How to purchase a KOA gift card?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “How to purchase a KOA gift card?” We will discuss the benefits of KOA gift cards and membership. We will also discuss the KOA VIP membership benefits and touch upon a few essential perks of being a member of KOA. At the end of this post, you will learn about the Kampgrounds of America.

How to purchase a KOA gift card?

To purchase a KOA gift card, you must contact the camper experience team or any KOA campground. Purchasing a KOA gift card is a straightforward process. There are only two ways to purchase a KOA gift card. Simply call up the camper experience team on their designated phone number.

The camper experience team helps customers get a gift card instantly via e-mail. These gift cards can be gifted to family members or friends immediately. Most campers purchase their gift card while camping or visiting a KOA campground. KOA gift cards are distributed at the front desk of any KOA campground.

Benefits of KOA gift cards and membership 

KOA gift cards arrive with several benefits, and hundreds of campers make use of these gift cards. These gift cards are meant for campers to enjoy the perks of camping. All KOA gift cards can be used at any KOA campground. There are more than 500 locations in the US and Canada for customers to use their KOA gift cards.

Save money with KOA rewards

  • To purchase KOA gift cards, you need to apply for the KOA membership to purchase KOA gift cards. KOA provides multiple benefits for its members, and one of its significant benefits is helping campers save money. Campers have access to KOA rewards, which allow customers to save money in the long run.
  • KOA also provides exclusive discounts for members, and they also provide exclusive partner offers. KOA rewards provide members a 10 percent off on their daily registration rate. 
  • They also provide reward points that can be redeemed for cash in future stays. Additionally, members get a free night of camping during the KOA rewards weekend.

Excellent camping experience

  • KOA rewards provide members with an excellent camping experience with multiple campgrounds. Their special discounts and access to exclusive program-only perks help members to make the best of their membership. Camping as a KOA member has several benefits for non-members.

Free night camping

  • KOA members get a free night of camping while participating in the KOA campground rewards weekend. Free night camping also helps individuals connect with several other campers with a similar mindset. The free night camping also has several other activities that keep campers entertained.

Daily registration rate discount

  • One significant benefit of being a member is a discount for a daily registration rate. KOA provides a comfortable camping experience, and they offer discounts simultaneously. The 10 percent discount has been a massive attraction to many campers.

KOA health benefits

  • KOA also provides multiple health benefits and discount plans for campers. Careington powers KOA Health and allows campers to sign up for 24/7, 365-day access to licensed doctors. It helps members save on dental and vision care. Note that this is only for non-emergency illnesses.  

KOA VIP membership benefits

The KOA VIP membership is different than the standard membership. This VIP membership is automatically provided to members who reach 20,000 points in their annual enrollment year. Here are the benefits for members who have VIP status with KOA.

Free annual renewal

  • The KOA VIP members get a free annual renewal automatically. There is no need to pay for renewal the next time with the free yearly renewal process.

Waived cancellation fees

  • VIP campers have a huge upper hand when compared to other members. VIP members do need to pay any cancellation fee. This is applicable for both RV sites and tents. However, this is applicable only if you cancel the reservation 48 hours in advance. For cabin stays, KOA requests VIP members to cancel their reservation one week in advance.
  • The $10 cancellation fee is not applicable for deluxe cabin stays, special events, holidays, and unique accommodations. As VIP members, campers also get multiple benefits from the abovementioned list.

Discount for friends

  • VIP members get 10 percent off when they bring their friends along. Referring a friend at the KOA provides 10 percent off on their daily registration rate for their site for up to four nights.

Those were some of the benefits of the KOA membership. KOA has plenty of campgrounds that help members get the best while camping. Members get to build their points and redeem them as real cash. KOA gift cards are undoubtedly beneficial for gifting options. KOA rewards are also helpful for all campers who camp at their campgrounds.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “How to purchase a KOA gift card?” We have discussed the benefits of KOA gift cards and membership. We have also discussed the KOA VIP membership benefits and touched upon a few essential perks of being a member of KOA. 


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