How to convert a limo into a camper?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “How to convert a limo into a camper?” We will describe the steps of converting a limo into a camper. We will also describe the best luxury features available in a limo. At the end of this post, you will get to know a few tips that can help you to make your limo into a camper.

How to convert a limo into a camper?

To convert a limo into a camper, you will need to follow the steps that are mentioned below.

  • Remove the seats
  • Retain the counter
  • Add a few classy chairs or barstools
  • Retain the refrigerator
  • Measure the limo
  • Install a bed
  • Install an external shower 

Remove the seats

  • A limo arrives with enough seats and there is plenty of space on the inside. The first step will be to remove the extra seats since you are planning to convert your limo into a camper. 
  • Leave the last seat at the back and remove all the other seats. You will need more space to convert the limo into a camper. Hence, it is required to remove the extra seats.
  • The rear seat can be used to be converted into a bed. When removing the seats, be sure to remove everything else that comes along with the seat. Your limo should only have the long seat at the rear and the rest removed.
  • Try not to damage the vehicle while removing the seats and other equipment. Most limo seats have upholstered leather, be sure not to damage them. 
  • Remove all the seat belts and leave the partition wall between the driver and the passenger.

Retain the counter

  • Most limousines have a refreshment table or a counter. These are also known as bar counters. 
  • Ensure to retain these counters as they can be used for your camper. You can use these counters to keep your food or also use them as a small space to eat.

Add a few classy chairs or barstools

  • You can add a few classy chairs to your limo and use them when you want to grab a bite. Make sure that these chairs can be moved around. 
  • Be sure to get chairs that have a rich look to match the interiors of the limo. You can use these chairs to eat your food on the counter.
  • If you feel that chairs are consuming too much space and they are no match for the limo, you can go ahead and pick up some good-looking barstools. 
  • You can fix these bar stools in front of the limo counter and they can be turned into a proper seating space for dinner. 
  • You can also choose not to fix them as you can move them around when needed or even keep them away while you are not using the counter.

Retain the refrigerator

  • A limo has a mini refrigerator already to provide beverages and other items to drink.  Retain the refrigerator and you can use it to store all your food items. 
  • If you feel that the refrigerator is too small, you can always add a bigger one. There is enough space in your limo to add a bigger refrigerator if necessary. 
  • You can easily add a refrigerator that is used in RVs. You can get a refrigerator that is 4 to 12 cubic feet in size.

Measure the limo

  • Take measurements of the limo and keep a separate space for the bed. You can use the area before the rear seat and add a bed for sleeping. Measure the length and width so you can get an idea of the required bed size.

Install a bed

  • A double bed should be fine given the space in the limo. Since the limo is a luxurious vehicle, it is hard to add any bed frame. Hence, you can place a bed that is low which can be matched with the height of the rear seat. Be sure to keep enough space at the sides and try to place the bed away from the doors.

Install an external shower

  • You can install an external shower if required and you can use it while camping. The limo has enough space but it is advised not to install a toilet or shower on your own. It is always better to get an expert to do electrical or plumbing stuff.

Best luxury features of a limo

A limo arrives with some of the best luxury features and you can use most of these features if you plan on converting your limo into a camper. There is no need to make major changes or add new appliances since a limo arrives with these features. Here are some of the best luxury features of a limo described below.

Intercom features

  • The intercom features are default in a limo and this helps the chauffeur and the passengers to stay connected despite the divider in between.
  • These intercom features have speakers and microphones to communicate inside the car. It also has independent on and off switches and warning LED lights.

Climate control systems

  • The climate control systems and air conditioning systems are one of the best features that come with a limo. 
  • These systems are built to keep you warm during cold temperatures and it also works the other way round. The climate control system is designed to provide heat or keep you cool according to the weather outside.

Safety features

  • The safety features in a limo are incredible as made with precision to keep passengers safe as much as possible. There are pre-collision brakes and adaptive cruise control options. Some of the other safety features are blind-spot monitors, and lane-keep assist control.

Multimedia features

  • The limo comes well-equipped with several multimedia features. These features make your travel experience smooth and easy. Some of these features include several charging ports to charge your mobile phone and laptop on the go.

Video features

  • There are high-tech gadgets in a limo including flat screens, LCD screens, and other video gadgets. These gadgets can also be connected to the internet even while traveling.

Audio features

  • A limo also has stereo and audio systems that are high-tech. These systems are built to give you the best audio clarity and stereo. Irrespective of where you are seated in the limo, you will still get to experience the best audio with its top-class speakers.

The limo bar

  • The limo bar is one of the most famous features of this vehicle and it has enough storage options to keep your favorite drink. You can also stack your soft drinks and snacks in the mini bar and have them on your travel.

Special lighting

  • The lighting in a limo has always been special and they are they have different types of lights. There are fiber optic lights, laser lights, party strobes, and neon lights that can be found in a limo.  

Tinted windows

  • A limo is like a personal vehicle and privacy is the most important. With the tinted windows, you are sure to get the best privacy in a limo. Several people use a limo to party and celebrate and some also use this vehicle for business meetings.

Those were some of the best luxury features that come with a limo. These features are built for comfort and luxury and they are only available in a limo. The good news is that you can get to customize a limo as per your needs if required. However, this is going to be expensive. Many celebrities have custom limousines that they have converted for luxury.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “How to convert a limo into a camper?” We have described the steps of converting a limo into a camper. We have also described the best luxury features that are available in a limo. Drop us a comment below and let us know if there are any other steps to convert a limo into a camper.


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