How much is a caravan service?

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: How much is a caravan service? We will discuss how much it costs to maintain and repair a caravan, depending on several factors.

How much is a caravan service?

A caravan service is between $235 and $300 depending on whether you have a single axle or twin axle, whether it is a full service or the maintenance of certain parts and, of course, the market price of the parts. For more details on how much is a caravan service, see the table below. Please note that the numbers below are an average sum, as each mechanic shop has a different price list. 

The costs of caravan service

Type of caravan serviceCosts for single axle caravansCosts for double axle caravansDetails of the service
Full Service$235$260Checks made on the chassis, the electric and the gas equipment, plus the damp report.
Road Chassis Service (included in the full service)$180$200The operation and lubrication, where applicable, of the handbrake, are also included in the price. As well as the check of the hitch and towing mechanism, brake linkages and corner steadies.
Habitation Service (included in the full service)$180$180The service includes the examination of the gas, electrical and water systems.
Electric and Gas Equipment Check (included in the full service)$110$110The inspection of the gas and electrical system. 
Damp Report (included in the full service)From $70From $70Check for any leaks and signs of water ingress.
Fridge Service & Repairs From $80From $80An annual service of the fridge is recommended.
Caravan Pre Purchase InspectionFrom $80From $80Water ingress, visual inspection of bodywork and floor, visual inspection of chassis condition, road lights, cables and plugs, wheels, tyres and brakes, provisional gas system check, visual inspection of all appliances
ALDE AntiFreeze Replacement$200$200The ALDE antifreeze is essential and needs to be replaced at least every other year.
Electrical Inspection & Condition Reports$220$220Such safety checks are commonly referred to as ‘periodic inspection and testing.

Note: Any additional work may be charged by your mechanic and the above-mentioned prices are subject to VAT.

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How much does it cost to maintain a caravan?

You have already decided to take that step that you have been thinking of taking for so long: you have just bought your dream caravan or motorhome.

You are aware that a new caravan will not give you problems in the short term, but you also know that your motorhome will need certain care and maintenance if you want it to last for many years and you will travel thousands of kilometres together.

It is difficult to say exactly how much the maintenance of a caravan costs since it can change a lot depending on the type of motorhome, whether it is a new motorhome or a second-hand motorhome, equipment installed, use that you are going to give it and much more.

Next, we will present some essential basic factors that must be taken into account and the approximate prices to know approximately how much it costs to maintain a motorhome and caravan.

Factors to assess in the maintenance of a caravan and the approximate prices

In the first instance, you will have to carry out the conventional maintenance, the same as you would do to your car: oil changes, fluid checks, tire condition, belt changes or replacement of wear parts. The prices will vary greatly from the place where you perform this type of maintenance, but if you are regular in the revisions and avoid large-scale wear, it should not be expensive.

Another relevant factor is the batteries. Although most motorhomes use gel AGM batteries, which are much more durable than normal batteries, it is advisable to be careful and avoid depleting the battery power if it is not essential.

On the other hand, we must assess damages that may arise from our trips, vacations and escapades. It is inevitable that at some point your motorhome or caravan will get a rub or a blow, and if you do not have comprehensive insurance that covers the repairs, you will have to pay yourself.

Depending on the magnitude of the damage, the price may change, but remember that this is a large vehicle and that repairs can be somewhat more expensive than a car. To prevent this, it is best to equip your motorhome with parking assistance systems such as rear cameras and sensors and be very careful when driving and parking in certain places.

Another factor to take into account is the garage and the price for long-term parking. Of course, it will always be safer if our motorhome sleeps under surveillance and it will also stay in better condition if it is indoors, but this will entail a cost, compared to storing it in a public parking space.

Depending on the types exposed and whether we live in a large city or not, this service will fluctuate between 290 and 750 dollars per year. A good alternative is to speak with the dealer where we bought the vehicle since the vast majority offer this type of service (many dealers offer parking service for motorhomes and camper vans).

Motorhomes and caravans have specific facilities that in some cases, such as the gas installation, require an inspection to be carried out every four years, in which an authorized installer verifies that the installation is in perfect condition and that it does not have leakage, and issue the corresponding certificate, the cost of which usually costs approximately 45-110 dollars.

Finally, we must assess that there are certain guarantees that some brands of motorhomes and caravans offer, especially with regard to the water tightness of the vehicle, which is linked to carrying out an annual damp report. These are voluntary tests, which depend exclusively on the manufacturer and the cost can range between 90 and 220 dollars, which undoubtedly means a small cost that will guarantee a long life for our caravan.

Final advice

If you have bought a second-hand motorhome or caravan and you do not have guarantees of the maintenance that may have been done, it is essential that you thoroughly review vital parts of the motorhome such as the water heater, gas and heating systems, batteries, operation of lights, kitchen, furniture, humidity, etc. 

In short, make sure that those parts that may suffer more wear and tear are in correct working order. If you have any comments, tips or questions about the content, please let us know!

FAQ on How much is a caravan service?

How much does motorhome insurance cost?

Without taking into account the cost of owning a motorhome, you may need between 1,500 and 3,000 dollars each year for insurance. A cost that you may see very high if you go out once or twice during that period. Make accounts and decide if you are interested or it is better to resort to renting.

What do you have to pay for a caravan?

You do not have to pay any taxes for a caravan. Caravans, being trailers, and not having an engine, are included among low-emission vehicles and are exempt from registration tax, you only have to pay the registration fee, which varies according to the state you live in.

How much does it cost to maintain a caravan per year?

Maintaining a caravan per year can cost between $100 to $300 per year. Expenses for a caravan include insurance, parking, maintenance. A caravan must have at least insurance against third party damage. 

When do you have to pass the Technical Inspection of Vehicles of a caravan?

If your caravan weighs more than 750 kg, you have to pass the Vehicle Technical Inspection every 2 years, from the sixth year of registration. That is, the first six years are exempt, you will have to make the first visit before the six years of enrollment are completed.


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