How to convert a Honda Fit into a camper?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “How to convert a Honda Fit into a camper?” We will discuss the steps in detail on how to successfully convert a Honda Fit into a camper. We will talk about the essentials and additional storage options. We will also touch upon the required materials for this project.

How to convert a Honda fit into a camper?

To convert a Honda Fit into a camper, you need to follow the steps described below.

  • Remove the rear seats
  • Clean and measure the area
  • Design a layout
  • Add a wooden platform
  • Construct the bed frame
  • Build the sleeping platform
  • Add a mattress
  • Add storage boxes
  • Install window curtains

Remove the rear seats

  • To convert a Honda Fit into a camper, you must remove the rear seats first. The Honda Fit is a small car, and there is not much space on the inside. Hence, you need to get rid of the seats at the rear. Despite the size of this car, you can easily convert it into a camper with enough sleeping space for two adults.
  • Remove the seats at the rear and all the other installations, if any. You will be required to make good use of your space. Store the rear seats safely since you can use them again if necessary. The Honda Fit should only have the driver’s and front passenger’s seats inside.

Clean and measure the area

  • The next step is to clean and measure the area. You must get rid of all the dirt, dust, and everything inside the Honda Fit. Remove the carpet on the floor at the rear space. Ensure the space is from the front seats and clean to the rear. This includes the roof, walls, and floor. Get rid of any damage like dents and rust, if there are any.
  • With the help of a measuring tape, you must measure the vehicle’s interior. Make sure to take the measurements from the back of the seats to the end of the car. Note down the vehicle’s length, width, and height for the next step.

Design a layout

  • You will be required to design a layout based on the measurements. Since the Honda Fit has limited space, the best thing you can do is convert the area into a sleeping space with storage access. Draw a layout based on the measurements to work your way through.
  • Consider the height since the bed should not be too high. Follow the 30-70 rule. There should be a minimum of 70 percent space above the sleeping space. Some people follow the 40-60 rule to build the sleeping area. 
  • This depends on your preference. If you want more storage access at the bottom, the 40-60 rule is the best option.

Add a wooden platform

  • Since you have the carpet removed, it can be uneven in certain places or at the corners of the floor. The best option is to add a wooden platform as a base. This will help you to build the structure of the bed frame, and it will also create an even surface at the bottom.
  • You will need to measure the floor for this purpose. Cut plywood sheets based on the floor measurements and install them to the ground with adhesive. Use small pieces and shape them accordingly at the wheel wells and corners.

Construct the bed frame

  • Next, you need to construct the bed frame. Based on the dimensions, you will need to use 2 by 4s and install them on the wooden platform. 
  • Cut the 2 by 4s according to the desired height and use L brackets at the bottom to secure them to the base. Work cautiously and make sure that the supports are sturdy. Use enough support since they need to take the weight.
  • Make sure that the supports are all at the same level and height. Once you have the supports sticking out on top, you must add crossbeams onto the supports. This is an important step since the crossbeams will help in weight distribution and act as a frame to add the platform. Secure these beams with screws by drilling them into the supports.

Build the sleeping platform

  • Cut plywood sheets into parts and place them on top of the crossbeams. These plywood sheets need to be evenly laid out on the crossbeams.
  • Ensure that the plywood is cut according to the right measurements. Cutting the plywood sheets according to the space between each crossbeam is good. You can use either two-inch plywood or four-inch plywood sheets for this purpose.
  • Add piano hinges onto the plywood sheets and then install the other end of the hinge onto the crossbeams. Ensure the plywood is straight and in line with the hinges and crossbeams. You should make some alterations to this process with small wood pieces to get the plywood in line.
  • The other option is to add two huge pieces of plywood to cover the entire surface. Make sure that you can open the plywood on top to access the area at the bottom for storage. Block the open area on the bottom at the vehicle’s rear with the same plywood sheets.

Add a mattress

  • It’s time to add a mattress to the sleeping platform. Select a foam mattress that is comfortable enough for a good night’s sleep. You might want to get the mattress customized according to the dimensions of the sleeping platform.
  • Add a bedspread over the mattress and tuck it in at the sides. Add a couple of pillows and cushions to make the sleeping area more comfortable.

Add storage boxes

  • Now that you have enough space at the bottom. You can add a couple of storage boxes to organize your camping gear. There are plenty of cheap storage boxes available online that are used for organizing camping gear. You can place your gear into these boxes and store them under the bed.
  • You can also choose to have a couple of portable hanging shelves inside to keep small items like your cell phone, charger, etc.
  • Feel free to add a small freshwater can under the bed, a tiny portable table, and a portable stove. You can easily do your cooking outside with the table and stove. You can add a cassette toilet and a portable sink if there is more space. However, it is always good to keep it simple.

Install window curtains

  • You will surely not want anyone peeking inside the camper while having a nap. Install window curtains with the help of Velcro to give you privacy. Cut the material according to the window size and fix them when necessary. Window curtains will also help you to prevent the sunlight from entering inside.

Converting a Honda Fit into a camper is a simple and rewarding task. There is nothing much that you can do other than install a sleeping area due to the space. Another option is to use the rear area of the Honda Fit for storage and use the rooftop with a pop-up tent. Most people opt to have a sleeping space inside the vehicle.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “How to convert a Honda Fit into a camper?” We have discussed the steps in detail for successfully converting a Honda Fit into a camper. We have talked about the essentials and additional storage options. We have also touched upon the required materials for this project.


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