How much is an RV space to rent?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “How much is an RV space to rent?” We will describe the factors that determine the rent and look into some of the alternatives to expensive RV spaces to rent. We will also list out some of the other options that are available when it comes to renting space for an RV. 

How much is an RV space to rent?

An RV space to rent can cost from $20 to $40 per night or between $500 and $1,200 per month. The price of an RV space can differ based on the location, type of park, amenities offered, facilities, and much more. It also varies on the utilities provided and how much you consume. Some RV parks charge you for the parking space alone.

With thousands of RV Parks around the US, each park has its own rules and pricing. Most of these parks charge based on the facilities that are provided. In some cases, you get to use the water, sewer, cable, and garbage system included with the rent. Doing laundry might cost you separately according to the time and usage.

Most of the places offer free Wi-Fi along with the RV space that you rent. However, you might be charged for electricity and other utilities. Finding an RV space to rent is never an issue but the only challenge is finding the right utilities and amenities. Some places might not have showers and some will require you to pay to use their showers.

Factors that determine the rent

Apart from the amenities and features, several other factors determine the rent in these RV parks and campsites. The RV space rent will cost you more during the peak season. The more the demand, the higher the rates. It also depends on the duration of the stay since most places cost extra for the short term.

Length of stay

  • The duration you spend in one place will determine the impact on the overall cost.  
  • On average, the RV space rent can cost you from $20 to $40 per day or even more depending on the place. For every week, you will be expected to pay anywhere from $250 to $700. Again, the usage of amenities can differ in the price range.
  • The longer you stay the lesser the price tends to be. For every month, you can be expected to play from $500 to $1,200. 
  • Remember that campsites or RV parks also charge based on the season. 
  • On a seasonal basis, you might be charged $300 to $1,800. This is usually for six months. Annually, the RV space rent can cost you up to $15,000 or even more.

Size of the RV

  • Apart from the length of the stay and the usage of amenities, the size of the RV is the most important aspect. 
  • The bigger the RV, the higher the price you are bound to pay. Travel trailers and large recreational vehicles will be charged more due to the space they consume. 
  • The electricity and usage can also vary according to the size. A large RV will require more space and you will naturally require more electricity to power it up. 
  • The size of the campsite is also taken into consideration in this situation. The smaller the campsite, the lesser the price. The larger the campsite, the larger the rent price. 
  • Keep in mind that the price can also increase based on the demand.

Location and season

Let’s get into more details about the location and seasonal RV space renting. The location plays a very important factor. Large cities are sure to have a higher rate and smaller towns are bound to cost less. If you plan on getting an RV space for rent in a touring area, be ready to pay more than usual since it is common for an increase in price at tourist locations.

The seasons play another crucial role when it comes to RV space rent. People love to go out and enjoy ice skating and all the other winter activities. Hence, you will end up paying more for such parks that have all these activities. It is also the other way round as boating and surfing are common during summer. Those RV campsites will cost you more.

RV space renting is just like the supply and demand process. Choosing to rent space during summer in a sunny RV park in Florida is going to cost you more in winter. People love camping down south during winters and many people from the south move towards the north for their camping experience.

Alternatives to expensive RV parking

The good news is that there are always plenty of alternatives in this scenario. You can avoid going to tourist spots or try to make the best use of the situation during the off-season. People try to camp in a place only for a night to get some rest and most of them take advantage of the options that are listed below.

Dry camping options

If it’s hard on your budget and you cannot afford to go in for some expensive RV space rents, there are always a few other options. Dry camping is one of the best ways to keep it light on the purse. These campsites have no facilities or hookups, except the basic parking spot. Many people use their facilities in their vehicles and make use of dry camping.

Parking at Walmart and truck stops

As we all know, Walmart does allow you to park overnight in your vehicle in their parking space. You will need to get permission from the particular store manager to make sure you do not misuse the opportunity. Truck stops are one of the other options that are used for overnight stays but this is only applicable when there is space and truckers are given priority.

Parking at state parks

Parking at state parks is one of the best options since most state parks provide parking space for free. Some state parks provide basic services like electricity and water. Stat parks are pretty safe for RVs and they also provide extra amenities like picnic tables, and stations to empty the black and gray water tanks. Be sure to find out if the park is RV-friendly beforehand.

Harvest Hosts

Ever heard of the term Harvest hosts for RV lovers? This is a membership that gives you RV camping opportunities at farms, breweries, wineries, and museums. You might need to spend a few dollars on the products and services that are offered on the site. These places are easy to access and are well-structured with clear instructions.

Finding communities

It is always important to find RV communities around you to know where some of the best RV campgrounds are located. Joining the online RV forums will certainly help you get in touch with several other RV lovers. There are special community pages for RVs on social media and this will surely give you an idea of some of the best RV spaces that are economical.

Resources are abundant and there are many places where to find the right RV space for rent. If your budget is an issue, there are plenty of places available to reduce the burden on your pocket. An RV space for rent can fluctuate according to the RV parks and campsites. Private campsites have the right to change their rent accordingly.

When choosing a place for RV space rent, be sure to get a place that is comfortable and easy to access. Facilities and amenities are important, especially if you need to power up your RV for the next few days. There is no harm in paying extra if you get the best facilities. On the other hand, take advantage of the free opportunities.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “How much is an RV space to rent?” We have described the factors that determine the rent and looked into some of the alternatives to expensive RV spaces to rent. We have also listed some of the other options that are available when it comes to renting space for an RV. 


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