How to install a truck bed water tank?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “How to install a truck bed water tank?” We will talk about the best 60-gallon water tanks for truck beds and describe their key features. We will also discuss a few tips to consider when purchasing a water tank for a truck bed.

How to install a truck bed water tank?

To install a truck bed water tank, you need to follow the steps described below.

  • Measure the truck bed
  • Clean the area
  • Build a frame
  • Paint the frame
  • Place the water tank on the frame 
  • Fix a water pump
  • Connect a water hose

Measure the truck bed

  • First, you will need to measure the truck bed. Be sure to measure the length, width, and height. Based on the measurements, you can opt for a tank that will suit your requirements. 
  • A standard truck bed is six feet and five inches long while a short truck bed is close to five feet and eight inches.
  • A 60-gallon water tank will be a perfect fit for a truck bed. You can start the measurement from the bulkhead to the tailgate.

Clean the area

  • The next step is to clean the area before you begin the installation process. Remove all the dirt and other dust particles if there are any. Be sure to clean the area properly and get rid of any dents on the truck bed.

Build a frame

  • You will need to build a frame on the truck bed to place the water tank. This is an important step since the water tank will need to rest properly. It is also advised not to keep the water tank directly on the truck bed. When building a frame be sure to keep an area cut for the wheel wells.
  • Build a frame with wood and use crossbeams and bracing in between to keep it strong. The tank frame will need to be constructed according to the dimensions of your bed.
  • Once you have the frame constructed, you will need to fix a sheet of plywood on the top. Make sure to get a thick sheet of plywood to withstand the weight of the water tank.

Paint the frame

  • Once you are done building the frame, be sure to give it a coat of primer. This will keep your frame protected and it will also act as a base for painting.
  • You can choose to paint your frame with a color of your choice. Select a color that will match your truck bed.

Place the water tank on the frame 

  • Once you have the frame constructed, you can go ahead and place the water tank on the truck bed Place the water tank to the bulkhead and avoid placing it towards the tailgate. Placing the water tank towards the bulkhead will also create a balance in terms of weight.

Fix a water pump

  • Now that you have a water tank on your truck bed, you will be required to fix a water pump. This step is essential to get the water out of the tank. Purchase a water pump that has enough power to bring out the water from the tank. Be sure to place the pump and the connection under the frame.

Connect a water hose

  • Connect a water horse that is long enough. Make sure you have a hose that can be brought out of the truck.

Best 60-gallon water tanks for a truck bed

There are various models and water tank brands that are available. However, a few of these water tanks have great quality and longevity. It is important to have a water tank that is strong and built from the right material. These are some of the best 60-gallon water tanks that are perfect for truck beds.

Delta King water tanks

Delta King has some of the best water tanks that are available in the market. These water tanks are built to last long and they are known as low-profile water tanks. These water tanks are ideal for pickup trucks and they are pretty easy to move around. Below are some of the specifications of the Delta King water tank.

  • UV stabilized for outdoor storage
  • Molded in 3/4 – inch NPT outlets
  • Customizable options
  • Dimensions – 42L x 28W x 16H

This is a sturdy and heavy-duty water tank that can also be used in recreational vehicles. One of the biggest advantages of this water tank is that it can be used while camping outdoors. It also has a high rating and it arrives with a sealed cap that is easy to open and easy to fill water. The Delta King 60-gallon water tank is one of the best options for a truck bed.

Ardemco water tanks

  • Ardemco water tanks are plastic water tanks that can also be installed vertically. These water tanks are becoming more common in RVs and motorhomes.
  • There are various models and sizes to match your needs and they can also be fixed on yachts and used at home as well. Installing these water tanks on truck beds is pretty easy.

National tank outlet

The national tank outlet manufactures some of the best camper freshwater tanks. These water tanks are portable and they can be installed at home, on foot trucks, RVs, motorhomes, and truck beds. There are various models, sizes, and shapes that are available. Below are some of the specifications of the 60-gallon water tank

  • BPA-free and FDA-approved for drinking
  • Durable construction and resistant to dents, chips, and cracks
  • Optionally installed lid centered on top with 4 to 8-inch options
  • DIY fitting kit available for custom fitting placement.

This tank is built with rotationally molded polyethylene resin. It has a durable construction and is resistant to ruptures. The thickness of this water tank is 3/16 inches and there are customizable options to suit your needs. The National tank outlet also manufactures portable water tanks and RV tanks for various needs.

Tips to select a water tank for a truck bed

Selecting the best water tanks for truck beds depend on a few factors. There are many options available but you need to consider getting the right water tank for your truck bed. Here are a few tips when selecting a water tank for a truck bed.

Consider the size

  • The size is the most important part and this depends on the truck bed and how often you will be camping. It also depends on your water consumption and how much water you will use for a day. Based on those requirements, you will need to consider the size.

Check the weight of the tank  

  • The weight of the water tank is also important. A heavy tank is going to make it difficult when moving around. Hence, the payload plays an important factor here. Be sure to get a water tank that is not too heavy.

Get the right material

  • Getting suitable material is also important when it comes to choosing a water tank. Ensure that the material is BPA-free and suitable for drinking water.


  • Another important thing is to see if your water tank is sterilized. Many manufacturers produce sterilized water tanks ensure to get one that has been processed and sterilized before a purchase.

Check for reviews

  • The last and final thing is to check for reviews. Look for reviews online and ask a couple of people around before purchasing a truck bed water tank. This will give you an insight into what you are planning on getting and you will also get to know if there are any bad experiences from the reviews.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “How to install a truck bed water tank?” We have talked about the best 60-gallon water tanks for truck beds and described their key features. We have also discussed a few tips to consider when purchasing a water tank for a truck bed.


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