How to build a camper bench?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “How to build a camper bench? We will discuss the steps to build a camper bench and the required materials and essentials. We will also discuss the storage options and touch on the upholstery and padding. At the end of this post, you will learn to build a camper bench in less than two days.

How to build a camper bench?

To build a camper bench, you must follow the steps described below.

  • Measure the area
  • Create a plan
  • Gather the materials and tools
  • Cut the wood
  • Build the frame
  • Add the side panels
  • Attach the seat
  • Attach the backrest
  • Add upholstery and padding
  • Add finishing touches 

Measure the area

  • First, you must measure the area in the camper to build the bench. Determine the available space for the bench to create a plan. Choose a location in the camper that will be a perfect fit for the camper bench.

Create a plan

  • Based on the available area, you can create a plan with the dimensions for the camper bench. Note down the camper bench’s length, width, and height as per your preference. Be sure to take the backrest into consideration. Consider the design that you want to incorporate for the bench.
  • Draw a rough sketch of the bench and note the dimensions. Note down the length, width, and height while creating the plan.

Gather the materials and tools

  • Next, you must gather the materials and tools required for this project. The easiest way to build a camper bench is using wooden panels like plywood and 2 by 4 beams for the frame. You will also need to purchase some upholstery or fabric for the seating area.
  • Ensure to get the right tools, such as a screwdriver, hinges, saw, drill, level, staple gun, and measuring tape. Tuckernut plywood is one of the options for a camper bench. Get a pair of safety gloves and working glasses for added protection.

Cut the wood

  • Now that you have all the materials and tools, you can cut the wood. Cut the 2 by 4s according to the bench’s length, width, and height. Remember, you will need five 2 by 4s based on the size of the camper bench. Four for the bottom and one for the backrest. Ensure that all five pieces are cut to the exact measurements.
  • Next, you must cut four 2 by 4s based on the width and four 2 by 4s based on the height of the camper.

Build the frame

  • Assemble the 2 by 4s to build the frame of the camper. Start by fixing the bottom part of the camper bench. Attach the long beams to the short ones (length and width). 
  • Use a measuring tape while fixing the beams together. Use the drill and screws to secure them properly. Attach two of the long beams (length) to two of the short beams (width).
  • You should have a rectangular frame with the 2 by 4s assembled. Repeat the same process and build another rectangular frame for the top. Now, add the other beams on each corner of the frame.
  • Attach the other rectangular frame to the top, and you should have a rectangular cube will all sides open. Next, you must attach two beams from the top base to form the backrest. Depending on the desired height, you can attach the two beams.   

Add the side panels

  • Next, you will need to add the side panels with the help of plywood. Cut the plywood sheets according to the dimensions of the camper frame.
  • Use screws or nails to attach the side panels to the frame. The side panels must be cut to the right dimensions. Make sure to add the panels on all four sides of the frame.

Attach the seat

  • Now that you have the side panels attached, you can use the space below the bench for storage options. While attaching the seat, you must add a couple of hinges on both sides. Use piano hinges to make it sturdier. This is one of the best ways to provide additional storage space.
  • Use the same plywood for the seat and ensure it is thick enough and cut to the right size. Attach the hinges to the plywood and the side panels. The seat must be properly aligned with the frame.  
  • Attach a latch or lock to help keep the storage compartment closed. This is essential, especially when the camper is in transit.

Attach the backrest

  • Next, you must attach the backrest to the camper bench. Use the same plywood sheets for the backrest. Cut the plywood according to the dimensions of the backrest. Ensure that it is secured with screws and is correctly fixed to the beams of the backrest.

Add upholstery and padding

  • Adding upholstery and padding will not only provide comfort but also enhance the appearance of the camper bench.
  • Cut foam padding according to the dimensions of the seat. There are plenty of options when it comes to foam. Get a suitable foam that is comfortable enough for the camper bench.
  • Fix the foam padding to the bench by sticking them with glue. You can also place the padding and secure it with the fabric or upholstery. However, sticking the foam or securing it to the bench is good.
  • Leave enough fabric or upholstery to stretch over the padding. The excess upholstery or fabric can be stapled with the help of an upholstery staple gun. The fabric must be pulled across the foam and stapled. 
  • You can secure the fabric to the plywood seat with the staple gun. Pulling the fabric tight and evenly across the seat is the most important part.

Add finishing touches

  • The final step is to add the finishing touches to the camper bench. With the help of sandpaper, smooth the rough surface and edges. Make the surface smooth and apply a suitable stain to the wood.
  • You can also add paint to the wood and ensure that it matches the camper’s walls. Choose a color and give the camper bench a neat finish.

Building the camper bench is an easy task, and it can be completed in just a couple of days. However, you will require the right tools and materials for this project. It is also essential to find a suitable place for the camper bench. Sit on the bench to test the stability and capacity. Double-check for any mistakes and make adjustments as required.

Get an expert to complete this task if you are not able to work on this project alone. Adapt to the steps and measurements based on the camper’s specific needs and design preferences. Building a camper bench is cheaper than purchasing one, and you also get to build it according to the available space in the camper.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “How to build a camper bench? We discussed the steps to build a camper bench and talked about the required materials and essentials. We have also discussed the storage options and touched upon the upholstery and padding.

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