How much does Tractor Supply propane refill cost?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “How much does Tractor Supply propane refill cost?” We will describe the perks of refilling propane with Tractor Supply. We will also talk about the Tractor Supply application features. Furthermore, we will touch upon a few additional features of Tractor Supply.

How much does Tractor Supply propane refill cost?

Tractor Supply propane refill costs $4.15 per gallon. Refilling propane at Tractor Supply is not too expensive and it is also convenient. Many RVers get their propane refilled from Tractor Supply for various reasons. Tractor Supply ensures to fill your RV tanks to the maximum legal limit. You can easily purchase propane per gallon and top up your tank as required.

Perks of refilling propane with Tractor Supply

There is a reason why people refill propane from Tractor Supply. There are several perks of refilling propane with this company. Here are some of the benefits described below.

Propane is sold per gallon

  • One of the major advantages is that propane is only sold per gallon. Tractor Supply ensures not to charge you more and only charges you per gallon.
  • In most situations, they charge for refilling the entire tank at a specific price. However, Tractor Supply does not charge per tank.  

No minimum amount

  • There is no minimum amount when you get a refill done at Tractor Supply. You can refill propane as much as you want and only pay for the amount you refill.
  • There are no hidden fees or purge fees and there are no flat fees with Tractor Supply. Hence, it is pretty transparent at $4.15 per gallon.

Easily available

  • Refilling propane at Tractor Supply is easy since they are conveniently available. Tractor Supply is also available during the weekend and evening hours.
  • Many motorhome owners camp during weekends and they choose Tractor Supply due to their flexibility and convenience.
  • You can also find Tractor Supply stores online by just clicking on the “Check Store Availability” on their website. This will give you a list of propane refilling stations that are located near you.

Refill in large amounts

  • Another benefit is that you get to refill in large amounts. You can easily refill your 100 pounds RV tank or refill up to 50 gallons as per your requirement.
  • Tractor Supply ensures to keep their propane filling process simple. You can fill as much as you want and also stop if necessary.

More value than exchange

  • With Tractor Supply propane refill, there is more value than exchange. Many people pay extra for an exchange since it provides better value.
  • There is no need to worry about delivering your old propane tank. You can just walk in and get your propane tank refilled and pay only for the amount you have filled.

Refill with the maximum legal limit

  • Not many refilling companies fill propane tanks to the legal limit. Tractor Supply ensures to fill your tank to the maximum legal limit.
  • In many cases, exchange tanks are not filled to the maximum legal limit but they are charged for the same. For example, a 20-pound tank is often refilled with only 15 pounds of propane.
  • Tractor Supply ensures to give you the maximum legal limit while refilling propane. When exchanging a propane tank you are bound to lose the propane that is left in the tank.

Quality service

  • Another perk with Tractor Supply propane refilling is that you get quality service. All their staff members are friendly and they make sure to treat their customers with respect and care.
  • The propane is also top quality that is made in the USA and you can also fill multiple tanks at any Tractor Supply store.

Tractor Supply application Features

Another advantage is that you get to use the Tractor Supply application. The application is free and is available for Android and IOS platforms. Below are some of the features of the Tractor Supply mobile application.

Access to quick propane refills

  • By using the Tractor Supply application, you can easily get quick propane refills. You can easily request a refill on the app based on your location. This is faster and easier and you also save a lot of time by requesting a refill on the application.

Vet insight

  • Tractor Supply does not stop with only propane refill, you also get access to Vet with the mobile application.
  • The vet insight feature helps you to get free vet advice around the clock. You will be connected to a vet and can get help and tips regarding your pet. You can also any questions at any time related to your pets at home.

Battery and parts finder

  • The Battery and parts finder are one of the best features of the application. This helps you to find your vehicle’s batteries and parts while navigating through the app.
  • You can search for more than 50,000 replacement parts in the app and find the right one that suits your vehicle. They also provide quality products from top brands.

Product availability

  • Product availability helps you search for a product by using an image, text, or voice search. You get to check for a specific product and also search for the product in all stores. Additionally, you can also choose stores that have pickup options.

Neighbor’s Club

  • You can join the neighbor’s club on the Tractor Supply app. This helps you to earn points with the easy purchase that you make from Tractor Supply.
  • You get to shop, earn points, and redeem your points for rewards with this feature. You get to earn more points per dollar and reap the benefits of the Neighbor’s Club.
  • Some of the neighbor’s club benefits include birthday gifts, receipt-free returns, free pet bathing services, same-day delivery options, and more.
  • As a part of the neighbor’s club, you will have access to exclusive offers and enjoy member-only benefits. You can also create pet profiles. If you spend more, you can also be eligible for a Tractor Supply credit cardholder.

Quick shopping

  • With the help of this app, shopping is simplified. It is easy and quick to shop. You will also get to track all your orders and schedule deliveries.
  • You will also get the curbside pickup made easy with this application.

Product calculator

  • The product calculator is a great feature for those who have pets. With this product calculator, you get to calculate the right amount of mulch and grass seed. You can check the current prices and calculate according to your preference.

Additional features

  • The additional features of this app give you access to the order history and it also helps you to reorder a product.
  • The fast checkout and payment options save you time and simplify the ordering process.
  • Another additional feature is that you get to see all the Tractor Supply store hours and functional information.
  • The application provides easy access and you get to shop the full store.
  • The Tractor Supply application is easy to use with a user-friendly interface. Navigating through the app is also easy and the search bar helps you to find a specific item in no time.
  • You will also get the latest offers and new products once you sign up with your email address.

Tractor Supply is one of the best places to shop and refill propane. Their customer reviews are great and thousands of motorhome enthusiasts prefer refilling their propane with Tractor Supply. The price is reasonable and you are only charged for the amount of propane you fill with Tractor Supply.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “How much does Tractor Supply propane refill cost?” We have described the perks of refilling propane with Tractor Supply. We have also talked about the Tractor Supply application features. Furthermore, we have touched upon a few additional features of Tractor Supply.


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