How tall is a draft horse trailer? (legal requirements)

In this article, we will answer the following question: How tall is a draft horse trailer? We will discuss the legal requirements regarding the dimensions of a horse trailer and the equipment that you must always carry. We will also help you decide which is the ideal horse trailer for you. 

How tall is a draft horse trailer?

A draft horse trailer should be at least 8’ tall. A draft horse weighs on average 1,400 to 2,000 lb and has a height of 16 to 19 hands (64 to 76 inches)  As these are heavy horses, you will need a spacious trailer to transport the horse in safety and comfort. 

Besides, to accommodate one or two draft horses, the interior of the horse trailer must be in full compliance with the regulations in force. The regulatory dimensions are as follows:

  • minimum length: 9 ft
  • width between: 6.5 to 8.8 ft
  • height varying between: 6.5 ft and 8 ft.

Note: Some horse trailers must have a saddlery compartment with access from the side.

Furthermore, the horse trailer must be equipped with functional and quality equipment:

  • a rot-proof wood or aluminum floor with rubber mat,
  • side coverings with polypropylene or aluminum lining,
  • a reversing light with an anti-panic system,
  • a multiposition rear door bridge.

In order to ensure the perfect stability of the coupling and better road holding, the draft horse trailer must have a two-axle chassis with suspensions.

This chassis itself must have

  • a drawbar with jockey wheel,
  • an inertial braking system,
  • wiring for rear signal lights.

Now that you know the legal requirements of a horse trailer, let’s move to how you can choose the best one for your horse. 

What trailer size do I need for my horse?

The most suitable trailer for horses is the one that gives the animal comfort and safety when transporting. We care that your horse or mare is in good health when travelling. For this reason, we will give you the best recommendations so that you can choose the best equine transport.

  • Trailer size: Make sure the trailer is roomy enough for your horse, it is also important to note that horses grow quickly. Not all horse breeds have the same wingspan.
  • Trailer material: The most resistant material is steel, it is anti-rust and resists animal waste. In addition, it is important that the material is easy to clean.
  • Hydration accessories: A good horse trailer has a water and food dispenser, this is very important especially for long-distance trips.
  • Windows: if the trailer is a cabin trailer, it is important that it has vents so that the horse is in a cool environment.
  • Mooring anchor: The trailer you buy must have a mooring anchor so that the horse is safe
  • Fastening to the car: make sure that the trailer you buy adapts to the ball of your car.
  • If the trailer has a MAM of more than 750kg, it is mandatory to be registered in traffic insurance and pass the technical inspection periodically.
  • Inertia brake: it must be stated that a good braking system.
  • Wheel size: large horse walk or not walk.

What horse trailer equipment do I need?

As its name suggests, its main use is to transport horses safely inside. For this to be possible, these trailers must be well equipped, since the horses can become stressed during the trip or simply lose their balance during a very steep curve or slope.

For all these reasons, our trailers are equipped with numerous grilles both on the front and rear and on the sides to allow proper ventilation, in this case, they are not very pronounced openings and are located above the horse’s height, since they are easily stressed if they see what is going on around them.

In addition, we incorporated a hitch inside the trailer to tie up the horse in case it was very nervous or would not be comfortable when travelling. The measures of these trailers allow the horse to move easily and allow a small hole to place water to avoid any discomfort to the horse during the trip.

It is very important to bear in mind that all these measures provide safety not only to the animal but also to the person who is driving the tow vehicle, since if the animal remains calm during the journey, the driver will not have any type of problem, such as being distracted due to noticing problems in the horse trailer.

What is the ideal horse trailer?

An ideal horse trailer comes equipped with premium quality wheels and tires that range from 13 to 14 inches depending on the type of trailer. In addition, to prevent the trailer from moving when left in static, they include a brake so that the horses do not suffer any mishaps.

A good horse trailer offers different capacities depending on the horse transport needs. The smallest is capable of carrying up to 1600 lbs. And the largest should have a capacity of up to 5000 lbs. 

Therefore, analyze the characteristics of your animals and select the product that best suits your requirements from our wide range of horse trailers.

When it comes to horse trailers types, we must mainly distinguish the following three:

  1. Open: When looking for horse vans and trailers, one of the most typical is the open one, as long as we only carry one horse at a time. This type of trailer is ideal and more than enough for short distances since, in addition, it has the smallest size of the types detailed here. It is a very practical trailer.
  1. Cabin: It is an ideal trailer for trips that are going to be a little longer. However, to perfectly care for the animal, it is also recommended for short distances. One of the peculiarities it has is its ventilation system, which is very beneficial for the horse and very useful when looking for good vans and horse trailers.

In addition, it has a platform on which the roof and the cabin door are arranged, which in turn protects it from all kinds of weather adversities, both water and sun. On the other hand, it even includes food and water dispensers. It is suitable for one or two horses, depending on the model.

  1. Combined: When we are unable to decide on one of the two above, the best option is a combined trailer. It is open, just like the first option we have proposed. However, it can be adapted to the cabin shape, so that the horse is better secured.

The roof they have is canvas and, for their part, the railings are a little higher. When we are going to go short distances and the previous option seems too much, but we want to take care of the animal from adverse weather conditions, this can be a good choice. It can also help us to travel long distances on time.

The bottom line

In short, depending on the number of horses that you are going to take and the distance that you are going to travel, you can choose different types of vans and horse trailers. In turn, it will depend on your priorities. If in doubt, the best option is to consult a professional. 

If you have any questions or comments on the content, please let us know!

FAQ on How tall is a draft horse trailer?

How many horses can fit in a trailer?

Up to six horses can fit in a trailer, depending on the size and model of the trailer. When transporting more than one horse, the minimum height inside the compartments must exceed the height at the withers of the tallest animal by at least 30 inches (almost 75 cm).

What license is needed to drive a horse trailer?

To transport horses in a van you will need special authorization, since the weight that the vehicle pulls increases considerably with the load of the horses. 

What travel equipment do I need to transport a horse?

As for travel equipment, the horse must wear the halter for the duration of the trip. Most experts suggest a leather halter (not nylon or rope). In an emergency, the leather is easy to cut. Depending on the weather during your trip, you may or may not need a blanket. Bumpers and leg guards can be very important. 

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