How to choose the best park model trailer frames?

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: How do you choose a park model trailer frame? We will share 11 basic tips for choosing a park model trailer frame and discuss whether you can move one by yourself.  

How do you choose park model trailer frames?

Choosing a park model trailer frame is far from easy. However, care should be taken with the type of frame used and its quality – because it is the base of your park model trailer and it holds the entire construction. 

There are many types of trailer frames and chassis on the market. These differ both by their name (flatbed trailer, boat carrier, caravan, etc.) and by their use (transporting cars, luggage, etc.). Of course, it is the use of the trailer that will determine its design. 

To make your life easier, we couldn’t recommend enough that you opt for a trailer frame specially designed for a park model trailer. Count between $5,000 and $8,000 for a durable and reliable park model trailer frame. 

Here are the main criteria to pay attention to when choosing a park model trailer frame:

  1. Build quality: To check the build quality of your trailer frame, make sure that the welds are visible all around the beams, and not only on two sides. The cross-section of the load-bearing beams should be about 150 mm high by 50 mm wide and the thickness of the steel 2-3 mm. These parameters are very important to the strength of the whole.
  1. Loading capacity: First, you must know the GVWR of your park model trailer.  Next, in order for your park model trailer to be considered a load and to be able to move it, it must be able to be released from the grip of the trailer and loaded on the right frame.

In this regard, some manufacturers make park model trailers with a removable frame attached to the chassis. Built on the frame, your tiny home will not only be independent of the frame, as required by law, but also much easier to unload. 

This solution is particularly interesting for people who ultimately want to place their park model trailer on concrete pads in their garden. Be careful, however, this procedure requires a prior declaration of work at the town hall!

  1. The axles type and location: Depending on its length, your park model trailer’s chassis may have 2 to 3 axles. You will usually find 3 axles over 6.5 – 7 m in length.

The location of the axles is essential to ensure the stability of the trailer during transport. It is to be defined according to how the weight of your mobile home will be distributed on the trailer, and in particular on your coupling head. In particular, make sure that the mass on the coupling head is between 150 and 200 kg. 

Otherwise, the rear of your towing vehicle may lift up when traveling at full speed and in windy conditions. Which, obviously, can be extremely dangerous! 

  1. The height: The diameter of the wheels is 13 or 14 inches from most manufacturers. Are you planning to use a very low and fairly long trailer frame  (5.5 m or more) with 13-inch wheels? Be careful, there is a great risk that once loaded, the rear or the front of the trailer will not be able to pass smoothly, speed bumps, bumps, holes and various indentations encountered on the road …

In general, the height of the trailer frame relative to the ground will lose between 5 and 7 cm with its loading. It is therefore preferable that the empty chassis plate remains above 0.5 – 0.6 m.

  1. The mass: The overall mass (not the weight!) is going to depend primarily on the length of the chassis. The lighter your chassis, the greater the transportable load. A 700 kg chassis thus allows for a load of 2.8 t (0.7 + 2.8 = 3.5 t, the count is correct).

Be careful though, a higher mass is also synonymous with strength. Therefore, do not sacrifice the strength of your park model trailer frame, its large sections and its many reinforcements!

  1. The drawbar: The length of the boom is measured from the end of the chainring to the headstock. It can change a bit depending on the manufacturer. The shorter your drawbar, the faster the chassis shines, but the rear steps become just as complicated!
  1. The jockey wheel: As for the jockey wheel, it must be reinforced in order to withstand the load over time. Just make sure this is the case with the manufacturer you have chosen.
  1. The fixing straps: the flanges of the trailer frame are to be placed on the wooden uprights of your floor and the main beams of the frame. The nuts are welded to the chassis or to a metal frame and allow the upright to be fixed to the floor or to the wall with screws. 

Remember to use large, wide washers between the screw head and the wood of the upright so that the screw does not go through the wood too easily in the event of a violent impact.

  1. The bottom plate: This is the sheet that you will put under your park model trailer frame and on which the insulation for your floor will rest. Galvanized steel or aluminum (lighter), can be drilled or not, depending on whether the insulation should breathe or not.
  1. The spare wheel: A detail that we do not necessarily think about but which is very important … You will be happy to have it in case of a problem when traveling!
  1. Finishes and details: The frame of your park model trailer can be galvanized or painted. Galvanized steel will be stronger over time but 2 to 3% heavier than painted metal. Some manufacturers also offer to paint galvanized steel to satisfy aesthetic choices. 

How do I move a park model trailer?

It is possible to move a park model trailer by yourself (as long as you have chosen the right frame and have the right towing vehicle), or by hiring a transportation company. 

A park model camper transport may seem expensive but it is supervised work requiring large means reserved for professionals only. As a general rule, this involves moving an indivisible mass of several tonnes with dimensions that do not allow traffic other than exceptional on the roads.

It is absolutely necessary to hire a professional for this type of transport, even for very short trips of a few miles.

The wheels and axle of a park model camper are only designed for movement inside the campsite or residential leisure park, they are only used for transporting onto the plot and for the various manipulations required for its setting and installation.

We strongly advise you not to attempt the adventure, in addition to a worrying meeting with the authorities you could end up spending much more than the savings you wanted to save.

It is generally accepted to say that the transport of park model campers is expensive and very often one quotes percentages according to the price of the camper.

The bottom line

Using the right type of park model trailer frame will ensure a quick and safe transportation of your mobile home. We recommend you choose a frame that is specially designed for a park model trailer, and not caravan or boat frames – these are clearly not made to support the weight of a park model trailer. 

FAQ on How to choose the best park model trailer frames?

What should I take into account when buying a park model?

The possession of suitable land, the budget availability, the architectural planning and the design of the spaces, are some of the aspects that you should take into account when buying a park model. The plot is the main thing to do in any construction!

What is my park model trailer worth?

It is not exactly obvious to assess the worth of a second-hand park model trailer. The easiest and most common way is to estimate the price of a second-hand park model trailer according to its date of purchase and its original price.

Can I move my park model trailer to another site?

Yes, you can move your park model trailer to another site, as they technically are motorhomes. It is strongly recommended that you consult your vehicle’s user manual to make sure that the gross vehicle weight rating does not exceed the capacity of your truck to pull the park model.

Can I tow a park model trailer?

You can tow a park model trailer, but you must have a strong tow vehicle and some experience with towing heavy-loaded trailers. If you want to move your park model trailer from one campsite to another, or to private land, our advice would be to hire a moving company or someone specialized in towing large items.

How to find someone to tow my park model trailer?

To find someone to tow your park model trailer, start by using your favorite search engine and type “park model trailer transport”. If your operation is located in a region you can specify it in your search, otherwise, you can add “entire country”.


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