How much is the lot rent for a camper?

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: How much is the lot rent for a camper? We will review the price per week and per month for the average camping lot in the US. We will also review the factors that influence the price of RV camping. 

How much is the lot rent for a camper?

The lot rent costs for a camper can vary between $450 and $3300 and up, depending on the location of the RV park and whether the utilities are included in the price or not. Some campsites also offer on-site security, free wifi and attractive discounts for long-term stays.

To help you get an idea of how much you have to actually pay for the rent of a lot, we have done some extensive research and established the minimum and the maximum prices for a one-week stay or for monthly stays at the campsites in the US. Please see the table below for more information. 

StateAverage price per week*Average price per month*
Alabama$75  –  $110$360 – $1735
Alaska$155 – $175$750-$1500
Arizona$175 – $325$775 – $1250
Arkansas$65 – $100$450 -$1250
California$180 – $305$800 – $2500
Colorado$185 – $475$750 – $950
Connecticut$75  –  $110$450 – $1735
Delaware$140 – $185$750 – $950
Florida$180 – $305$770- $3200
Georgia$65 – $100$450 -$1250
Hawaii$155 – $175$770- $3200
Idaho$175 – $700$1500 – $3000
Illinois$75 – $120$700 – $1000
Indiana$75 – $100$250 – $450
Iowa$165 – $200$750 – $1735
Kansas$65 – $100$250 – $450
Kentucky$165 – $200$450 – $1000
Louisiana$190 – $340$765 – $3500
Maine$140 – $185$800 – $2500
Maryland$75  –  $110$775 – $2735
Massachusetts$190 – $340$450 – $2500 
Michigan$250$1500 – $2500
Minnesota$175$1500 – $3500
Mississippi$350 – $475$550 – $1250
Missouri$100 – $300$570 – $820
Montana$130 – $240$525 – $850
Nebraska$175 – $375$750 – $2735
Nevada$75  –  $110$350 – $1000
New Hampshire$190 – $340$800 – $2075
New Jersey$155 – $175$645  – $1250
New Mexico$140 – $185$450 – $880
New York$175 – $375$770- $3200
North Carolina$190 – $340$450 – $1000
North Dakota$180 – $305$1500  – $3500
Ohio$420$2500 – $3500
Oklahoma$75  –  $110$750 – $950
Oregon$375$750- $2000
Pennsylvania$275 – $375$770- $3200
Rhode Island$65 – $100$450 -$1250
South Carolina$165 – $200$800 – $1500
South Dakota$245$1000 – $2000
Tennessee$175 – $375$750 – $950
Texas$190 – $340$450 – $1675
Utah$175 – $375$550 – $1000
Vermont$155 – $175$450 – $2500
Virginia$180 – $305$765 – $3250
West Virginia$175 – $375$650 – $1200
Wisconsin$155 – $175$450 -$1250
Wyoming$190 – $340$765 – $3250

*Lowest price: off-season camping; Highest price: on-season camping. Sources: RV Insider, RV property

What influences the prices for lot renting?

As you can see, the prices in the campsites can vary from one state to the other and in many cases, a campsite does not compensate with respect to a rental of a standard apartment in the same locality, so we always say that those who decide to rent and living in a campsite all year round is because it is their way of life and not out of “necessity”.

On the other hand, and although not so frequently, you can also rent a bungalow, mobile home or other accommodation for long stays. In any case, please check the conditions carefully to avoid incidents.

In the particular cases of long-stay rentals, mobile homes, pitches, etc. pay special attention to the services that are included in your rental. It is very likely that to attract recurring paying customers that ensure the low season, the prices are very competitive but that the services offered are not what you expect. Therefore, you should make a list of essentials to be able to compare.

