How to build an RV porch?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “How to build an RV porch?” We will discuss the steps in detail on how to successfully build an RV porch. We will talk about the concrete method and another easier method to build an RV porch. At the end of this post, you will get to know how to build an RV porch in just one day.

How to build an RV porch?

To build an RV porch, you need to follow the steps described below.

  • Create a layout
  • Choose the right lumber
  • Lay the concrete pier blocks
  • Install the piers and joists
  • Cut and install the decking
  • Stain the wood
  • Install the decking

Create a layout

  • To build an RV porch you will need to first create a layout. While this might be a simple process, it is important to create a layout to understand how you want the RV porch to be.
  • Take the measurements of your RV and create a layout according to your preference. Some RV porches can be longer than the RV itself while some are considerably short.
  • Make sure to write down the measurements of the porch in terms of length, width, and height. This will help when you need to cut the lumber to build the RV porch.

Choose the right lumber

  • To get started with this project you will need to choose the right lumber. There are various types of lumber like Oakwood, Maple wood, Walnut wood, Ash wood, etc.
  • Choose the lumber of your choice to build an RV porch. Consider the climatic conditions of your area and decide the type of lumber. For extreme cold climatic conditions, you can choose cedar wood as it has great outdoor durability and it is also easy to maintain.

Lay the concrete pier blocks

  • Next, you need to lay the concrete pier blocks as a base to build the RV porch. Make sure that the ground is level where you plan on building the RV porch.
  • Use cement and gravel and make a concrete mixture. Avoid mixing too much since it can dry fast. Based on the length and width of your RV porch, you will need to lay the concrete pier blocks.
  • Avoid building concrete blocks that are more than three feet in height. Remember the RV porch should not be higher than the door of your RV.
  • You will also need to dig small holes in the ground to set to concrete pier blocks. Make sure there is enough space between each concrete block.

Install the piers and joists

  • Once you are done with the concrete blocks, you will need to install the piers and joists. Use 4 x 4 piers brackets and set them into the concrete blocks.
  • The height plays a crucial role here as all the brackets must be equal before you install the lumber or wood on top. Be sure to cut all the wooden poles to the right height. 
  • You will need to work fast and set the poles or brackets into the concrete before it can dry. Make sure that the poles are straight and are fixed correctly into the concrete.
  • An RV porch is more of a permanent solution since you cannot carry the porch with you on your travels. Hence, it is going to be in one place at home. However, you can also skip the concrete part and just build a simple wooden frame with plywood or planks as an RV porch.
  • If you plan on keeping it simple, you will need to build a frame and get the wood together. Be sure to get the dimensions of the frame right before starting the process.
  • With the help of 2-inch nails, you can build a frame like a box and then add the planks directly onto it. Be sure to fix enough beams in between the frame to help hold the planks and provide better sturdiness.

Cut and install the decking

  • Next, you will need to cut and install the wood onto the wooden frame and then install the frame onto the concrete. If you are not planning on building the concrete, all you need to do is simply cut the wood and install it onto the wooden frame by making it into proper decking.
  • This is a simple step but you will need to be accurate while cutting. Be sure to use an electric cuter for better accuracy. Use the same 2-inch nails to secure the wooden planks onto the wooden frame.
  • You can also drill holes and use screws if necessary, but it can be time-consuming and you will need to do extra work.

Stain the wood

  • Once you have the entire RV porch built into one piece, you can go ahead and stain the wood. Give your RV porch a beautiful stain to bring out the best results and use as many coats as you like until you get the desired color.
  • You can also choose to paint the wood and give it a color to match the RV. Use primer at first to act as a base and give your RV a coat of paint according to your wish. Most people paint their porches white or stick to staining.

The easiest option is to build an RV porch by simply constructing a wooden frame. This can be done within a day or two if you have the right tools and dimensions in place. Make sure not to build a porch that is too high or higher than the RV door. The porch should be in line with the RV steps or it can also be flat on the ground.

You can hire an expert to get this job done, but it is not too hard and it can be done single-handedly. However, you will surely require help to carry it to the RV porch and place it in front of the RV. While working on the porch it is always good to work a little further away from the RV. Use the right safety equipment while working with tools.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “How to build an RV porch?” We have discussed the steps in detail on how to successfully build an RV porch. We have talked about the concrete method and another easier method to build an RV porch. Leave us a comment below and let us know which method you prefer for building an RV porch.


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