How to convert a Kamaz truck into a camper?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “How to convert a Kamaz truck into a camper?” We will describe the steps to convert a Kamaz truck into a camper. We will also talk about the requirements and disadvantages of having a Kamaz truck. Additionally, we will also touch up the safety features.

How to convert a Kamaz truck into a camper?

The steps to convert a Kamaz truck into a camper are listed below.

  • Measure the interior
  • Design a layout
  • Build the bedroom
  • Build the kitchen area
  • Construct the bathroom
  • Fix the plumbing
  • Fix the electricity  

Measure the interior

  • The Kamaz truck has plenty of space in the rear and it can easily be converted into a camper. The first step is to measure the interior of the truck. 
  • Be sure to get all the measurements right and note them down on paper. While measuring the rear space in the truck, you might need to get some help from another person since the Kamaz truck is huge. 
  • Be sure to get the measurements of the doors and windows since you might require them later.

Design a layout

  • Designing the layout of the Kamaz truck is the most important part. You will need to decide on where you want the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and seating area. Based on the measurements, you can allocate space for the bedroom and other requirements.
  • It is also important to know how big you need your bedroom to be and kitchen to be before starting this project. If you are planning on having a queen-size bed, be sure to keep enough space.
  • Apart from the basics and essentials, you will need to keep space on the shelves, wardrobes, and other storage options. The best way to go about this process is to cover each part separately.
  • First, you can start with the bedroom and move on to the other areas for the camper conversion. Keep in mind, that you need space for a generator, battery, grey, black, and fresh water tank.

Build the interior walls

  • You will need to mark the flooring before you start working on your construction process. Use chalk to mark the floor and draw lines on the wall as well to ensure that your measurements are precise. 
  • You will need to use two-by-four lumber framing to build the walls of the camper. These walls will be the divisions of the bedroom, kitchen, and toilet.
  • To fix the walls you will need to use three-inch deck screws and PU adhesive. This will help you to secure the framing to the walls and the floors of the camper.
  • The easiest way to start is by building all the interior walls of the camper. Once you have all the interior walls up, you will start working on each room accordingly.

Build the bedroom

  • To get the bedroom started you will need to build a bed frame. If you plan on having a queen size bed, be sure to get the right measurements and construct a bed frame based on the right size. 
  • You can either use steel or wood to construct the bed frame. Most people prefer wood to give it a better appearance. You can also use the space under the bed for storing baggage or other items.
  • Once you have the bed frame constructed, you can go ahead and add the queen-sized bed to the platform. 
  • Your bedroom will need a couple of wardrobes to store your bed linen and clothes. Be sure to construct these wardrobes with wood and make sure you have some space in the bedroom. 
  • You can add a small table for a lamp shade and also fix a wall TV in the bedroom if required. 
  • You can also fix an air conditioner in the bedroom or even choose to have a window to look outside.

Build the kitchen area

  • Building the kitchen is pretty important since you need to consider all the safety aspects. You can start by building the kitchen countertop. 
  • Use the bottom of the kitchen counter to store all the kitchen utensils and other items. 
  • You will need to add a three-gas burner and a small sink on the kitchen counter.

Construct the bathroom

You can install a toilet in the bathroom of the camper and also have an attached shower. It is good to have a shower and toilet together to save space. You can opt for a small size RV toilet or a cassette toilet if you want more space. However, try to have a wet bathroom instead of a dry one since you will have space for a grey and black water tank.

Fix the plumbing

  • The plumbing is the most important part and this is where you might need to get an expert to get the job done. Be sure to have your kitchen sink, bathroom sink, and shower all connected to the grey water tank. 
  • The next step will be to connect the toilet to the black water tank. Once you have these two sorted out, it’s time to get the kitchen plumbing up and running. 
  • The kitchen sink will also need to be connected to the grey water tank but the kitchen water source is usually connected to the fresh water tank. 
  • That said, your plumbing should be done and you can run the pipes through the lumber framing or around them under the camper if required. The best way is to get an expert to get all the plumbing work complete.

Fix the electricity  

  • You will need to get the electricity up and running and the first thing is to get all the wiring installed. It is advised to get the wiring completed before covering the walls with the wood panels. 
  • You can use 14 gauge wiring options as they are more durable. The most important part is to get the 30 amp electrical box installed. This will be the only way to connect your camper to shore power. 
  • It is highly recommended to hire a professional to get the electricity work complete. Be sure to have plug points installed in the bedroom and kitchen as required.

Safety requirements

  • You will also need to get the safety equipment installed. You will need to have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen and install smoke detectors inside the camper. A tire pressure monitor and an emergency radio or charger are also recommended.

Disadvantages of a Kamaz truck

There are several advantages of a Kamaz truck but there are also a few disadvantages that come along. Here are some of the few disadvantages of the Kamaz truck.

Difficulty to find parts

  • One of the biggest disadvantages of the Kamaz truck is the difficulty of finding parts. Most of the accessories need to be imported and it is pretty hard to get them. It can also take a long time to get these parts.

High fuel consumption

  • Another disadvantage of this Kamaz truck is the high fuel consumption. Unlike the other trucks, the Kamaz truck is a powerful all-wheel drive vehicle. Hence, the more power the more fuel consumption.

Commercial driver’s license

While you might be able to convert the Kamaz truck into a camper, not everyone can drive it around. The Kamaz truck is required to have a commercial driving license due to the size of the vehicle. Kamaz trucks are used to transport heavy cargo and a normal license is not enough to drive this vehicle on the road.

The Kamaz truck is huge at the rear and there is enough space to successfully convert this vehicle into a camper. You can easily add a bedroom, toilet, and kitchen. You can also add a seating area with a sofa that can be converted into a bed. You can easily accommodate up to four people to sleep comfortably and have some of the best features and amenities.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “How to convert a Kamaz truck into a camper?” We have described the steps to convert a Kamaz truck into a camper. We have also talked about the requirements and disadvantages of having a Kamaz truck. Additionally, we have also talked about the required safety features.


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