How much weight can a Load Range E tire carry?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “How much weight can a Load Range E tire carry?” We will discuss the Load Range E tire rating and talk about choosing the right tire. We will also list the best Load Range E tires for towing and we will list the features and specs of these tires.

How much weight can a Load Range E tire carry?

A Load Range E tire can carry a weight between 60 to 80 PSI. The maximum load pressure of a Load Range E tire can go up to 80 PSI (550 kPa). There are two types of E-rated tires, E1-rated and E-2-rated tires. E1-rated tires have the capacity to handle up to 80 PSI while E2 tires have the capacity to handle up to 65 PSI.

It is important to know the load range of a tire and understand the maximum load pressure. This will come in handy especially when you are towing a vehicle or driving off-road. You can find the Load Range of a tire when looking at the sidewall. Every tire has various numbers and these numbers consist of details that are important.

The code and the numbers that are present on the sidewalls of the tire will help you determine if the tire is right for your vehicle or not. However, note that there are various types of Load Rage tires and each one of them has its own Load Range weight capacity. Below is the chart that consists of the various Load Range tires, ply rating, and their maximum load pressure.

Load Range tire chart

Load RangePlay RatingMaximum Load Pressure
B435 PSI (240 kPa)
650 PSI(350 kPa)
D865 PSI (450 kPa)
E1080 PSI (550 kPa)
1295 PSI (650 kPa)

What is the Load Range in tire rating?

  • The load rating of a tire only exists in light truck tires and the Load Range in tire rating determines the load pressure and the ply rating of the tire. It gives you an understanding of the maximum allowable tire pressure and the max load a tire can carry. 
  • The Load Range of a tire will always be present on the sidewall of the tire itself. It is essential to know the proper Load Range of your vehicle. 
  • The Load Range “E” is one of the highest load ranges that is available in the market. For those who carry heavy loads on their trucks or those who are transporting goods, you will need to have a highly rated tire.

Choosing the right tire

To get to know the right load capacity of the tire you will need to make a few calculations.

  • You will need to divide the gross weight of your vehicle by four. The four are for each tire. The overall gross weight into four will be capable of each tire provided if the tires are the same.
  • Note that the gross weight of the vehicle does not include the driver, passengers, and another additional load like cargo or baggage.
  • To be on the safe side, never choose a tire that will meet the minimum weight capacity since you will not be calculating the weight of the additional load. Always choose a tire that has more weight capability.
  • Selecting a tire that has reserve load capacity will help when your vehicle is overloaded.

Get to know the maximum load range

It is essential to get to know the maximum load range of the tire when inflated. Never try to exceed the maximum load rating of the tire. The maximum load limit is usually present on the vehicle tire placard. All tires are built to handle a particular load and overloading will result in excessive heat and this could make the tire fail.

Your tire has all the information, including the ratio of height to width, rim diameter, load index, max permissible inflation pressure, and more. Your tire will also indicate if it is built for severe snow conditions or not. Be sure to know the maximum load range and try to read the symbols that are mentioned on the side of the tire to understand it better.

Best Load Range E tires for towing

There are several tires that arrive with a Load Range E rating. However, some tires are exclusively built for towing. These are some of the best 10 Ply tires that are built for towing. These tires have a high rating and are also built for harsh climatic conditions. Here are some of the features and specs of these top-rated tires.

Michelin Defender LTX M/S

Michelin is one of the most reputed brand names and they have created some of the best tires for trucks. The Michelin Defender LTX M/S is rated as of the best 10 Ply tires that are used for towing. These tires are built for long distance and it is built to handle harsh conditions. It also comes with a 70,000-mile tread wear warranty.

  • Built for warm and cold conditions
  • Outstanding wet traction
  • Quiet and comfortable
  • Perfect for towing and hauling
  • Good for dry handling.

Kumho Crugen HT51

The Kumho Crugen HT51 is built for heavy duty handling. It has a maximum tread life and a 45,000-mile tread wear warranty. These tires can handle high speeds due to their stability and hydroplaning resistance. They are also good on wet roads and are designed for long-lasting performance.

  • High-speed stability
  • Reasonable price
  • Light snow traction
  • Good for towing and hauling
  • Built for warm and cold conditions.

Goodyear Wrangler 10 Ply tires

Goodyear is yet another recognized brand that has a high reputation. The Goodyear Wrangler is an all-terrain tire that is built for all conditions. These tires come with a 60,000-mile tread wear warranty on all models. They are one of the best off-road tires that have strong traction and it is one of those outstanding all-terrain tires by Goodyear.

  • Build for off-road performance
  • Usable in light snow
  • Tough construction
  • Great for towing and hauling
  • High-speed stability.

BF Goodrich all-terrain

The BF Goodrich all-terrain tires are built for both off-road and on-road performance. These tires are one of the best in the category as they have high levels of traction. It also has a 50,000-mile tread wear warranty. The traction is excellent and it is built for handling rocks, sand, gravel, and mud. It is also puncture-resistant and chip resistant.

Bridgestone Blizzak LT

If your vehicle is exposed to snow often, you can opt for the Bridgestone Blizzak LT. These tires increase the traction on snow and it has 30 percent more biting edges. The surefooted handling and ice traction in these tires are built for heavy-duty winter conditions. The construction of these tires is incredible and is built to last long.

  • Excellent traction and braking on snow
  • Great handling performance on snow
  • Built to work on ice as well
  • Great performance on wet and dry pavement.

Cooper Discoverer HTP

The Cooper Discoverer HTP is good for highways and wet roads. With a 55,000-mile tread wear warranty, these tires are built to carry heavy loads. However, they might not be a perfect fit for the snow. These tires do have high-speed stability and good stopping power. It is also great for light off-road driving.

  • Stable in dry conditions
  • Excellent wet traction and braking
  • Quiet and comfortable.

Those were some of the best Load Range E tires that have been rated the best for towing and hauling. These tires are also perfect for off-road performance and they are durable with a long-lasting warranty. A Load Range E tire is built for carrying weight and towing. It is always good to know the capacity and potential of your tires before making a purchase.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “How much weight can a Load Range E tire carry?” We have discussed the Load Range E tire rating and talked about choosing the right tire. We have also listed the best Load Range E tires for towing and we have listed the features and specs of these tires.


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