How to remove a TV from the wall mount in an RV?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “How to remove a TV from the wall mount in an RV?” We will talk about the steps to remove a TV from the wall mount and describe the various types of locking systems that are used. We will also look into the steps of attaching the TV mount to an RV wall.

How to remove a TV from the wall mount in an RV?

To remove a TV from the wall mount in an RV, you need to follow the steps listed below. 

  • The first thing to do is identify if the TV is mounted with screws or if there is any other hardware involved. 
  • Be sure to have a multi-screwdriver or the right size to remove the screws. 
  • You might need an adjustable wrench, a flashlight, and a pair of gloves for safety purposes.
  • Apart from those tools, you can follow the simple guide that was provided to you while installing the TV. 
  • Unplug all the wires and the chords that are connected to the TV. 
  • After unplugging, you will need to tilt the TV and lift it at an angle so that it comes out of the wall mount. 
  • Be sure to have another person along if the TV is too heavy to lift. 
  • Carrying an RV television alone can be a hard task, another set of hands is always easy to help in the process. 
  • The television will have two wall mounts and you will need to remove both.
  • The next step will be to unscrew the TV mount bracket from the TV. Note that this can change according to the TV and the wall mount. Some televisions can be removed from the wall mount by just lifting them.
  • The next thing to do will be to remove the wall mount from the wall. Removing the wall mount is easy once you remove the TV. Getting the TV out of the wall mount is the toughest part. 
  • Remember that the RV is not exactly fixed tight to the wall mount. The wall mount is just a provision to hold the TV. You can lift the TV out of the wall mount with ease.
  • In most cases, you will be able to figure out the process on your own. Removing the RV from the wall mount in an RV is not any major task. 
  • The only challenge you can face is trying to carry the TV on your own. It is also possible to lift the TV on your own if the size is small but be sure to have a safe place to keep the TV.

Unplug the wires 

The first step will be to unplug all the wires that are connected to the TV in th RV. Be sure to cut the power while working and always inform the people who are around when you work with electricity. Unplug the wires carefully and remember thier connections so you can fix them again during installation. 

Remove the TV and the wall mount 

The next step is to remove the TV from the wall mount. You will need some help to get this task complete but the most important point is to understand the type of locking system that is used for the wall mount. Once you identify the locking system, you will be able to remove the RV and wall mount with ease. 

Identify the locking system

Check if the wall mount has a safety lock system. In some cases, you will need to unlock the wall mount before fully dismounting the TV. Most wall mounts either come with a bar lock, a screw, or a pull-string. Removing the TV from the wall mount can be a little tricky and you might need to use the flashlight to look behind.

Screw type locking system

  • The screw-type locking system is the most common and you will need a screwdriver to remove it. 
  • The standard size of these screws will require a 12-inch screwdriver. However, it can change accordingly. 
  • You will need to unscrew the screws to pull out the television from the wall. Ensure to unlock the screws before removing the TV.

Pull string locking system

  • The pull string locking system is found with the latest model of televisions. This is easier than the screw-type locking system and there is no need for a screwdriver. 
  • All you need to do is pull the string that is attached to the latch. 
  • Once the string is pulled, it will release the bottom of the TV that is latched to the wall mount.

Horizontal locking bar system

  • The horizontal locking bar system is used for commercial space. 
  • There is no string or screws and this locking bar system can be accessed vertically at the bottom of the TV. However, the bar lock is located at the sides and you can find it by looking at the side of the TV. 
  • The locking bar is a bracket that is locked with a padlock.

Attaching a TV mount to an RV wall

Now that we know how to remove a TV from the wall mount in an RV, it is important to know how to attach a TV mount to an RV wall. You will need a few materials, as usual, to get started with the process. Installing an RV mount is not as easy as removing an RV from a wall mount. The RV mount must be secure at all times. Here’s what you need to do.

Selecting the right mount

Unlike the TV mounts that come for houses, RV mounts are different as they are specifically designed for motorhomes. These mounts are made in a way to keep the TV mounted on the wall even while traveling. It comes with lockable swivel arms to keep the TV secure and safe in the right place even when the vehicle is moving.

Power drill and drill bits

You will require a power drill to screw some holes into the RV wall. A power drill is an easy approach and it can save you plenty of time. Although the holes can be made with a screwdriver, a power drill is more accurate in this situation. Along with the power drill, you will need various drill bits of different sizes to mount the screws.

Leveling and finding studs

You will need a level or a tape to measure the spots before drilling holes. Before measuring the spots, you will need to understand the measurement of the wall mount. Having a stud finder sensor wall scanner will help you to find the right spots in your RV. This will give you an insight into the spots that can provide you with the best support.

Fixing the mount

The mount is the only thing that keeps the TV stable in the RV. Ensure to fix the mount securely in the right position. It can be challenging considering the height and the angle. However, this is the most important part of the installation process. Be sure to check once again if you have fixed the mount at the right angle.

Installing the mount bracket

You will need to secure the drilled holes with the mounting screws in the right place. Adding some wooden bits into the holes before using the screws will surely keep it more secure. Hold the mount up in the right manner against the wall and fix the screws into the holes that you have drilled. Once you are done, all you need to do is install the TV.

Connecting the TV and the plate

  • The television will need to be connected to the mount. 
  • Ensure that you connect the TV and the mounting plate. 
  • Remove any packaging if it comes along with the plate. 
  • Locate the mounting plate attachment holes in the RV and attach the plate at the back of the RV with the hardware that is provided.
  • Removing a TV from the wall mount in the RV is not a difficult process. The procedures are simple and are usually done in a couple of hours. 
  • When installing a TV to the RV, you will need an extra pair of hands to help you since is it difficult to see at the back. 


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “How to remove a TV from the wall mount in an RV?” We have talked about the steps to remove a TV from the wall mount and described the various types of locking systems that are used. We have also looked into the steps of attaching the TV mount to an RV wall.


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