How to build an RV garage?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “How to build an RV garage?” We will discuss the steps to build an RV garage in detail. We will touch upon the materials and necessities that are needed to finish this project. At the end of this post, you will get to know how to build an RV garage in less than one week.

How to build an RV garage?

To build an RV garage, you will need to follow the steps described below.

  • Measure the space
  • Decide on the type of garage
  • Design the layout
  • Build a concrete pad
  • Build the garage frame
  • Install the rafters
  • Complete the roof
  • Build the walls
  • Install the doors and windows
  • Fix the lights

Measure the space

  • The first step is to measure the space where you plan on building the RV garage. There should be enough space to park your RV and there must be enough space to store a few items if required.
  • Ideally, you should be able to walk around the RV without any hassle. Remember to have a minimum space of one foot around the RV. Keep enough space for the doors.
  • Most people choose to store all their tools in the RV garage. More garage space gives you more storage options. Measure the space based on your requirements and plan your design.
  • It is also important to consider the height of the garage. Ensure that the garage is higher than the RV and it should be able to move in and out freely. Leave enough space based on the width, length, and height of the RV.

Decide on the type of garage

  • The next important step is to decide on the type of garage that you plan on building. There are several types of RV garages and most people build RV garages according to their preferences.
  • Deciding on the type of garage that you plan on the building will make the process a little easier. Many people opt for an RV carport while some choose to build a prefabricated steel RV garage. The easiest option is a wood-construction garage.

Design the layout

  • Once you decide on the type of garage, you can go ahead and design the layout. Designing the layout is a crucial part of building an RV garage. However, once you have the layout design in place, you will be able to finish building the garage with ease.
  • While designing the layout of the RV garage, make a note of all the materials that you will be using for this project. You can use a combination of plywood and lightweight metal to add more strength to the structure.
  • Design a layout with an A-frame roof since this will be easy to complete. Note down the measurements of the walls on four sides and ensure to keep space for a huge door that will accommodate the RV.

Build a concrete pad

  • The floor of the RV garage is pretty important and it is advised to have a concrete pad if you plan on having an enclosed RV garage. Some of the other options are gravel RV pads, but concrete pads are one of the best options for the floor.
  • Build a concrete pad and make sure that it is level to park the RV. Before building the concrete pad, you will need to make sure that the surface is level. Make sure that the concrete construction is a minimum of four inches. You will need to wait for a couple of days for the concrete to set.
  • After constructing the concrete pad, you can use two layers of bricks on the border as an edging. You can also extend the height if necessary. Some people build a small one-foot wall on the borders.

Build the garage frame

  • Next, you will need to build a garage frame. You can use steel posts if required but it is easier to work with wood. Use wooden beams for the four corners of the garage. Start by digging a pit and burying the beams into the earth. Use concrete to secure the beams that are buried in the ground.
  • You might need help from another person to bury the beams. Ensure that the wood you use is thick enough to take the load off the roof. You can also add a couple of wooden beams in the middle to provide more support.
  • Install wood for the top ridge by running beams from one end to the other. Secure the lumber at both ends of the roof. Use a spirit level to check if the beams are perfectly horizontal.

Install the rafters

  • Auxiliary rafters are one of the best options for building an RV garage roof. Make sure that you place the rafters properly onto the frame of the garage. You will need extra help to get this task complete. Be sure to contact a professional if you are unable to work alone.
  • Another option is to install hip rafters instead of auxiliary raters. Hip rafters extend from the wall and form the angle of the hip roof.

Complete the roof

  • After you install the rafters, you can go ahead and complete the roof of the RV garage. You can opt to install metal sheets or stick to wood for the roof. Metal sheets are a good option since you can install them closely onto the rafters.
  • If you plan on using wood, you will need to add extra material like tiles on top to prevent rain from falling inside.

Build the walls

  • Next, you must build the walls for the RV garage. Since you already have the frame in place, all you need to do is add wooden panels in between. Make sure that the wooden panels are cut to the right proportion and they must be aligned properly with the roof and the floor.
  • Keep enough space for the doors and windows when building the walls. Always refer to the layout that you have designed.

Install the doors and windows

  • Based on your preference and the layout, you can go ahead and install the doors and windows. Most people use automatic doors while some people use normal doors. Install the doors and make sure that the doors open outwards.
  • You can also add one huge door but ensure that it is strong enough and fix hinges that will take the weight of the door.
  • It is always good to have windows in an RV garage. Keep space for a couple of windows and the rear or windows on each side. You can also opt to have a small door at the rear.

Fix the lights

  • Don’t forget that you will need to fix the lights inside the RV garage that you plan on building. You can add a couple of lights inside and also fix a couple outside the garage. This will light up the area and provide extra light.
  • It is also important to add a couple of plug points on the inside of the garage. You get to connect your equipment and use them for repair.

Those were the simple steps to build an RV garage. Building a wooden RV garage is one of the easiest options. The other option is to opt for a prefabricated steel RV garage. However, you will require more work. An RV carport is yet another option to consider. Hire a professional to get this project done if you are not comfortable working with tools.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “How to build an RV garage?” We have discussed the steps to build an RV garage in detail. We have touched upon the materials and necessities that are needed to finish this project. Leave us a comment below and let us know what type of RV garage you plan on building.


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