How to find RV-friendly gas stations?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “How to find RV-friendly gas stations?” We will discuss a few steps to help you find an RV-friendly gas station. We will also talk about a few tips to easily find RV-friendly stations in advance. At the end of this post, you will get to know how to identify RV-friendly gas stations.

How to find RV-friendly gas stations?

To find RV-friendly gas stations, you need to look for the following.

  • RV pumps
  • Broad spaces
  • Dump station
  • Water filling station
  • Propane refill
  • Easy access
  • Signboards

RV pumps

  • To first and most important thing when it comes to finding RV stations is to look for RV pumps. While this might be a tricky part, it cannot go unnoticed since most of the RV-friendly gas stations have RV pumps.
  • Some RVs run on diesel and RV that run on gas. You can recognize RV pumps when fuel stations have dedicated RV lanes. Look out for RV pumps in these RV-friendly fuel stations by looking at their dedicated RV lanes.
  • However, some stations might not have separate lanes but they are still RV-friendly gas stations. Most modern gas motorhomes do not require a separate lane since they can just drive into the regular pump stations and not worry about getting in the way of other drivers or trucks.

Broad spaces

  • Another easy way to recognize RV-friendly stations is by looking at their broad spaces. It is visible that RV-friendly gas stations have broad spaces for RVers to park freely.
  • RV-friendly gas stations have enough space for motorhomes to turn around. RVs are huge and they need enough room to take wide turns and avoid causing trouble for other vehicles like trucks and cars.
  • It is also important to look for a huge parking lot since most RV-friendly gas stations have a huge parking lot that is built for large vehicles like RVs.
  • It takes a while for RVers to empty their tanks and stock up on essentials. Parking plays a vital role in RV-friendly gas stations. In some gas stations, the parking space might be at the back. 
  • RV-friendly gas stations also have bathrooms for people to refresh. All this is possible only if there is enough parking space. Be sure to look out for parking space as well.
  • RV-friendly stations have broad spaces at the entrance for motorhomes and all towing vehicles to enter with ease. It should be easy for RV’s to enter and exit a gas station. Ensure to look for broad spaces when entering.  

Dump stations

  • RV-friendly gas stations also have dump stations for RVers to unload their grey and black water tank. However, this might not be available at all RV-friendly stations. Some gas stations do not have dump stations but they can still be RV friendly.
  • Most people prefer gas stations that have dump stations to empty their tanks and get fuel filled at the same stop. People who go boondocking look for stations that have dump stations as well. Hence, there are quite a several stations that have these options.

Water filling stations

  • A water-filling station is a luxury for most RV enthusiasts. Look for stations that have water-filling options. These can be noticed as well. These are not found at every station but RV-friendly gas stations have water-filling options.
  • Most RVers need to refill their freshwater tank while traveling or even before boondocking. Many RV-friendly stations have some kind of water source. It is easy for motorhome travelers to fill their fuel and fresh water at the same place.

Propane refill

  • Note that many RV-friendly stations have propane refill stations. RV travelers need to stock up on propane and the best place to get propane on the road is at a gas station.
  • There are many motorhomes out there that require propane on the go and the only way is to get a refill done at a fuel station. Propane tanks can get empty, especially during winter. RV-friendly fuel stations are known for propane refilling stations.

Easy access

  • One of the most important things to look into is easy access. RV-friendly gas stations are known to have easy access. These stations can be recognized separately since they are usually situated on highways.
  • RV travelers are not keen on finding stations that are located away from their route. Not many people are interested in finding stations that are miles off the interstate or located on some uphill mountain road.
  • RVers need convenience since motorhomes are huge and they need to get back on their road soon. Easy access to the station is important and most RV-friendly stations are located at convenient spots without narrow roads or tight turns.


  • Sign boards are also another easy way to RV-friendly gas stations. There are many stations on highways that have signboards that say RV-friendly or RV dump station. Some stations have signboards with an image of a motorhome to show that they are RV-friendly.
  • Fuel stations are aware that motorhomes need dump stations and propane refills so some of them choose to put up sign boards.

Tips to easily find RV-friendly stations in advance

There is nothing like having a proper plan in place before you head out on the road. Finding RV-friendly stations might not be as easy as you think. It depends on the route and the situation. Here are a few tips to easily find RV-friendly stations in advance.

Plan your route

  • It’s always good to know your route and know what lies ahead of your route. It’s good to know the towns that come your way and it’s also good to have a map in place.
  • Take a good look at the map and plan accordingly. A map will help you determine RV-friendly stations on your way. This will help you to plan your stops and make sure you do not run out of fuel.

Look for truck stops

  • Remember that truck stops are designed for huge rigs and they have the basic requirements like diesel, gas, and propane. Truck stops are also easy to get in and out and some truck stops are also RV-friendly. In the worst-case scenario, you can always request a truck stop to fill up your RV even if they are not RV-friendly.

Use RV apps

  • Another easy way to easily find RV-friendly stations in advance is by using RV-friendly applications. There are plenty of RV apps to help you find gas stations on your route. Most of these gas applications are free to use.

Those were some of the best ways to find RV-friendly stations. Having a plan in place is surely going to help you find an RV-friendly gas station. Start looking for a station when your tank is half empty. The last thing you need is driving around your RV with little fuel. Make sure to stock up on fuel at the last fuel station you see.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “How to find RV-friendly gas stations?” We have discussed a few steps to help you find an RV-friendly gas station. We have also talked about a few tips to easily find RV-friendly stations in advance. Leave us a comment below and let us know how you identify RV-friendly gas stations.


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