How to create a computer set up in an RV?

In this blog post, we will answer the question “How to create a computer set up in an RV?” We will discuss the requirements for a computer setup and talk about some alternative options. We will also discuss some DIY RV computer setup options and how to utilize the interiors and unused space. Additionally, we will talk about outdoor RV computer setup options.

How to create a computer set up in an RV?

To create a computer set up in an RV, you need to consider the following steps: 

  • You will first need to get a foldable or portable computer table
  • You can then get a wireless mouse and keyboard
  • You can next get use an external monitor
  • Next, you will need to use a wall-mounted desk
  • You can then go ahead and utilize the interiors
  • Finally, you can then utilize unused space

Get a foldable or portable computer table 

The most important thing is to get a foldable or portable computer table. Since RVs are confined with space, it makes no sense to have a huge desk just for this purpose. You will need a compact table that can be folded and carried around with ease. There are plenty of options for foldable and portable computer tables.

  • Choose a table that is light, easy to carry, and easy to store. 
  • It should also be comfortable and adjustable in terms of height. Most people use the couch space to work in an RV since that seems to be the best fit. 
  • Purchase a table that can be folded and pushed under the couch when you are not working. You can also take a portable table to work outside while camping.

RVs are not equipped with workspace tables and they do not come with any type of desk either. You can also install a small workspace table if required, but the best idea is to opt for a portable table. These compact working tables for computers are not too expensive as well and they can be picked up from any store or purchased online.

Get a wireless mouse and keyboard 

When traveling and camping outside, the last thing that you will need is to deal with wires. Be sure to purchase a wireless mouse and keyboard for your computer to avoid such hassle. Some people hate the idea of a Bluetooth mouse since it takes time to connect. However, when traveling on the road this can be a better option.

You can easily pick up a wireless mouse for close to $20. A wireless keyboard is also recommended since you don’t need to bother about connecting a keyboard with the wire. Wireless keyboards can cost up to $100. Be sure to buy a keyboard that is light and small and consider the size of the table so it fits perfectly.

Get an external monitor 

This is only a requirement for those who need one. It also depends on the type of work you do. Most people try not to bring their work on the road or while camping, but some of us have no option. In that case, you might need to have a lightweight and mountable external monitor. Mountable monitors are always a good option for an RV.

Use a wall-mounted desk 

Another option for an RV computer setup is fixing a desk to the wall. There are wall-mounted and small fold-down desks that are sold for this purpose. You can find them at stores or even find one online. With several options to choose from, you can get the best lightweight wall-mounted tables for working in an RV.

These products also come with additional features like storage compartments and more. They are not too pricey and can be installed on almost any surface. However, the only challenge is finding space on the RV wall. You will also need to have an arrangement for seating since this can be installed anywhere.

Utilize the interiors 

  • It is best to make use of the interiors well. People have always made use of the interiors in their RV for such projects. Some RVs and travel trailers arrive with built-in dressers. 
  • You can make a few modifications to these dressers and add your workspace accordingly. Your bed space can also be turned into a working space during the day.
  • Class A and Class C RVs have ideal front seats that can be converted into desk chairs. They have enough cushion and can be adjusted to your wish. 
  • It is not recommended to sit in the front seat and work, especially while traveling, but you can make use of these seats and convert them into a proper workspace.

Utilize unused space 

  • If you carefully look around there might be some unused space in your RV. Not every time we tend to make use of every corner. If you feel that some space is not used, make sure to convert that space with the RV computer setup. 
  • You can also remove unused furniture and turn it into one of the best places for working.
  • Many RVs have some furniture that is built-in and will not be in use most of the time. For example, your bedroom might have a lamp table in the corner that can be converted. Installing an RV computer setup depends on what you like and what you need. 
  • Try to keep it as minimal as possible and make good use of the space inside.

DIY RV computer setup 

If you still find it hard to purchase such products you can always do it yourself with the tips listed below. 

  • You can also make a computer set up on your own if you have a few tools and the right equipment. Some people have installed a hardboard or wooden plank that is perfectly fitted to the wall. 
  • You will need support at the bottom by using a couple of brackets. 
  • You can also add hinges and fold up the wooden surface while not working.
  • Be sure to install it well and provide enough support at the bottom to hold the weight of the laptop. 
  • It is also good to have a folding chair or stool so you can carry it wherever you need it. 
  • You cannot have an office chair in your RV since space will be a big issue. Even if you do have the space, you might need to move around often. Hence, it is not recommended.

There are a few other options like the versatile desktop which can be mounted on the rear seat. These products come with hooks and are lightweight. They can be mounted to the back of a seat or even mounded at any place where you feel comfortable. These products or not expensive and can be purchased anywhere.

Outdoor RV computer setup 

While traveling in an RV you are surely going to be strapped up and wearing your seatbelt. It is not possible to work in that situation. On the other hand, you are not allowed to walk around or even sit in a place without a seatbelt. It is against the rules and can be dangerous. The only time you are going to be working is when your RV is parked and when you camping.

You can always carry a portable table and a portable stool wherever you go. These can be stored anywhere in your RV and you can take them out while you plan on working. The chances of working in a moving vehicle are pretty less. Hence, you can make use of the outdoor space with just one portable table and one portable stool.

There are not many requirements when it comes to an RV computer setup. With the right gear, you can set up an incredible workspace while you travel on the road. These items are essential and they help you save time and work more efficiently. Assuming that you have a laptop or computer, these are the basic requirements for a proper setup.


In this blog post, we have answered the question “How to create a computer set up in an RV?” We have discussed the requirements for a computer setup and talked about some alternative options. We have also discussed some DIY RV computer setup options and talked about utilizing the interiors and unused space. Additionally, we have talked about outdoor RV computer setup options.


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