How to build camper furniture?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “How to build camper furniture?” We will discuss the steps to build essential camper furniture. We will touch upon the type of furniture, building process, and materials that are used. At the end of this post, you will get to know how to build camper furniture on your own.

How to build camper furniture?

To build camper furniture, you need to follow the steps described below.

  • Get the dimensions of the camper
  • Design a floorplan
  • Build a bed
  • Build a tabletop
  • Build cabinets
  • Build a dinette
  • Build cupboards 
  • Stain or paint the furniture

Get the dimensions of the camper

  • Building camper furniture is one of the most exciting projects. This can be a fun and learning experience. It is also easy to build camper furniture at home.
  • First, you will need to get the dimensions of the camper. The dimensions of the camper will help you determine all the essentials. Measure the length, width, and height to get started with this project. Be sure to note down the dimensions on a notebook or paper.

Design a floorplan

  • Based on the dimensions, you will need to design a floor plan for the camper. Keep in mind the essentials while designing the floor plan. You will need to know the type of camper furniture that is required.
  • Most people stick to the basics since campers have limited interior space. Draw a floor plan and finalize the positions of the furniture that you want to build. Once you are satisfied with the layout, you can go ahead and start building the camper furniture.
  • Make sure that the floor is decked with strong plywood. You can use water and boil-proof plywood since they are strong enough to last long.
  • With the rough floorplan, you can mark the floor of the camper with the help of a marker. Ensure to have the measurements in place while marking the floor.

Build a bed

  • A bed is the most important piece of furniture that is required in a camper. You will need to start building a bed first since it is going to be bigger than all the other requirements.
  • Make sure to keep the bed small but good enough to accommodate up to two people comfortably. You can start by drawing the bed base on the camper floor and building the bed according to the required dimensions.
  • While building the camper bed, you will need to use plywood and you can also make use of the space below for extra storage.
  • Build a bed that has a minimum of 24 inches from the camper floor. With the help of 2 by-4s and plywood, you can build a 3X2 frame. Add a mattress on top along with some pillows and cushions. You can install doors from plywood in front of the bed frame to access the space for storage.

Build a tabletop

  • You will need to build a tabletop for the kitchen area with the help of the same plywood and wooden beams. This is where you get to add your sink and use the space below for cabinets.
  • You can start the process by marking the area on the camper floor. The usual table top for a camper is about 3 x 2 inches. However, you can choose to build a table based on the space and the dimensions that you prefer.
  • Several types of table tops can be used for RV kitchens. You can also opt to purchase an RV tabletop. Building a tabletop for the RV kitchen is easy and this can be done with wooden beams and plywood.
  • Make use of the space under the table by installing drawers. You can also construct plywood shelves if required and add a couple of doors. This space can be easily utilized to store all your utensils.

Build cabinets

  • Next, you will need to build cabinets for extra storage space. The more cabinets, the more space on the inside. Overhead cabinets are one of the best options to consider. You can easily build overhead cabinets with plywood.
  • Make good use of the space above the tabletop and build overhead cabinets in all vacant corners. Attach doors to the cabinets with the help of hinges and use magnetic locks for easy use.

Build a dinette

  • A dinette is an essential part of camper furniture. Constructing a dinette is one of the easiest parts of this process. You can build a dinette with ease by just cutting a piece of plywood for the table. Use a portable table mount for the top of the table and add fix mount to the floor of the camper.
  • For the seating arrangement, you can build wooden benches to match the height of the table. The entire project can be completed with the help of 2-by-4s and plywood. Use plywood that is thick enough and make sure that it is sturdy after fixing it to the mount.

Build cupboards 

  • You will be required to have a couple of cupboards as a part of the camper furniture. This depends on the amount of space that you have. Build cupboards that can be attached to the wall. Build the cupboards with plywood and make sure that they are a little bigger than the cabinets.
  • These cupboards can be used to store all the bed linen and clothes. You can also store some of your camping gear.

Stain or paint the furniture

  • Next, you will need to add some finishing touches by staining or painting the furniture. This is an interesting step and feels free to use a color of your choice. You can also stain the wood with a neat finish.
  • Some people choose to paint the furniture to give it a bright appearance. You can match the walls of the camper or choose to go just the opposite with the colors.

Those were some of the most basic and important pieces of furniture that are required for a camper. Building camper furniture is entirely based on what your requirements are. Many people avoid cupboards to save more space. Try to keep the furniture as minimal as possible but be sure not to miss out on the essentials.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “How to build camper furniture?” We have discussed the steps to build essential camper furniture. We have touched upon the type of furniture, building process, and materials that are used.


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