How to build a metal RV gate?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “How to build a metal RV gate?” We will discuss the steps to build a metal RV gate. We will also talk about the required materials for building a metal RV gate. At the end of this post, you will get to know how to build a metal RV gate in a couple of days.

How to build a metal RV gate?

To build a metal RV gate, you need to follow the simple steps described below.

  • Decide on the measurements
  • Cut the metal to size
  • Weld the frame
  • Install the hinges
  • Install expanded steel sheeting
  • Build the sliding bolt, lock, and latch

Decide on the measurements

  • The most important step is getting the measurements right. Once you have the dimensions in place, you can start building a metal RV gate with ease.
  • The dimensions of the gate depending on the size of your RV. If you have a Class A RV, you will need a bigger gate. Hence, you must consider the width and length of your RV. The width is more important so be sure to have enough space on either side.
  • The gate must be a minimum of four feet wider than the RV. This will make it easy for you to maneuver while moving inside.

Cut the metal to size

  • In the next step, you must cut the metal to the size based on the measurements. It is advised to use square metal pipes for this project. Avoid using round metal pipes since they can be hard to work with.
  • You must cut the metal pipe at 45-degree angles at each end. Cut the metal pipe according to length, width, and height. When it comes to height, make sure that the gate is at a minimum of six feet.
  • You will need to use an angle grinder to cut the metal pipe. Make sure to wear safety gear while working. Cut all the necessary metal pipes together but be sure to have the dimensions right.

Weld the frame

  • Once you cut the metal pipe you will need to weld the frame. Use welding clamps to build the frame and make sure you set them at the right angle.
  • With the help of a welding machine, you must get the outer structure of the frame. The frame should consist of four metal pipes, two on top, and two on the side. After you get the welding done, the frame should look like a rectangle.
  • Add more horizontal metal pipes to make the frame more secure. These are called cross-members that are for added strength. Make sure that the cross-members are cut straight and not at a 45-degree angle.
  • Use the angle grinder to smooth down the edges. This is essential since the welding can make the frame round on the edges.
  • Metal pipes are hollow and they have an opening on either side. You will be required to seal the opening to add the vertical pipes. To seal the opening you can use metal sheet pieces to the exposed ends. You can easily weld these metal sheets together.
  • You need to add vertical pipes from the top to the bottom of the frame that you build. Keep a small gap of one inch between each pipe.  

Install the hinges

  • Mark the place where you want to install the hinges on the gate frame. You will also need to mark the spots on the posts that will support the gate frame. Be sure to secure the hinges in place by using f-bar clamps and weld the hinges to the frame.
  • You will need to calculate where you want the hinges to be before welding them to the gate frame. The hinges need to be at the right place on the gate. Add two hinges to the gate, one on top and one at the bottom.
  • Once the hinges are installed, you will need to test the movement and make sure that they move freely. Be sure to clean up the extra debris that is left behind from the welds.

Install expanded steel sheeting

  • While this is just an option, there is nothing wrong with installing some expanded steel sheeting. The expanded steel sheeting will provide more protection to the metal RV gate. It will also help to prevent animals and other insects from entering.
  • Cut the expanded steel sheeting to the size of the gate’s frame. Place the steel sheeting on the grate and weld them into place. You will need to have space for this and it is best to place the gate on the ground while working.
  • Weld the corners first to make them stable and move on to welding the expanded steel wire sections. This can be a little tricky but be sure to take time and work cautiously with safety gear. Ensure that the welding is nice and strong.

Build the sliding bolt, lock, and latch

  • Next, you will need to build the sliding bolt, lock, and latch. Use a piece of metal sheet and cut it into a small square. Drill the pilot hole slightly off-center and expand the hole as required.
  • Bevel the edges of the sheet and repeat the same process for two more sheets of the same size. You will need to have three metal sheets for the gate to hold the bolt lock.
  • Secure to gate door by welding it to the place where the lock will be located. Add two of the sheets in parallel and another perpendicular to these two on the frame of the gate.
  • You will need to use a metal rod that is slightly smaller in diameter than the holes that you made in the square sheets. The bolt holes should have enough clearance to reach the ground. You can also cut another small one to form the sliding lock handle.
  • You must cut the steel rod together to form an L-shape. If you are unable to build the sliding bolt, lock, and latch, you can always purchase one and weld it onto the metal RV gate.

Fix the latch

  • Now, you will need a latch to keep the gate shut. The best way is to go in for a throw-over latch. You can purchase a throw-over latch and save yourself some time from making one. However, be sure to buy one in the right size. 
  • You must line up the latch and secure it to the gate frame with the right bolts. Note, you will be required to drill a hole into the frame.  

Paint the gate

  • Once you are done with the latch you can go ahead and paint the gate according to a color of your choice. Use spray paint cans to make this process easy or you can opt for the old-school method with a brush and paint.
  • While installing the gate, make sure to get help for another person to help you carry the gate and place it on the posts. Make final adjustments if there are any. You can always hire an expert to get this task complete if you are not comfortable welding and working with metal.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “How to build a metal RV gate?” We have discussed the steps to build a metal RV gate. We have also talked about the required materials for building a metal RV gate. What type of RV gate are you planning on building? Leave us a comment below and let us know.


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