How to build a camper bed frame?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “How to build a camper bed frame?” We will discuss the steps to build a camper bed frame from scratch. We will discuss the essentials and tools required for this project. At the end of this post, you will learn to build a camper bed frame within two days.

How to build a camper bed frame?

To build a camper bed frame, follow the steps described below.

  • Measure the area
  • Create a sketch
  • Gather the required materials
  • Cut the lumber
  • Assemble the frame
  • Reinforce the structure
  • Fix the base to the frame
  • Smoothen the edges
  • Paint and test the frame
  • Check for safety

Measure the area

  • The first step to building a camper bed frame is to measure the area in the camper. Determine the available space in the camper to build a bed frame. Once the space is determined, you can build a camper bed frame based on the measurements.
  • Note the measurements and ensure enough space for a bed to accommodate at least two adults. Write down the dimensions based on the length, width, and height. Be sure to consider the size of the mattress and the desired height of the camper bed frame.

Create a sketch

  • Once you have the measurements, you can easily create a sketch for the camper bed. This is a simple but essential step. Draw a rough sketch based on the measurements for reference. If you have a specific design, add the design or other features you want to incorporate.

Gather the required materials

  • Next, you need to gather the required materials for this project. The easiest way to build a camper bed frame is by using lumber. Get enough 2 by 4s or any other wooded beams based on your preference. 
  • Get a huge sheet of plywood that is thick enough for the base. Purchase enough screws and brackets for the assembling process.
  • It is also important to gather the required tools for this project. Ensure you have a saw, screwdriver, drill, level, measuring tape, and sandpaper. You can also stain or paint the camper bed frame if necessary.

Cut the lumber

  • Based on the measurements, you will be required to cut the lumber. Mark the lumber before cutting them to the right dimensions. Cut four beams based on the length of the camper bed frame. Cut another four beams based on the width and four beams based on the height.
  • Cut the side rails, support beams, and end rails based on the dimensions and angles. Ensure the lumber is cut accurately to the dimensions and your preference. Cut the plywood based on the dimensions of the bed frame. 
  • Use plywood that is thick enough to bear the weight. Make sure to cut the plywood accurately as per the dimensions.

Assemble the frame

  • Next, you must assemble the frame. Lay out the side rails and end rails to fix the frame together. Create the frame’s outline and fix the corners with the help of screws or brackets.
  • Start by fixing and assembling the side rails (length) to the width. Create a rectangular frame with the lumber and screw them together securely.
  • Next, attach the lumber that you cut as per the desired height. Attach the lumber to all four corners of the rectangular frame. Ensure that the vertical lumber is secured properly.
  • You must repeat the same process of building a rectangular frame for the next step. This rectangular frame should be the same measurements as the first frame. Install the second rectangular frame on top. You will now have a rectangular frame in the form of a cube.
  • Install support beams across the frame to provide more stability and weight distribution. Ensure that the support beams are spaced evenly and cut to the same width dimensions. You can also add support beams at the bottom of the frame and on the top.

Reinforce the structure

  • It is important to reinforce the structure by adding additional support within the frame. Add a center beam and diagonal braces if necessary. The more reinforcement, the stronger the structure. Reinforcement will prevent the structure from sagging.
  • Remember, the camper bed frame should be able to take the weight of the bed and two adults. Hence, the structure should be strong enough.

Fix the base to the frame

  • The next step is to build the base for the camper bed frame. Install the plywood over the frame and secure it properly with screws. Double-check the dimensions of the plywood and ensure that it fits perfectly on the bed frame.
  • Secure the base on the frame along the perimeter and the support beams. Fix the frame thoroughly and correctly.

Smoothen the edges

  • It’s recommended to smoothen the edges of the frame. Use sandpaper that has a medium grit of 180-220. Smoothen the edges and the corners properly. The camper bed frame should have a decent finish. Get rid of all the uneven surfaces if necessary.

Paint and test the frame

  • Give the camper bed frame a coat of paint according to your choice. Most people paint the frame to match the walls of the camper. However, there are no restrictions, and feel free to experiment. Before painting the frame, add a coat of primer. Another option is to stain the bed frame with wood stain.
  • Place the mattress on the completed frame and ensure the fit is perfect. Double-check for any movement or instability. You will be required to reinforce the structure in case of any movement.
  • The most important step is to secure the bed frame to the camper. Use “L” brackets if necessary to secure the bed frame to the camper floor. This also depends on the type of camper floor. Ensure that

Check for safety

  • The next step is to check for safety. Ensure the camper bed frame is fastened to prevent movement or shifting, especially when the camper is in motion.
  • It is also recommended to check the weight capacity limit of the camper and ensure that it is good enough to support the load.
  • Those were some of the simplest steps to build a camper bed frame. Note that each camper has its measurements and design. Consult a professional if you are not confident working on this project. Once you have the required materials and tools, this project can be completed in a day or two.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “How to build a camper bed frame?” We have discussed the steps to build a camper bed frame from scratch. We have talked about the essentials and tools that are required for this project. Have you built a camper bed frame before? Let us know in the comments below.

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