How to build camper wheel wells?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “How to build camper wheel wells?” We will discuss the simplest steps to building camper wheels using wood and other materials. We will also discuss the important aspects to consider while working on this project. At this post’s end, you will learn how to build camper-wheel wells in less than a day.

How to build camper wheel wells?

To build camper wheel wells, follow the steps described below.

  • Measure the area
  • Cut the wood
  • Build the box
  • Fit the boxes in place
  • Paint the wheels wells

Measure the area

  • The first step is to measure the area. Use measuring tape to measure the length and width of the wheels projecting inside the camper. Measure the length, width, and height. 
  • The most important part is to leave extra space from the overall dimensions of the wheel. The size of the wheel wells is determined according to the size of the wheels.  
  • Remember that the plywood will also consume space, and keeping a minimum of four inches around the wheels is essential. Hence, you should have an extra four inches of length, width, and height than the wheel measurements. Keep a pen and paper handy, or note down the measurements.
  • The camper wheel well should be built exactly like a wooden box with one side open. Having the right measurements for each side, including the top, is important. This should appear like a rectangular box with the right side and the bottom open. The wheel wells are placed on top like a cap that covers the wheels or the base.

Cut the wood

  • The easiest way to build a camper wheelbase is by using plywood. This is an easy process as it does not take up too much time. All you need is minimal materials to get this done.
  • Get plywood sheets that are two or three inches thick since they are easy to work with. You can also use plywood that is four inches thick if required. Cut two pieces of plywood based on length, width, and height.
  • Next, you must cut four pieces of plywood based on the two sides and two pieces placed on top. Be sure to double-check the measurements to ensure that they are perfect. Remember that the camper well should be like a box. Cut the wood accordingly and keep them in place.
  • Ensuring the wood is cut straight and neat without any bends is also important.

Build the box

  • Next, it’s time to build the box of the camper wheel wells. This step is easy since you just need to get all the plywood sheets together as a rectangular box.
  • You can also use 2 by 4s to build a frame and attach the plywood to them if necessary. However, building a frame requires more work; the easiest way is to attach the plywood directly.
  • To build the box, you must use “L-brackets”. Get a couple of L-brackets and start by attaching the top of the camper wheel wells to the sides. One L-bracket per side should be enough to fix the plywood together. You will need six “L-brackets” to build the box for both camper wheel wells.  

Fit the boxes in place

  • Installing them on the camper floor is the easiest way to fit the boxes in place. Assuming a wooden floor, you can use the same L-brackets and drive screws into them. Ensure the screws are level with the ground and not protruding out on top.
  • Use a panel board edge or a rubber gasket onto the sides of the wooden box touching the camper’s walls. The rubber gasket should be attached to the edges before fixing the boxes to the ground. This will not create a gap between the wheel wells and the camper wall. It will also protect the walls and the wooden boxes from scratching or damage.
  • Be sure to get a rubber gasket that is thick enough, and make sure to push it tight without any gaps. Repeat the same process for the second wheel well. It is also important to use safety gear while working on this project.
  • Seal gaps or seams around the wheel well to prevent dust or water from entering the camper. If the wheel is directly open inside the camper, you can install a fender to protect the wheel and prevent debris from kicking up.

Paint the wheel wells

  • Finally, you can go ahead and start painting the wheel wells. Use paint that is good enough to match the camper. Before painting the wheel wells, you can sand the sharp edges and apply a coat of primer. After applying a coat of primer, you can add a colour according to your choice.
  • Another option is to use wood stain, especially if you have a wooden floor and wooden walls inside the camper.  Using dark wood stain should give your camper wheel well a rich appearance. Use multiple coats of wood stain to get your desired colour.

Building a camper wheel well is easy as long as you have the right materials in place. The measurements are the most important, as having the right dimensions in place is essential. Be sure to stick to the measurements while cutting the plywood for the camper wheel wells. Get all the required materials in place before starting this project.

There are several other options, like metal and aluminium camper wheel wells, but wood is the easiest and simplest way. Use safety gear like gloves and glasses working on this project, and consult an expert if you cannot work on this project by yourself. This project is not too expensive, and it can be completed within a day.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “How to build camper wheel wells?” We have discussed the simplest steps to build camper wheels using wood and other materials. We have also discussed the important aspects to consider while working on this project.


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