How much does a Tuk Tuk camper cost?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “How much does a Tuk Tuk camper cost?” We will discuss the features of the Tuk Tuk camper and discuss the pros of purchasing a Tuk Tuk camper. We will also discuss the cons of purchasing a Tuk Tuk camper. At the end of this post, you will get to know about the Tuk Tuk camper and its specifications.

How much does a Tuk Tuk camper cost?

A Tuk Tuk camper costs around $4,800 to $6,000. This depends on the type of model and the features that you choose. There are different types of Tuk Tuk campers available in the market and the electric models are a little more expensive. However, the electric Tuk Tuk campers are sure to help you save in the long run since there are no fuel costs.

The Tuk Tuk camper turned out to be a success since its price was affordable for several people. Most people started using Tuk Tuk campers for business purposes. These campers can be used for solo camping and also used for running a small business on wheels. There are several successful restaurants on wheels with the help of these compact Tuk Tuk campers.

Tuk Tuk camper features

The Tuk Tuk camper is equipped to meet the basic needs of one person while camping. It is easy to control, navigate and sleep comfortably in a Tuk Tuk camper. Here are some of the features of the Tuk Tuk camper listed below.

72-volt AC motor

The Tuk Tuk camper arrives with a 72-volt AC motor. This motor is just right to keep your camper moving at a top speed of up to 31 miles per hour. While this speed is just right for moving around in the city, it Tuk Tuk camper might be an issue when it comes to driving on highways. Hence, this camper is used for camping and moving around the city.

7.2-kilowatt battery

  • The 7.2-kilowatt battery powers the electric motor and it has a 60-volt system that enables fast charging. 
  • Traveling long distances is going to take some time as you might need to take some long breaks to get the vehicle charged. 
  • With the given battery and power of the Tuk Tuk camper, you should be able to camp for a couple of days with ease before your first charge. However, it depends on how far you plan on traveling with this camper.
  • This battery will take up to six to eight hours of charging time and you should get a range of about 45 to 50 miles. 
  • The Tuk Tuk camper is perfect for short distances and small camping trips for solo travelers. One of the big advantages is that the battery has enough power to run the onboard refrigerator that comes with the vehicle.
  • Despite the battery and the AC motor, the Tuk Tuk camper will still need to be plugged into shore power to keep all your gadgets and other appliances charged.

Sleeping space for one person 

The Tuk Tuk camper has just the right amount of space for one person to sleep comfortably. These campers are built to navigate into small areas to enhance your camping experience. Tuk Tuk campers can be converted into a sleeping space by just opening up the sleeping area. However, only one person can sleep in a Tuk Tuk camper.

Sofa bed combination

As small as it is, the Tuk Tuk campers have a sofa bed combination. You can easily use the sofa to sit and enjoy the view outdoors while camping and convert it into a bed at night. This vehicle has only one seat at the front and it is used by the driver. Traveling with another person in a Tuk Tuk camper is not possible and not safe at the same time.

RV like features

The Tuk Tuk camper has RV-like features and it is built perfectly for one person to camp. There is a small space at the bottom to keep a camping stove and you can easily get your cooking complete outdoors. There are enough shelves to store all the other cooking items and bedding. You can also add an external solar shower to this excellent camper.

Pros of purchasing a Tuk Tuk camper

The Tuk Tuk camper has several advantages and these campers are used for various purposes. Here are some of the pros of purchasing a Tuk Tuk camper.

Most campers are electric

  • While there are Tuk Tuk campers that run out of fuel, most of the recent ones that are manufactured are eight electric or powered by solar. These campers can save you money in the long run and there is no need for fuel expenses. The electric campers are also good for the environment.

The price is affordable

  • Given the price range and the features, these campers are affordable and they can be used for a long time. You can save on fuel and also on accommodation with a Tuk Tuk camper.

They are versatile

  • Tuk Tuk campers are also versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes. Many people use these campers for camping and they can also be easily converted is a restaurant of wheels if required.

They are customizable

  • Tuk Tuks are customizable according to what you want. The price varies depending on how the vehicles are customized but they can be tuned according to your wish. Several food vendors customize their Tuk Tuks according to their style of business and their preference.

Camping is easy

  • Camping in these campers is easy since there is not much weight and they are small and compact. These campers are sturdy and are they offer better protection than tents.

Navigation is easy

  • Navigating through streets, cities, and small passages is easy with a Tuk Tuk camper. One of the biggest Tuk Tuk campers is only 9-foot-long. Hence, there is no hassle when it comes to moving around in traffic. These campers have only three wheels and they are easy to maneuver even in smaller places where a car can go.  

Cons of a Tuk Tuk camper

Just like all the other vehicles and RVs, the Tuk Tuk camper has its set of cons as well. While there aren’t many, these are the few cons that come along with the Tuk Tuk camper.

They are slow

  • Due to the battery capacity and size of the vehicle, Tuk Tuk campers are too slow. They are also hard to drive on highways due to this reason.

They have limited space

  • When it comes to space, the Tuk Tuk camper is just right for one person and there is no chance of making any modifications to these vehicles. Even if you plan of changing a few things, it is impossible to do so due to the limited space.

There are no toilets

  • One biggest drawback is that a Tuk Tuk camper has no toilets. They are extremely small and there is no chance of adding a toilet.

You cannot cook inside

  • Though there is enough space for carrying a camping stove, you cannot cook on the inside of a camper. It is also impossible to carry anything that is flammable inside the camper due to the confined space.

Tuk Tuks are also legal in the US and they can be purchased. However, there are three-wheeler laws that vary in each state. Be sure to read up on the three-wheeler laws for your state before you plan on your purchase. If you plan on purchasing a Tuk Tuk from outside the country, you will need to pay extra in terms of tax and other expenditures.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “How much does a Tuk Tuk camper cost?” We have discussed the features of the Tuk Tuk camper and discussed the pros of purchasing a Tuk Tuk camper. We will also discuss the cons of purchasing a Tuk Tuk camper. Drop us a comment below and let us know what features you like best in the Tuk Tuk camper.


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