How to convert a Ford Fiesta into a camper?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “How to convert a Ford Fiesta into a camper?” We will describe the steps to convert a Ford Fiesta into a camper. We will also discuss the towing capacity and the curb weight along with a few tips to keep your camper light while traveling. Additionally, we will list the key features and specs of the Ford Fiesta.

How to convert a Ford Fiesta into a camper?

To convert Ford Fiesta into a camper, the following steps are required.

  • Remove the passenger seats
  • Clear and clean the rear space
  • Construct a bed frame
  • Add curtains to the windows
  • Add a portable battery
  • Install a mini-fridge
  • Install a solar shower
  • Add a portable heater/cooler
  • Add a foldable table/chair
  • Add a camping stove

Remove the passenger seats

The Ford Fiesta is a small car and there are limitations when it comes to space. You will be required to remove the passenger seats at the rear and make sure that the car has only the driver and the front passenger seat. Unlike SUVs, the Ford Fiesta has a seating capacity of five people and you need to make good use of the limited space.

Clear and clean the rear space

  • The next step is to clear and clean the rear space of the Ford Fiesta. Remove the carpet on the floor and be sure to remove any other objects if there are any. 
  • Once you have the rear space clear, you will need to give your car a thorough cleaning before you start the installation process. 
  • Clean your car with cleaning liquid and make sure to get rid of any damage. Some vehicles might have dents and scratches, try to get them fixed so your camper will have a better interior appearance. You can also give it a coat of paint if required.

Construct a bed frame

  • Since the space is limited in the Ford Fiesta, you can only install a bed frame and add a bed to it. 
  • Just be sure to add a bed frame with a platform that can be opened. 
  • Use wood to construct the frame and be sure not to damage the front seats during installation. There should be some clearance for the rear door to close with ease. 
  • You can always keep a gap of one inch between the bed frame and the rear door. 
  • Use plywood as the platform for the bed frame. While fixing the plywood, add hinges so it can be opened and closed. By doing so, you will have access to the space under the bed frame.

Add curtains to the windows

  • Once you turn your car into a camper, you will need to have some privacy. The best way to get that privacy is by adding curtains to the windows. 
  • Curtains will also help to keep the heat away. Curtains are required for the rear since that is going to be your sleeping space. Fixing curtains are one of the easiest tasks in the camper conversion process. 
  • You can fix curtains by sticking Velcro above the windows. Be sure to add a curtain to the rear door as well.

Add a portable battery

  • You will need an external power source for your camper. Hence, it is always good to add a portable battery to power up your appliances. 
  • Several camping portable batteries are available for campers. These batteries are designed for remote camping and they can also be used for charging your devices and running a few appliances. 
  • You can easily place the portable battery under the bed platform.

Install a mini-fridge

  • A mini-fridge will also help you keep your perishable food safe while camping out for a couple of days. You can connect the mini-fridge to the battery. 
  • Just ensure to get a small fridge since you will need to store it under the bed frame as well. 
  • A mini-fridge can keep your food cold and you can also stock up on instant food which makes it easy to cook. A mini-fridge is essential when you are camping in remote areas.

Install an external shower

Installing an external shower is the only option for the Ford Fiesta. There is not enough space on the inside and an external shower is the only possible option. You can add a solar external shower which can be stored with ease. There are plenty of solar external shower options that are built especially for campers.

Add a portable heater/cooler

Adding a portable heater or cooler can help keep you warm or cool during summer and winter. You can carry the heater along with you during winters and carry the portable cooler during summer. You can easily place the heater or the cooler under the bed frame and take it out whenever necessary.  

Add a table and chairs

While camping you will need to use a table to eat your meals or even cook your food. It is also good to have a table for outdoor camping. Be sure to get a foldable table since it is easy to install and carry. Add a couple of chairs to your camper, but try to keep it minimal and make sure they are foldable chairs so they can be stored easily.

Add a camping stove

A camping stove is easy to carry and it is also essential to help you prepare a quick breakfast while traveling or camping. However, make sure not to cook inside the car since it is dangerous and not recommended. There are plenty of camping stoves that are portable and easy to carry. Make sure to carry a portable stove along with you while camping.

Ford Fiesta towing capacity and curb weight

  • Since you are converting your Ford Fiesta into a camper it is important to know the towing capacity and curb weight. 
  • The Ford Fiesta has a towing capacity below 2,000 pounds so it is important to keep your camper as light as possible. 
  • The curb weight of the Ford Fiesta is 2,536 to 2,720 pounds. Hence, it is always good to travel light. Get rid of stuff that you feel you will not use on your trip. The little things might add up to the weight be sure to take off what you don’t use.

Tips to keep your camper light

  • While traveling it is important to stay as light as possible, especially when you convert a car into a camper. Try to keep it light and make sure not to carry too much weight. The more weight, the harder it will be on your camper. Carry only what is required while traveling and try to take only a few clothes and baggage.
  • Just be sure not to compromise on the essentials and make sure you carry all the important stuff. It is also dangerous to travel with your camper overloaded. In this case, the Ford Fiesta must be as light as possible since you are already adding a bedframe, mini-fridge, and other items.

Ford Fiesta key features and specs

The Ford Fiesta is compact and it is an SUV-inspired vehicle, but not an SUV. Despite the size, towing capacity, and curb weight, the Ford Fiesta has some incredible features and it is perfect for a small family. Here are some of the features of the Ford Fiesta.

  • 1.6-liter four-cylinder base engine
  • 120 horsepower
  • Max torque 204 Nm @ 2000-2750 rpm
  • Max Power 89.75 bhp @ 3750 rpm
  • Power steering
  • Antilock braking system
  • Digital odometer
  • Tachometer
  • Electronic multi-trip meter
  • Adjustable headlights
  • Power adjustable exterior rearview mirror
  • Power antenna
  • Anti-theft alarm
  • Power lock doors
  • Child safety locks.

The Ford Fiesta is a compact car and it can be converted into a camper. However, there are restrictions due to space and you might not be able to add luxurious features. This car was built for traveling purposes, the maximum you can do is add a sleeping space and a few other accessories to camp for a couple of days.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “How to convert a Ford Fiesta into a camper?” We have described the steps to convert a Ford Fiesta into a camper. We have also discussed the towing capacity and the curb weight along with a few tips to keep your camper light while traveling. Additionally, we have listed the key features and specs of the Ford Fiesta.


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