How to dispose of an old RV?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “How to dispose of an old RV?” We will discuss some of the easiest methods to dispose of an old RV. We will list the various options from selling your RV to donating your RV to a charitable cause. Additionally, we will talk about a few extra options and tips to sell your old RV.

How to dispose of an old RV?

You can dispose of an RV by simply scrapping it or selling it online. There might come a time when you might want to know how to dispose of an old RV. There are not one but several ways to dispose of an old RV. Some people prefer to keep their old RV parked in their backyard while some prefer to dispose of it. Here are some of the best ways to dispose of an old RV.

Sell your RV online

  • Selling your RV online is the first thing that everyone will think of doing. Although some people like to keep their old RV in their backyard and use it for storage purposes, many do not way to have old junk sitting in their backyard. 
  • Selling your RV online is going to bring you some money that you can probably use for something useful. Depending on the make and the condition of the RV, you can decide to sell it online. 
  • Many people sell their RVs online on Craigslist or eBay. There are thousands of people out there who what to buy an old RV for their purpose. People have converted old RVs into DIY projects and many people love collecting vintage RVs.

Sell your RV to a scrap yard or junk RV buyer

  • Another option is to sell your RV to a junk RV buyer. These places are called RV salvage yards and you can find them around your location. 
  • Check online for RV salvage yards and you can easily dispose of an old RV. 
  • Some services will come and take your old RV on their own and pay you the cash on the spot. 
  • RV salvage yards will pay you according to the condition of your RV.

Sell the parts of your RV

Did you know that many people strip their RVs and sell each part separately? You can remove the RV parts on your own and you can sell each of the components separately. Many people want to purchase used RV parts for an affordable rate. You can easily remove your wheels and other parts that can be sold online.

There are a couple of websites where you can click a few images and upload the parts that you want to sell. You might be able to get an easy $50 or $100 for a three-burner stove or a water pump that is functioning. Let’s say you get only $20 to $30 for each part, you are still getting some money from your old RV.

Donate your RV

If you want to dispose of your old RV soon, you can donate your RV. Some people just don’t like the idea of their old RV lying around in their backyard. It occupies space and is not going to add any value to the property. Donating your RV is not going to bring you any money, but you are sure to get rid of your old vehicle.

Benefits of donating an old RV

  • The good news is that there are benefits to donating an old RV. Donating an old RV can help you deduct tax. 
  • Most people are not aware of this, but many charitable organizations are ready to pick up your RV anywhere across the nation. 
  • At the end of the year, you can write the donation off on your taxes.
  • Some charities might give you a vacation voucher. There will be no hassle in this process since many charities handle the paperwork on their own. 
  • You might not save much in terms of money, but you can still save a little on your taxes.
  • Some of the charities to donate your RV is vehicles for veterans, wheels for wishes, and Kars 4 Kids.

Give away the RV

  • Giving away the RV for free is also another option. Spread the word out that you are planning on giving away an old RV and you will see how many people will want to take it. You will be surprised that there are so many people who want to jump at the opportunity.
  • Fishermen and hunters are always interested in using an old RV for shelter while hunting and fishing.
  • You can also contact some RV parks or campsites and ask them if they are interested in taking an old RV. These parks or campsites can use an old RV for a display to show that their place is RV friendly. 
  • Note that you might not be able to make money from this, but it is surely worth the shot. Giving away your RV for free is also an easy way to dispose of an old RV.

Contact RV groups and forums

Internet is the best way to get in touch with RV enthusiasts. There are several RV forums available online on social media and many people keep posting their requirements. You can also sell some of your RV parts online. Contacting RV groups and forums will also help you to dispose of your old RV. There might be people who want to purchase an old RV.

Take your RV to the dump

  • This can probably be your last option to take your RV to the dump. Contact your local dump before taking your RV, you might need to find a way to get there and you might also need to pay a fee. 
  • Local dump yards can charge you for dumping your RV so be sure to keep this option as your last resort. 
  • Scrapping your RV is not going to be useful for anyone and paying a fee to get rid of it should be the last on your list.

Other options to sell your RV

There are a few other options to sell your RV. You might need to spend a few bucks in some cases, but there is a high possibility that you can get a good buyer. Before everything, it is also important that you know the condition of your RV. The better the condition, the better the price you are bound to get. Ensure to know what parts are in working condition before you plan on selling.


Craigslist is an easy way to get rid of stuff that you don’t want. With regional and local advertising opportunities, you can easily find someone interested in purchasing an old RV in the same vicinity. You might need to wait for a while before you land a potential buyer. This can take up to six months to one year. In some rare cases, you might be unlucky.

Local Newspaper

Though this seems to be an old-fashioned way, the local newspaper is the best way to get rid of used items. You will need to pay for the advertisement, but the reach is pretty good and you might just get a couple of calls on the same day of the ad. However, this is not one of the best options to sell an old RV.

RVUSA and eBay

Ever heard of RVUSA? This is a website where you get plenty of visitors and you can easily get to sell your old RV online. eBay is the other option just like Craigslist and they have a wide reach. You can also place your ads accordingly and state that the buyer is responsible for transportation costs.

With that said, there are many ways to dispose of an old RV. Remember to know the condition and working parts of your vehicle. On the other hand, you will need to be a little patient when it comes to disposing of your RV. You might need to wait for up to months or even years in rare cases. However, you are sure to dispose of your old RV by any one of the following methods.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “How to dispose of an old RV?” We have discussed some of the easiest methods to dispose of an old RV by listing the various options from selling your RV to donating your RV to a charitable cause. Let us know in the comments below if you have any other methods of disposing of an old RV.


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