  • The price will allow you to go every day, or only on weekends. Are there restrictions?
  • People admitted. Is the family group of parents and children included?
  • Is electricity included? How much?.
  • What services are included? Pools, wifi, barbecues, sports courts, etc.
  • What services are closed out of season ?: shop, bar, restaurant, entertainment.
  • If the TVA. it’s included. Although it is mandatory to include it in the price, someone may have forgotten it.

Check the list on our website for the campsites that rent long-term pitches and contact them to find out prices and availability.

Can they kick you out of a campsite?

Yes, of course, they can. The easiest way is not to renew the contract. They can also boldly upload the contract to you after the end of your last contract. For those who have signed a valid contract, it is sometimes enough to claim that the regulation requires that the fixtures must be removed. Once the beach bar is removed, many long-term campers eventually leave.

When the high season comes the camp fees increase considerably. Many camps, usually the smaller camps, are beginning to run out of land to rent. For this reason, some charge a supplement for a fixed place for those two months. That additional cost can even be tripled. A good option is to set this extra cost in advance and prorate it throughout the year.

How to find places to park your RV overnight for free

Do you want to camp your RV for free? And not just in a Walmart or Lowe’s store parking lot? We have absolutely nothing against sleeping in the latter when the time is right, but here we are talking about spending the night under the stars in nature or on the seashore.

These places exist!

But to find them, give yourself time because the information is not consolidated into one resource. Keep in mind that you must be completely self-sufficient because most free sites do not offer a service. Then the road may be bumpy to get there. It’s part of the adventure!

Where to find free RV parkingProsCons
Harvest Hosts: The membership allows you to sleep at farms, wineries, breweries or museums in exchange for a few dollars spent on products or services on site.Well structured, easy to access information and clear instructions. Pleasant places to visit and to sleep in addition to savouring local products.Opening hours of the hosts to be observed, some regions offer few options.
Free campsites: Simple and efficient, a platform for sharing information on free or inexpensive camps. The search is performed on a map and offers a route planning function.User comments and star rating. For some locations, detailed information such as road conditions, facilities are available on site. Links to official websites, location data. Also lists overnight parking lots other than Walmart.Some descriptions are not very explicit. Website is difficult to use on a tablet or smartphone and not available in-app.
iOverlander: Also a community site based on user input. Registered places are mostly free or inexpensive but also have little known and very practical options. 
Please note, users travel in all kinds of equipment, some places are not accessible for motorized vehicles.
Offers locations that are out of the ordinary. Data for several countries. Easy-to-fill-out add-on form.Web-version not up to date compared to the application. Inscriptions are sometimes not very detailed.
Ultimate Campgrounds: A directory of all public campsites in the United States. County, municipal, state, national parks and also territories managed by a government institution. 
You have to look carefully because sometimes a national park offers a free section while elsewhere it can be a forest management area.
Information on the opening times during the year. A good resource for localization. Available as an app and a version for Canada is available.Difficult to research. No internet link to official sites, no location data. It must be supplemented with other resources.
Boondockers Welcome: This site connects motorized enthusiasts offering free, on their private property, a place to sleep. Each member has a detailed profile, can make and receive comments. A  subscription is required and two categories are offered: host-user or user only.Meetings with locals, a great variety of locations, the possibility of staying a few nights.Depending on the availability of hosts, contact is to be made in advance.
Campendium: Directory of several possibilities, from private camping to forests and national parks. Offers a specific section for free camps. Also based on user reviews and star ratings.
Very complete directory, a structured site with an excellent search engine that offers several filters. Attractive visual.Few user comments.
This site will certainly become an excellent reference because it facilitates research by grouping together several pieces of information in the same place.

With these resources, you can easily find where to park your RV overnight for free. These places won’t always be beautiful, easy to get to, or quiet. You have to find them and dare to go and see them without having to wait.


As you can see, there are many options for parking your RV either for free or at a campsite. Ultimately, the choice is yours.  When it comes to RV parking make sure you know your obligations as well as your rights! And if you have any questions about the content, do not hesitate to contact us. 


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