How to install doors and windows in a tear-drop trailer?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “How to install doors and windows in a tear-drop trailer?”. We will also be checking out the best advantages of a tear-drop trailer, which make these RV’s so popular among campers today. Finally, we will be listing the best teardrop trailer options which are available in the market today.

How to install doors and windows in a tear-drop trailer?

To install doors and windows in a tear-drop trailer, you will need to follow the steps described in the following section.

Installing doors in a tear-drop trailer

If you are building a tear-drop trailer, and need to install doors for it, you can use these pointers mentioned below.

  • You will first need to decide the shape of the door which you want for your door. You can choose from completely square doors, an arched-top door, and even a square door with rounded edges. Some people also choose doors that have a straight edge on one side and an arched edge on the other.
  • Next, you will need to decide the hinges you are going to use to fix your door to the trailer. You can choose from regular house-style hinges, gate hinges, or even piano hinges. Among the three options, piano hinges are most commonly used. If you are going for a piano hinge, you will need to get the ones that have a galvanized pin so that it does not rust.
  • You also need to consider the material which you are going to use for your door. In most trailers, the material chosen is plywood since it is cheap and easily workable. You can also replace it pretty easily in the case of any damage due to natural elements like rain or snow.
  • You can then cut out the plywood in your desired shape. You can do this by laying the plywood on the side and using saw horses to cut the plywood in the shape that you want. To draw the shape, you can go free hand but it is best to use makeshift compasses with a strip of wood or even a string.
  • Another thing that you will need to consider while cutting out the wood is to use a larger radius, such as 25 inches or even 30 inches. The reason for choosing a much larger radius is that while attaching screws to the door and the luan, the wood might break if the radius is too small.
  • After you have cut the door shape out, you can smoothen out the edges of the plywood using sandpaper. This is very important as this will avoid those nasty cuts and scrapes that often come with very rough pieces of wood.

Installing windows in a tear-drop trailer

To install windows in a tear-drop trailer that you are building on your own, you can use the steps described in the following points.

  • You will first need to make an opening for the window. When you have picked the right spot, you can trace the shape onto a piece of cardboard. You can then use the template to bring out the shape. Then, using a drill, make holes along the line so that it is easy for you to cut out the shape.
  • Next, you can take your new window and place it in the opening to see if the size fits. Make sure that the exterior flange of the window exceeds the opening up 3/8 inches as the gap will be covered by the trim ring.
  • Take the new window and lay it face down on a soft surface to avoid scratches. If the seal is not provided, you can apply the seal tape all the way around and ensure that there is no gap between the ends.
  • The next step requires two persons. One person needs to be on the outside holding the window, while the other person needs to be on the inside to align the ring holes to the channel.
  • With the ring screws provided along with the window, fasten the trim ring. You can start with the corners first and then complete the entire perimeter as you go. As much as you can try using the screws that come with the window. If you use longer screws, you might risk damaging the window frame.
  • Finally, you can cap seal the external perimeter of the window to protect it from the elements. As an alternative, you can even run a fine bead of caulk around the window.

Best advantages of a tear-drop trailer

Tear-drop trailers are one of the most common choices for frequent campers. The reason for this is multifold as these trailers present a range of advantages. The different advantages which you can experience while using a tear-drop trailer are:

  • You will be easily able to move these trailers from one area to another. This is because these trailers are pretty lightweight. This is one of the best advantages of getting a teardrop trailer. You will also need lesser moving and towing equipment than other types of campers.
  • Tear-drop trailers are at the lower bar of the price filter and come pretty cheap. Those who are looking for a cheap but efficient option can easily go for teardrop trailers. These tear-drop trailers can cost from $20,000 to $40,000 and can be even cheaper if you are buying a used model or one with very basic features.
  • Another great thing about tear-drop trailers is that it is just a little bigger than a tent and just a little smaller than your typical RV. And therefore, it can be easily housed in your garage itself and you will not be spending any extra money for storing your RV in any third-party location.
  • Tear-drop trailers come with lots of space for customization. You can customize your teardrop trailer on your own without the help of any other professional. You can add heating and cooling facilities to your trailer, more sleeping space, more storage space, and even a kennel for your dog.
  • Finally, another great aspect of tear-drop trailers is that these RVs are a great thing of beauty. They are more elegant and aesthetically pleasing when compared to a boxy old-school RV. There is nothing prettier than having a tear-drop trailer on the back of your truck or van with your most prized possessions safely housed inside.

Best tear-drop trailer options

If you are on the market for a tear-drop trailer and are confused by the numerous options around you, look no further. In the section below, we have collected the very best tear-drop trailer options for your personal and family needs and preferences.

Little Guy Max

  • The Little Guy Max is one of the best choices when it comes to tear-drop trailers and comes with a dry weight of 3,010 lbs. This trailer can be purchased for a price of $39,000 and you can easily customize it to add more comforts and accessories for your requirements.


  • If you are looking for a smaller and more compact tear-drop trailer, you can try the Pika. This cute little camper comes with a price tag of $14,500 and weighs 1,025 lbs. in dry weight. But don’t be fooled by its small size. The Pika is pretty rugged and can easily travel across rough terrains.

Earth Traveler T250LX

  • This is yet another very lightweight teardrop trailer. This is a cross between a trailer and a tent and comes with lots of areas for customization. The dry weight of this tear-drop trailer is 216 lbs. which is hard to beat by other competitors. This is also another camper that is easy to use in various terrains.

NuCamp Tab 400 

  • This tear-drop trailer provides a lot of luxury for the potential user. In this trailer, you can even find a bathroom with a wet bath. There is also a separate area and thus, perfect for small families who are going camping. In the kitchen area, you can find a sink and a stovetop. There is also a dining area in this trailer.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: How to install doors and windows in a tear-drop trailer?” We have also checked out the best advantages of a tear-drop trailer, which make these RV’s so popular among campers today. Finally, we have listed the best teardrop trailer options which are available in the market today.


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