How much does it cost to make a van home?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “How much does it cost to make a van home?we will discuss the approximate price range to make a van home and list out the essentials to consider. We will also talk about choosing the right van and list out the best vans that can be converted into a van home.

How much does it cost to make a van home?

It can cost you anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000 to make a van home. It is possible to make a van home on your own, but you will need to follow certain techniques. The price of making a van home also depends on what amenities and features you need. Many people make a comfortable van home on their own with minimal costs.

The first and most important step is to list out the features and amenities that you need. You will also need to think of a power source to power up your appliances and keep your van on the move. The most expensive item can be the electrical system and you might be required to spend close to 2,000 to 4,000.

Listing out the essentials

Make sure to list out the essentials and keep your needs first. You can focus on making your van comfortable at a later stage but the most important thing is what you need. Always remember that certain norms and rules must be followed when converting a van into a home. Here is the list of the essentials to consider.

  • Electrical systems.
  • Plumbing systems.
  • Bathroom and shower.
  • Sink.
  • Cabinets.
  • Fridge.
  • Insulation.
  • Counter.
  • Fridge.
  • Flooring.
  • Ceiling.
  • Walls.
  • Vent fan.
  • Beds.

These are some of the basics and essentials to make a van into a home. You will also need to plan the interior layout to place all the required appliances in the right places. Make sure to get compact appliances that will fit perfectly in your van. Avoid choosing components that are way expensive to reduce the total price.

Choosing the right van

  • If you already have a van, then you only need to deal with the conversion part. In case of purchasing a van, be sure to get the right one based on your needs. 
  • Take into consideration the frequency of camping and what kind of special features you need. 
  • Remember that a van home must have all the basics like home so make sure that all the amenities can fit comfortably into the van. 
  • Try to select a van that is spacious as this can help you to add extra storage compartments or make any changes in the future.
  • It’s all about investing in the right equipment. Getting the right amount of material for conversion and choosing the right type of essentials is very important. Converting a camper van can be done within a month once you have everything ready.

Best vans to make a van home

You might be familiar with these brands and these vans are some of the best vans that can be converted into a van home. These vans are durable, spacious, and perfect for modification. They do have their pros and cons but most vans have been successfully converted into a van home. Here is the list of the best vans that can be made into a van home.

Sprinter Vans

  • Sprinter vans are said to suit any climatic condition. Be it snow or rough terrain, these vans are sturdy and spacious enough to make it into a comfortable van home. 
  • Sprinter vans provide decent mileage and they come with various wheelbase options to choose from. 
  • The payload for sprinter vans is higher than most of the other vans and it is also capable of handling interior weight.
  • Sprinter vans can be expensive, but it is one of the only vans that has 4×4 options available from the factory. 
  • Some of the other disadvantages are that sprinter vans are prone to dust. 
  • The latest models have more clearance and they are they still hold one of the best resale values. A sprinter van can provide a mileage of 13 to 16 miles per gallon.

Ford Transit Vans

  • There are various models of the Ford Transit vans including the all-wheel-drive version.
  • These transit vans have a better clearance when compared to the sprinter vans. They are not as expensive as the sprinter vans and the maintenance costs are pretty low. 
  • The interior height is also good enough, but the latest model comes only with a gas engine.
  • Ford Transit vans are easy to service and their parts are not difficult to find. 
  • The clearance for these vans might be a bit low but it is more robust. 
  • The four-wheel-drive is perfect for heavy loads and this is one of the best options. Many Ford transit vans have successfully been converted into comfortable homes.

Dodge Promaster Vans

The Dodge Promaster is widely used as it is considered to be economical. This van is recommended for those who are on a budget. One of the other advantages is that the Promaster is also DIY friendly. This vehicle is shaped like a box and it has a mileage of 18 miles per gallon on the highways. Converting this van into a van home is easy.

Ford Econoline

This vehicle is yet another budget-friendly option and one of the best for conversion. The Ford Econoline is also perfect for off-road capabilities but the interior height is a bit small. However, once the pop-top is installed, there will be more space. Converting this vehicle into a van home might not be one of the best options, but it is easy on the purse.

Vanagon Westfalia

  • If you want to go old school and make the best from the vintage collection, this is the best option. These vans have been successfully converted into a van home for years. 
  • Despite their age, these vans can turn out to be expensive. Getting some of the parts for this vehicle is also going to be a tough challenge.
  • There are a few more models available, but selecting a camper van is purely based on your preferences. 
  • Be sure to purchase quality materials and make sure that you only get what you need. It is left up to you to turn the van into a comfortable home. 
  • Try to cut short on the initial expenses since you might need some extra accessories later on.

Hiring a conversion company

The other easy way out is to hire a conversion company. Many conversion companies are experts in changing a van into a home. People who do not have the time to convert their van hire experts to get the job done. A professional can give you more options in terms of layout and design.

A conversion company will also help you to get the right products. Of course, these companies are going to charge you and it can be an expensive affair. Making a van into a home on your own is going to be less expensive. Be sure to get the right tools in place and prepare all the things that you will need before starting the process.

The price for converting a van into a home can vary accordingly. Some people want to have the best comfort while some prefer to have only what is necessary. It makes sense to convert a van into a van home if you are not ready to purchase a motorhome. It is also advised to purchase a used van because they are easier to convert.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “How much does it cost to make a van home?We have discussed the approximate price range to make a van home and listed out the essentials to consider. We have also added a few tips on choosing the right van and listed out the best vans that can be converted into a van home.


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