How to build a tiny house camper?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “How to build a tiny house camper?” We will discuss the steps on how to build a tiny house camper. We will talk about the details, requirements, and essentials from start to end. At the end of this post, you will have an idea of how to build a tiny house camper successfully.

How to build a tiny house camper?

To build a tiny house camper, here are the steps that you need to follow.

  • Design the layout
  • Build floors, walls, and roof
  • Cut out the doors and windows
  • Build the kitchen and dining area
  • Build storage shelves
  • Install the kitchen appliances
  • Fix the grey, black, and freshwater tanks
  • Build a toilet
  • Install the plumbing
  • Install the wiring
  • Build a sofa/bed

Design the layout

  • First, you must design the layout of the tiny home camper that you plan on building. You will need a camper frame to plan and create a design with all the details of the layout.
  • This is the most important step and you will need to plan it out carefully. Keep in mind everything essential for a tiny home camper. Based on the size of the frame, you can go ahead and create a detailed plan of your tiny home and what you plan on installing.
  • Make a list and be sure to double-check everything later on. Make a note of all the materials you will need and start building a tiny home camper by following a step-by-step process. Measure the length and width of the camper frame and design the layout accordingly.

Build floors, walls, and roof

  • Next, you will need to get started with the floors, walls, and roof. This is going to be the base and the outer shell for your tiny home camper.
  • For the floors, walls, and roof, you can use wood to create the exterior. Select wood that is strong enough and tries to use the same for the walls and floor. Paulownia is one of the best options and it is also strong for building furniture.
  • Start by building the floor on the camper frame first. Cut the wood into broad strips and fix it securely to the camper frame. Use broad strips so they look like planks. After fixing the strips to the floor, add a thick sheet of plywood on top of the strips so it becomes one.
  • Ensure to secure the wood properly. Drill holes and use long screws and be sure not to have any gaps. You can also fix the plywood with the same method.
  • Next, you can start building the walls by the same method as the floor. You can choose to keep the plywood outside over the broad strips of wood.
  • For the roof, you can use steel or metal sheets. Once you are done building the walls, add wooden reapers or strong beams going across each wall. Attach the roof to the walls and the wooden beams of the camper. Use enough sealant for the roof to make sure that there are no gaps.

Cut out the doors and windows

  • Before installing the walls, be sure to cut out the doors and windows for the camper. Since you are planning to build a tiny home camper, you will require only one door. Cut out a door that is seven feet or according to your preference. Make sure it is big enough to transport furniture inside the camper.
  • When it comes to the windows, be sure to keep one where you plan on building the bed. Keep the windows proportionate and try not to make them too big. You can have as many windows as you please. However, most tiny home campers have only two or three.
  • Build a frame for the windows and doors accordingly and install the glass. With the same wood cut out a door and add hinges along with a both to keep it shut.

Build the kitchen and dining area

  • Build a tabletop for the kitchen and attach a sink to it. You will also need to keep space for a stove and a cutting area.
  • Below the tabletop, build drawers to store all your kitchen items. You will need to have a small table for the dining area. You can use the same wood to construct a table that is perfect for two people.

Build storage shelves

  • Build enough storage shelves inside the tiny home camper to keep all your storage gear. You can use the space on the kitchen table to build shelves. This is where you can store all your groceries and utensils.
  • Build enough storage shelves near the bed and the corners of your camper. The more shelves, the more storage options. However, try not to make it too clustered.

Install the kitchen appliances

  • Next, you will need to install all the kitchen appliances. Install a stove for cooking, a blender, a microwave oven for baking, and all the other appliances that are essential for a fully-functioning kitchen.

Fix the grey, black, and freshwater tanks

  • You must have all your tanks in place for your camper to be complete. Keep a designated space for the grey and black water tank. These can be next to each other. You can easily store a 25-liter grey and black water tank.
  • For the freshwater tank, you can use a suitable corner in the kitchen to store all your freshwater. Purchase these tanks and make sure there are fit for your tiny home camper. There are plenty of options available.

Build a toilet

  • If you plan on making this camper your home, you must have a toilet. Use the same wood and build a toilet in the area where you have planned in the layout. The best option is to go in for a cassette toilet. These are small and they serve the purpose without any hassle.
  • Campers are small and it is wise to make use of the space effectively. Hence, it is always good to opt for an external shower to save on space.

Install the plumbing

  • Once you have the toilet and kitchen in place, you will need to install the plumbing. The layout plays an important role when it comes to plumbing. Be sure to have a drawing of your plumbing ready.
  • Get the right pipes and connect the toilet and kitchen sink to their respective tanks. You might need to run the plumbing under the camper so the pipes are not exposed.

Install the wiring

  • You will need to power your tiny home camper. Connecting solar panels is one of the best options since you do not need to depend on shore power. Install a couple of 200 or 400-watt solar panels on the roof to keep you powered up and running.
  • Connect the solar panels to an inverter and run the cables to a battery. Follow the instructions that come along with the solar panels for installation.
  • Install lights inside the camper wherever necessary and connect the wiring as required.

Build a sofa/bed

  • A tiny home camper is always low on space and it is wise to build a sofa that can be converted into a bed. Build a sofa with wood and make sure that you use the space under for storage.
  • There are several methods to build a sofa/bed for an RV. It is simple and it is sure to provide more space.

Building a tiny home camper is a big project and it consumes time. The entire project can be finished within three weeks or it can also take up to a month. The first step is the most important part. It is essential to have a proper plan in place. The layout and the design are important to get you through the whole process.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “How to build a tiny house camper?” We have discussed the steps on how to build a tiny house camper. We have talked about the details, requirements, and essentials from start to end. Drop us a comment below and let us know what you feel is required to build a tiny house camper.


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