How to build a toy hauler camper?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “How to build a toy hauler camper?” We will discuss the steps to build a toy hauler camper along with the required materials. We will also touch upon the advantages of considering these steps. At the end of this post, you will get to know how to build a toy hauler from scratch.

How to build a toy hauler camper?

How to build a toy hauler camper?

To build a toy hauler camper, the following steps must be followed.

  • Consider the size of the toy hauler
  • Create your layout
  • Rebuild the floors, walls, and ceiling
  • Insulate the toy hauler
  • Add the furniture
  • Install the electric systems
  • Install freshwater and greywater tanks

Consider the size of the toy hauler

  • The most important part is to consider the size of the toy hauler camper that you want to build. There are various toy haulers and some of them can be large and heavy. Be sure to get the right size to suit your needs.
  • Some trailers are only five feet and some are eight. Put your needs first and consider how often and how long you go camping. It is also important to consider how many people will camp in the toy hauler. Remember, you will need at least a frame of the toy hauler to start building one successfully.

Create your layout

  • Be sure to create a good layout based on the frame that you have. This is where you need to put in your hard work. Make a note of all the essentials that are required and be sure to have everything covered from the smallest to the largest things.
  • Finalize the amenities that you need and create a detailed plan. The plan must also include the furniture, appliances, and other requirements. Measure the length, height, and width of the toy hauler. Based on the dimensions, you can go ahead and plan what you need.

Rebuild the floors, walls, and ceiling

  • Since you are not using a new toy hauler, it is always good to rebuild the floors, walls, and ceiling. Rip out the old flooring if it is too bad and replace it with new wood.
  • Do the same for the walls and the ceiling. The walls of a toy hauler are pretty important and there should not be any damage to these walls.
  • The same goes for the roof. Be sure to check the roof for any leakage and other damage. The roof must not have any dents or rust. Get rid of the rust and debris if there are any. If the roof is too bad, you can consider changing the roof with metal sheets.
  • Paint the walls of the toy hauler or use stain to give it a classy look. For the floor, you can choose a simple and inexpensive option like wood lamination. Some people add vinyl to the floor to give your camper a rich appearance.

Insulate the toy hauler

  • It is important to insulate the toy hauler, especially if you are camping in a cold place. There are several insulation options including panels that can be used. You can also insulate the toy hauler with foam boards.
  • Some toy hauler owners use insulation skirts to keep cold air from entering. It is also important to consider insulating the roof of the camper.

Add the furniture

  • Once you have the floor, walls, and roof complete. You can start adding the furniture. Try to keep it simple and avoid adding too much stuff. It is important to make the best use of the space that you have inside the toy hauler camper.
  • The furniture also consists of the bed, table, chairs, and other essentials. The best option is to build a bed and table with the help of wood. Use wooden beams and plywood to construct a bed that can accommodate up to two people. Ensure to use the space below the bed for storage.
  • There are plenty of options like jackknife sofas, foldable cots, inflatable beds, and more.
  • You can also build a simple table that can be used as a dinette. Attach the table to the floor of the toy hauler camper. Another option is to use a portable camping table. Portable camping tables are easy to store and you can have more space on the inside. You can do the same for the chairs by using camping chairs.
  • Keep separate spaces for the kitchen and make sure to have a counter and provision for the sink. Add cabinets below and above the kitchen counter. These cabinets will be one of the best storage options for your toy hauler camper, especially for storing all your kitchen essentials.
  • You can also get customized furniture to match the toy hauler camper. Keep enough space for all the appliances.

Install the electric systems

  • Installing the electric systems can take you a while. Be sure to plan your electric systems carefully in the first step. Most of the campgrounds have 30 and 50-amp breakers. Based on the appliances that you use, you will need to consider the amperage.
  • If you are unaware of the functions of electric circuits. Ensure to hire an expert to get this task complete. Run the wires properly to the lights, battery, and other electric appliances. Keep enough plug points available in your toy hauler camper for charging your cell phone and other electric devices.
  • Another best option is to install solar panels to power your toy hauler camper. A couple of 200-watt solar panels should be more than enough to get you powered up and keep you independent. There is no need to worry about shore power with solar panels and you can also camp in remote areas with ease.

Add safety equipment

  • Fire extinguishers and smoke detectors are equally important and are one of the most important safety equipment for a toy hauler camper. These are not too expensive but they are essential.

Install freshwater and wastewater tanks

  • You will be required to install freshwater and greywater tanks in your toy hauler camper without fail. For freshwater, you can install a holding tank with a pump that pulls out the water from the tank up to the sink. This can either be a manual or 12-volt electric pump.
  • For wastewater, it is important to install a greywater tank. This tank should be connected to the sink. For showering, it’s always good to have an external shower. This is easy to install and there is no need to worry about space and connections.
  • Some people use a holding tank or run a drain hose out for their greywater. Be sure to keep these tanks in a separate place and they should be easily accessible.
  • You can also have a portable toilet if your toy hauler camper layout is big enough. With a few simple wooden boards, you can easily build a small toilet and install a portable cassette toilet
  • You will require a black water tank that needs to be connected to the toilet alone. Some of these portable toilets arrive with an electric pump for flushing.
  • These tanks have a gauge that tells you when each tank needs attention. You can also use it for several days before dumping the black water tank.

Those were the simple steps to build a toy hauler camper with ease. These are the most essentials to successfully build a toy hauler camper. Make sure to consider the type of toy hauler that you plan on building. Make the interiors comfortable and be sure to have enough space for all the essentials.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “How to build a toy hauler camper?” We have discussed the steps to build a toy hauler camper along with the required materials. We have also touched upon the advantages of considering these steps and talked about the safety equipment that is required.


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