing the other damaged sections is easy. Seek help from an expert when necessary.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “How to repair caravan floor delamination from underneath?” We have discussed the steps to repair caravan floor delamination by elevating the caravan. We have also talked about a few essential tips to maintain the underneath of the caravan floor.

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